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September 29, 2005

on DVD? on netflix? i wish!

for years if i said "i'm going to show a documentary" in class my students would sink in their seats. but now, in this post-farenheit 9/11, supersize me, capturing the friedmans, and tarnation, they all watch docs! still, many are confused with reality television as equating to doc on meth. maybe that's not too bad of an analogy. not sure, have to think it thru, post-coffee.


yesterday i showed my wonderful students, bell hooks "cultural criticism and transformation". well, the first half at least. i find that it's actually better to watch that film in 2 parts because it's nearly information overload.

i've read some interestingly bad critiques of this video. nonetheless, i love it!

on bell hooks on literacy. bell does a great tihing in the piece, getting students to think about literacy, representation, agency, patriarchy, white supremacy, captialism (even tho her term - white supremacist capitalist patriarchy - is a frightening mouthful to many). she discusses representation and how narratives are constructed (from OJ spectacle to Hoop Dreams). still, she needs to expand the analysis of literacy (she says something about the written word on the page) to a deeper model of critical media literacy. maybe if she studied filmmaking (that might be cool - to see what short videos she would make) to fuel her analysis. well, more on this later...

+ + +

my favorite docs:

senorita extraviada // lourdes portillo

nobody's business // alan berliner

every mother's son // tami gold & kelly anderson

a.k.a. don bonus // spencer nakasako

i am a promise: the children of staton elementary // susan & alan raymond

freestyle: the art of rhyme // dj organic

non-docs that i can watch over and over and over again:

the professional // luc besson

say anything // cameron crowe

i like it like that

the piano

what i've watched recently:


hotel rwanda

ice princess

what i want to see (or see again):

how do you spell murder? // susan and alan raymond

angola, the farm

mai's america

passing through // nathan adolfson

las madres de plaza de mayo // lourdes portillo

the devil never sleeps // lourdes portillo

+ + +
Today's "Horror-Scope" (that's what my Mom used to call them).


Mercury and Neptune conspire to strengthen the voice of your intuition. Muses are also graced with vocal amplification. So whether you tune in or tune out, the universe is trying to tell you something, and the message blasts clear as a bell. The Leo moon favors outrageously big-hearted acts -- the bigger the gesture, the better received it will be.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You're working so hard today that you could lose yourself entirely. Who are you? You're no longer a person but a machine. You'll get back some of your human qualities tonight, especially if you spend time with a Virgo or a Libra.

September 28, 2005

too much and too little

i've been doing too much (as usual).

transcriping nobody for this festival . thanks to martha & mona. check the hip hop association and that they are doing.

my course is going well. great students, great conversations, never enough course time (of course). peep our blog. the latest posts on the un/use//full/ness of feminist theory. i've been relaxing making banner for each posting assignment prompt, like these.



i know, call me the computer nerd that i am (and strive to be). or call me gadget girl or gidget or penny (for inspector gadget). why not? my loved ones do.

i've been sad about Andrea and feeling like i can barely take care of my health and my own right now, but want to do more. can you?

i've been sick my stomach, literally, about this. apparently it's federal D.O.C. to secure and abandon when any "natural" disaster strikes. i can't stand this. i have to find this policy and go up against it. hard. there has to be human rights violations in this. you can't leave 2 million Americans locked and secured to die. but this is Amerikkka, so i guess that you can. just call it "public safety" and democracy. my heart hearts, literally.

in Amerikkka, you can't show photos of US coffins draped in flags. but you can swap murder victim photos and war tragedy for porn . GRAPHIC IMAGES LIKE THIS: (not for the faint!!).


i also read about this today. kevin liles, one of my most hated men in the rap induststry is "...is one of the best people in the entertainment industry," said (this poor, misled, misguided student whose gotta know hip hop from the screens and the magazines... man. this "man" slammed he into a wall in 1997 at the wake up show, to prevent me from filming foxy brown and kurupt the night b.i.g. died. the love birds were holding hands and kissy kissy. fox wasn't fully dressed - bright and shiny blue spandex and her hair was barely done. he was protecting her but i was also many months pregnant and very visibly showing. i was filming for sway and them. official business. don't know if ill be able to stomach reading his book. in this industry and this country money = success period. i just don't see it this way.

+ +

there's a poet (who used to live in cali but i don't know where she rests these days), faith santilla, who has this amazing poem that has a line that goes something like "profit before people, unless they make you some". if i can find her, ill try to get permission to post audio of her piece up on here. she's amazing. i guess she's still out there, doin' it.

