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August 10, 2005

Calling All Female DJs

Femmixx.com & Mocha Works Marketing




We want to hear your mixing and scratching ability, quality of song selection and if you know how to get the crowd rocking!

Send us your material or contact info to be considered:
Mocha Works Marketing
c/o AMP, Inc.
Po Box 340846
Rochdale Village, NY 11434

or e-mail



August 6, 2005

Jobs NOT Jails


Dear Fellow Citizens of the World:

The United States imprisons its citizens at rates three to ten times higher than other democratic societies. Rigid sentencing laws and 'get tough' policies have made prisons crowded, dangerous and don't make us safer. The impact of continued punishment after a person's release from prison adds to despair that keeps our communities weak.

The March on August 13th and associated events will send a message to our leaders, and is an opportunity for the world to support our demands. We must stop relying on incarceration, give people an education and rehabilitate our communities. People who pay their debt to society should be able to participate in society again.

Millions of citizens can no longer vote. Laws that partially or permanently discourage good citizenship from formerly incarcerated people cannot be supported by evidence and is bad policy.

Please support the call of Family Members and Friends of People Incarcerated, marking August 13th, 2005 a historical day. We will no longer be silent victims of criminal justice policies that target the most vulnerable citizens. We are meeting in Washington, DC to make a unified demand for justice.

The United States is the world's leading jailer, and our march on August 13th, 2005 is a long overdue event.

Abuse flourishes in US prisons, and punishment has become an industry dependent on tax dollars.

Punitive drug laws enacted in the 1980s, and to present day, have resulted in 25% of all incarcerated people in the United States serving time for a drug law violation. In the federal system, these people make up about 55% of the prison population.

In 1987, Congress abolished parole in the federal system. People were given long, mandatory, fixed sentences, leaving the incarcerated and their loved ones hopeless. State governments rushed to punish, fill prisons and build still more. We can no longer afford the injustice, in human costs or the financial burden.

Many of us work on a local level and do a fantastic job, but this march will bring family members, friends, activists, formerly incarcerated persons, and organizations together on another level.

This is a day for us to meet each other, and show our leaders that we demand justice.

Individuals and groups will begin meeting on Friday evening, August 12th. On Saturday morning, August 13th, people will assemble at Lafayette Park (north side of the White House). Programming will begin at 9:00 AM and conclude at 2:00 PM.

Please make plans to be there, and support a march for family members and friends of people incarcerated in all the ways that you can.

If you would like to be an organizer and bring a group to march in Washington on August 13th, please register here online or write:

Roberta Franklin at

Family Members and Friends of People Incarcerated (FMI)
Roberta Franklin, Director
2243 Ajax Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36108
Phone: 334-220-4670; 334-834-9592

Merger of the Minds (and some of my favorite ladies)

Subject: The Hip-Hop Association Acquires VERBALISMS Magazine
For Immediate Release:

August 1, 2005

The Hip-Hop Association Acquires VERBALISMS Magazine
Non-Profit to Add Bourgeoning Property to It's Expanding Media Initiative



New York, NY The Hip-Hop Association (H2A) has acquired VERBALISMS Magazine, the quarterly glossy print publication dedicated to women in Hip-Hop culture. The magazine acquisition, finalized in July of this year, was a first for H2A says Rolando Brown, Director of Brand Development. "With VERBALISMS we've gained an additional opportunity to continue working directly with a group of our most important community members. It's with great pleasure that we support bringing balance to the culture so that we may successfully create positive ways to utilize its power."

Over the last three years H2A has been responsible for a series of community building, media, and education initiatives, including producing the internationally renowned H2O [Hip-Hop Odyssey] International Film Festival and the highly successful H2Ed [Hip-Hop Education] Summit. In 2004 alone both events garnered the support of over 5,000 Hip-Hop community members, including 144 varied educational organizations, and over 100 video/filmmakers.

VERBALISMS began as a monthly e-zine in 2002 and made its print debut in spring 2005 subsequent to an overwhelming international online readership. The magazine will move its offices from Chicago, IL to New York City, while its editor-in-chief and founder, Raquel Wilson, joins H2A as Director of Marketing and Retail Merchandising.

"What H2A does to redirect Hip-Hop is in direct correlation to VERBALISMS' mission, so moving under the umbrella of the Hip-Hop Association was a natural partnership, " says Wilson.

The online edition of VERBALISMS will continue to be updated monthly while a new print edition is being readied for spring 2006.

As the only magazine about women in Hip-Hop, VERBALISMS provides an open avenue for conversations and debates on how women impact and are affected by the politics, revolutions and lifestyles of the culture. Each issue explores and unites the ideas and sources that shape the mainstream and underground movements of Hip-Hop. VERBALISMS is an irreverent, fresh perspective not found in any other lifestyle, culture or music magazine. For more information about VERBALISMS, please visit the website at www.verbalisms.com.

