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Interview Questions for students

Questions for students:
• What do you know about sustainability?
• What do you think is the most important way to make waste management more sustainable?
• Do you recycle?
o At home, work, school, etc?
• Do you compost?
• Do you bring your own mugs or water bottles?
• How satisfied with waste management at UMD are you?
o Are there enough recycling bins?
o Do you think sustainability is important to UMD?
o Etc.
• What do you do with your plastic bottles when you see the “cans only” signs?
• How much of an impact do you think your trash can have on the world?
• How important do you think “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is?

• What is a trash audit? (we want both answers and them asking)
o One of them getting it right
• Do you ever think about trash?
• What happens to trash after it leaves UMD?
• Get students to ask Qs that we asked Doug and Mindy
• Students asking “What’s signage?”
• Students asking “What’s a paradigm”
• Ya know the image with the arrows in a circle… what’s that mean?
o Recycle sign?
• What do you do to reduce, reuse, or recycle?
• What can people do to reduce, reuse, or recycle?
• Get them to sing “reduce, reuse recycle”
• Get them to dance for rap
• In a perfect world, what would waste management at UMD look like?