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June 30, 2005

A B-Girl Sees...

so there's a new look to my blog - yes, yes (it has a soundtrack:: "so fresh and so clean clean"). i will (at least try to)write more, discuss more films, post more photos and definitely more videos and on vlogging. for today::

b-girl be is over and im still trying to heal my body. but requests keep coming for tour dates. up next, the gallery loop (with this clip with some of my photos of B-Girl Be added) will screen as part of Change Methods at Provisions Library in Washington, DC from July 1 - August 14.

This clip features "A B-Girl Sees...":: lyrics by SARAH WHITE, beat by RICO MENDEZ, and images by me (RAE ONE), B-Girl Peppa, B-Girl Asia One, Vivian Wen Lin, and the (Sisterz of the Underground.

Also, Nobody Knows My Name will screen on July 27 at Change Methods Film Series. I will be speaking following the film.


Watch Clip By Clicking HERE

Money to Paint!


Intermedia Arts is seeking applications from experienced and amateur graffiti and aerosol artists interested in painting an original piece on Intermedia Artsí outside walls. Six artists, based in Minnesota, will be selected and paid $500 each to participate in four black book sessions in August, work with Intermedia Arts staff, curators and experienced graf artists to develop their work, and to paint their original piece on our walls on September 9, 10 & 11, 2005. Application is attached and is also available at our front desk and by calling (612) 871-4444 or emailing info@intermediaarts.org. Applications are due Friday, July 22, 2005

Click HERE for application

June 23, 2005

marcy open school peacemakers

About a month ago, Tiana and her class, Room 107, wrote and performed a song about peace. She really wanted me to share it with the world. Here it is:

Listen to "If You Wanna Be A Friend" Here

June 22, 2005

my baby blogger

my tiana has a blog. please check her out and leave her a comment. she's been on the laptop steady blogging. i taught her how to use flickr to put photos on her blog. so pleeeeeease visit her and leave a comment


so now that i'm starting a personal vlogging initiative (this is a play on the UTHINK blogging initiative which i love to quote).
so this video clip is from when tiana was probably 2 or so. she loves crackers, any kid - saltines, ritz, lorna dune (sp?), any kind of cracker or cookie. she still does. and even tho today is almost 100 degrees in the minneap, i cooked homemade jewish chicken soup. as you can see, we love us some chicken soup.

the video is low resolution cuz right now i can only post up to 10MB at a time. i think i can get it increased a bit which will help. but for now, im just going to post what i can fit. so here's a piece of our life...

Click the Image or HERE to view

testing the vlog capabilities

so i am writing a grant to try to get the Feminist Media Center (FMC) aka the Women's Studies Computer lab some web cams and a video camera. i would like to vlog. a vlog is a blog with video clips - short films, video diary entries, all kinds of possibilities. more info HERE

info about how to vlog HERE

i am going to try out the server. i was told today that we get 10mb upload capabilities (which is enuff for small video clips). so im taking some clips from the b-girl be gallery loop.

my video clip tests:
:: women in battle ::
asia one & no easy props b-girls at the qween b battle circa 2001
Click photo or HERE to view file

:: dj kuttin kandi::
kandi spins in new mexico
Click photo or HERE to view file

:: too fly & female flava crew::
the ladies paint the female flava wall, nyc
video footage courtesy of vivian wen lin
beat by jewel brown. check her out on femmix.com
Click photo or HERE to view file

:: medusa: one bad sista::
medusa from nobody knows my name.
she performs "one bad sista" in seattle
Click photo or HERE to view file

this is just a test. more clips coming soon.

June 21, 2005

and more images...

tiana, asia one & naloni.
during the event asia taught the baby b-girls how to paint and how to dance. every time i turned around there was a crowd of kids following her. she is proof positive that mentorship is the way to change some things right now and for the future. i'm sad that it's the end of an era - r.i.p. bboysummit . im waiting for what's next.

asia one's artist talk was a huge building circle. she talked about the history of the dance, east coast/west coast crew beef history and how they've worked through a lot of that, and her visions for a union for dance and hip hop artists (we need that health insurance!)

the saturday nite mainstage show was amazing. asia and b-girl shorty danced with locals b-girl seoul, daylight, madfresh and others as kuttin kandi played the breaks.

asia one and b-girl shorty. shorty, who traveled with her mom and little brother, is only 14. again, mentorship. shorty talked about being a trained dancer in ballet and classical dance but seeing b-boys and telling her dad that she wants to get down like that.

psalm one, the only female and newest artists signed to the minneapolis-based rhymesayers entertainment drove in from chicago. her dj, spontaneous, told me that he is working on an all-female mix tapes. he's really doing his homework and digging back in history.