About the Hip-Hop Association (H2A)
Founded in March 2002, the Hip-Hop Association (H2A) was formed to facilitate, foster, and preserve Hip-Hop culture. Its mission is to use the culture as a tool to encourage critical thinking, social change and unity, while empowering communities through media, educational, and community building initiatives. For more information about H2A, please visit their website at www.hiphopassociation.org.

Maranda Moses
Tonic Media
Montreal, Quebec
t. (514) 481-1689

+ + +

Subject: Watch Me Grow: VERBALISMS Seeks Young Women for Feature

VERBALISMS Magazine is looking for young, female community builders, entrepreneurs and social activists changing history in the U.S. and abroad.

If you know a young lady, under the age of 18, who stands out in your community, then please send a short email telling us about her.

Please forward info to info@verbalisms.com.

August 5, 2005

Get We B*Girlz


Miss Rosen Editions and powerHouse Books are pleased to announce
an exclusive offer to b-girlz around the world:

a 20% discount off the purchase of We B*Girlz,
signed by photographer Martha Cooper
(offer good through October 31, 2005).

Please visit http://www.powerhousebooks.com/girlz for more information.

don't call a horse a mule


my cousin wrote me a beautiful poem on 08.16.04. it's nearing a year and i need to celebrate him. he told me that he wrote this for me and i couldn't share it with the world until i've enjoyed it. today it's time to share.

15 Minutes
for my home girl "Rae 1"
by D. dopp

your spirit shines colored light
through cracks of my mind's prison
reflecting circus mirror images
of a time i believed

bandage my sight
for a moment i can see

exposing the imitation
of what they force me to consume

-soybean sincerity

is truth really so confusing
that when voices fade
an institutional grey-
and white box
is what i carelessly call home
causing me to fight for next
on a wire tapped phone
just so some1
can tell me i'm human
while trapped in the middle
of so very few men
plated in chrome

would turn myself inside out
to show the world
who i am
(or would it be to hide it from them)

is it your camera or my pen
that makes me feel worthwhile
while i'm incarcerated by more than
bars-n-razor wire

-believe me
that's why its so hard to dial
when i take off my gloves,
knuckle up with my fears,
and lay down all my rivals
cause i only got 15 minutes
for my soul to feel freedom
from the sound of your smile.

+ + +

dopp is the only prisoner who has ever been invited to stand up and speak at the prison graduation. the piece he read in 2004, "don't call a horse a mule" is posted here, LISTEN!

+ + +

and here's another short one:

Why you hate
David Doppler 5/28/04

I am the dirt in the corner
That everyone looks past
The sight annoys them to the point of stomach burns
And curled lips
But none bother to expose my form to antiseptics
Or stain removers
They just keep moving
Whispering daggers of hatred
Until the next time I influence their self evaluation
Of which they stray.

+ + +

today is the day, primo, that you get more than 15 minutes. the past haunts us dark, deep and shadowy but the sunlight is strong and burns through the brick and steel and casts shadows so bright and long the bars can't keep up. today we laugh, we cry, and we remember why we loved her, say an extra prayer for diondre who watches over his beautiful sister, floating high above our heads. today we love, and we enjoy it.

counting the hours until noon.

you know i love your smile, right. are u surrreous? dead serious.

+ + +

you can read more about the past (and have a better understanding of my present). Voices No Longer Imprisoned. the SPG was "permanently" disbanded but we all right on. yes we all write on.

August 1, 2005

just playing?? what do u think?


i just got an email from my advisor with this file attached. damn, hov. how could u? supposedly this girl was taking unauthorized photos of him. and?!??? he's lucky that girl wasn't me. and to think i've actually put money in that man's pocket.

UPDATE: so t his is supposedly part of a 30 second clip with hov laughing afterwards. she is supposedly an employee. funny? still, not. i don't care if you are playing or not. even if one of my boys mushes me in the face, im still not thinking it's funny or amusing. does he mush beyonce in the face in a crowded room? footage soon to be released...

not funny. period.

hype or no hype. audio or no audio - it's not funny to me. maybe i've gotten old and bitter and seen too much in the rap game. 10 years in the industry will do that to you.

i've been backstage toooo many times to see this play out over and over.. like all the "funny" shots of girls getting their asses smacked like the rest of the backstage film. case in point (pun intended), i've seen r&b singers turn music conventions (that used to be fun to urban network), turn into the super pimp and literal hoe convention. one year he paraded his hoes off to execs who prompty paid and escorted them up to their rooms.

so whether it's funny, intended to be funny, just "playing" or not - LADIES we are getting mushed in the face, the a**, and in the pockets and we are always left at the butt of the joke.

+ + +

what's always interesting to me is that what drives traffic (and sparks comments) on my blog is always this kind of bs.

stop the violence, make jokes FUNNY, increase the peace & positivity.