i put together a free b-girl be coloring book that was a hit with the kids and adults too. i couldn't make enough copies of it. it features images by toofly, lady pink, faith47, ladykfever and many others...

lots of ladies in the crowd (and men and families). lots of people came out and showed lots of luv and support.

my favorite hip hop scholar gwendolyn pough gave the keynote address. she asked, "shorty who u rollin' wit?". after this talk i felt charged, like i am not rollin' with myself. there are many of us on the same page these days.

the beautiful nesra, tiana and mela, co-curators of b-girl be.

b-girl seoul sits on the red bull floor with the crowd as her backdrop.

lady pink (nyc), with toofly (nyc) and zori4 (puerto rico) break it down during the graf talk.

the lovely and ever-amazing sha cage (minnesota spoken word association) and roger cummings (juxtaposition arts) , a youth arts center on the northside of minneapolis.

too fly cleans up her tools of war

dj kuttin kandi performs at the ladies night mainstage, gave an artist talk, spoke after the film mixtress x and spoke on the women in media panel. her work against radio-one and hot 97 is unparalleled. check her out - kuttinkandi.com

with beautiful baby in the belly, ladykfever (nyc/canada) puts it down by getting up on the Intermedia Arts wall.

sarah white is my new favorite artist. her voice - both singing and rapping - sends chills down my spine. she fills the void since lauryn went away. she was in a group called traditional methods but is now recording on her own (with production by rico mendez). check her out HERE

my other most favorite is miss princessofthepoem. stop sleeping, get her album HERE

indigo is also a beautiful up-and-comer from minneapolis, enjoying the other ladies with her son, eli.

over and over i was aksed, "is that lady pink, THE lady pink". yes. in the flesh.

mona, rae, b-girl special t, martha diaz. the hip hop association flew in. that's luv.

images captured that moment in time...


If you attended B-Girl Be...

I am pulling together a summary of what happened this year and what people think about the summit to help us make our next event even better. We are also considering taking B-Girl Be on the road for a national tour in the Fall and the Spring. We would love your honest feedback, ideas, and suggestions.

By Friday, June 2th @ 4pm, please email your reponses to:


1- How were you involved with the B-Girl Be Summit? What was your role?

2- What are some of the highlights of the event for you?

3- How has this event impacted you personally/ professionally?

4- How do you think this event has impacted the local/national/international community?

5- How do you think this event has impacted young women and girls?

6- What about the event could be improved upon or changed for next time?

7- How was your experience working with Intermedia Arts' staff on this event?

8- How was your experience working with your co-curators and advisors on this event?

9- How do you see this event in the future? Do you know artists and organizations in other communities that we should be connecting with? Funding ideas?

10- Is there any experience, conversation, or story you would like to share with us from the event?

11- Do we have your permission to quote these comments for use in fundraising, reporting and planning for next year?

12- Would you like to stay involved with B-Girl Be? If so, how?

Theresa Sweetland
Community and Education Programs Manager
Intermedia Arts
Phone: 612-874-2813
Fax: 612-871-6927


June 19, 2005

Mommy, Tell Me A Story About When...

when i was little i had little paint brushes with water colors that my mom bought for $1 at CVS. no one ever let me pick up a can - you'll get caught, you'll mess up this wall, you'll get your clothes dirty. well, finally that day came and i didn't have to worry about permission, Intermedia Arts gave us the whole building!, i did mess up the wall (and tiana and kid co. painted over it), i got my clothes dirty and i loved it!


baby b-girl smiles of my special t.
"mommy when i grow up i want t be a b-girl filmmer, and i want to do a song with desdamona and sarah white".
she has been in her room blasting "i don't stop" (a cut off Desdamona's new CD produced by Sly & Robbie) and is actually in the shower singing a sarah white/traditional method's song right now - "it's alright...".

...and with scrunched up faces she and felipe get braided (shouts to LOS NATIVOS!).

off to a bbq, many more images to come.

June 18, 2005

B-Girl Be: Me & T

taste one-two, taste one-two.. just a quick taste.

so people have been harassing me (with luv) to blog again. i have been very very sick (too many trips to the er, carrying a portable nebulizer with car charger just to breathe, on steroids for my asthma, etc...), but im recovering slowly. so im prepping images to blog and thinking thru my reflections to share with you.

"mom, what's next for b-girl be?" asks my 7 yr old daughter, tiana. every morning she wakes up asking us to do another event. she dreams of cans and tips, beats and b-girls, and a space for her to just be free. that is what she found at b-girl be. so here's a quick flick of rae one & b-girl special t:

more coming later today....