+ her bio - Faith Santilla is a community organizer for Search to Involve Pilipino Americans and a Member of the Balagtasan Collective, a group of young pinays and pinoys dedicated to uplifting our people by way of hip-hop, art and the spoken word. She is currently the reigning champion of the first ever 92.3 the Beat's Poetry Slam, and a spokesperson for a new campaign promoting community activism spearheaded by Rock the Vote.

you can HEAR her HERE

+ + +

on a more positive note, we got a new place & i am very excited! finally a place in the minneap that can fit all of our things. dec 1! too bad movers are too expensive. what to do. do you have any suggestions? let a sista know!


+ + + +

hope this is the beginning of regular posting again. i miss it.

September 24, 2005

ACB fundraiser

Andrea ACB Bernal.jpg

Hello Dear Friends,

We hope this finds you all well.

We are writing to you today to ask you to donate art work and participate in a fundraising event to benefit our good friend and talented graffiti artist, Andrea “ACB” Bernal. Andrea has undergone a terrible tragedy and needs our help.

ACB is an independent artist from Valparaiso, Chile, working with artists, young people and adults internationally. Together they work on collaborative mural projects that promote the celebration of life based on values of social justice.
Check out her new website www.mundofelizdeacb.com

While painting in Brazil, Andrea began experiencing excruciating pain in her abdomen. Her friends in Rio de Janeiro quickly took her to the hospital. Upon multiple examinations, she was diagnosed with both stomach and ovarian cancer. Doctors had no choice but to immediately operate. Her parents quickly arrived from Chile to be by her bedside. In the past few weeks Andrea has bravely undergone surgery to remove part of her stomach to keep the cancer from spreading further. She is now in Chile recuperating so that she can gain her strength for 6 months of intensive chemo/radiation treatments. These treatments will cost tens of thousands of dollars. In Chile this is an astronomical amount of money that no one can afford. Some of us have pledged to raise money for her family so that Andrea, at age 23, has a chance to beat this.

We are coordinating a fundraising event for ACB.
We are reaching out to our artist and graffiti communities who may be willing to donate a piece of art for a silent auction.

The proceeds of this event will go directly towards Andrea’s treatments, medications, exam and hospital bills and support her recovery.

The ACB fundraiser is tentatively scheduled for late October to early November. Location to be announced.

If you are willing and interested please send us an email to let us know that you would like to donate artwork. Afterwards, we will need the following info from you in order to organize this part of the fundraiser successfully:

1-A jpg image of the piece
2-your name
5-title and year
6-the suggested starting price for auction
7-a short bio about you as an artist

We will be in touch in the near future with a pick-up drop off plan for the donated work.

We appreciate and thank you for supporting your fellow artists and are looking forward to a fun and successful event!

Much love and respect,

Toofly, Tracy and Vee

If you need any additional info please do not hesitate to contact us.



Tracy Boni


Vee Bravo

mama said life would be this hard...

so i've been too busy to blog and had to find a new apartment. the rain needs to stay outside and off of my favorite things. been too sick, coughing up lung chunks and shit. figured out my illnesses began when i moved in this place. so i found a spot and i'm moving out dec 1. can't wait.

so i've been feeling american disgust. this photograph from cnn shows a bit how i'm feeling.


sad, tears, post-flood drops, reflecting and refracting the stories and images. my comfort, privilege, and access to resources at the hands to so many people's absolutely disgusting behavior and values. and i still can't believe how we have all failed the NO. my baby still has gotten no word from his baby, joseph. he wrote a beautiful poem about it - we're drowining. as soon as it's "finished" ill post it here (maybe as an audio clip of love love).

rosa got locked up for recording and distributing the truth. gotta love my girl. i still got to get on the hip hop mamas flick, starrring mi hermana rosa, por supuesto!

been talking about getting married. i'm already a johnson, granny listed me in "the" book under j, but i'm terrified of that institution. wedding ring the resymbolization of the noose. Marriage was a transfer of property. Husbands would noose their wives and lead them through town to show off their property. A noose isn't the most convenient and over the years it transformed into a ring (some cut from thimbles). "...bands signified a binding legal agreement of ownership by their husbands, who regarded rings as tokens of purchase." Read on, and on - "In early Egypt, the ring was linked with the supernatural, a never-ending band linked with eternal love. For the Romans later, the ring's acceptance by a young lady was a binding, legal agreement and the girl was no longer free. Today we accept the ring as part of a religious ceremony when we marry in church." I rarely "accept" anything as just part of the deal. I'll keep you posted.

i just loved this photo on cnn off beat images today. want to feel like this. young, free, colorful...


September 15, 2005

ACB needs our support

i just got an email from toofly via veepo. (see below). i traveled with veepo (vee bravo, was editor of Stress Magazine) to chile to film estilo hip hop.

i met andrea (ACB) on a bombing mission in vina del mar. we did a beautiful interview and she shared her black book with me. graf wild style interwoven with flowers, animals and my favorite - monkeys - hanging from the trees.


right now she's in a bad place and need $ and support. read below, watch her work (i will add more stills and video clips soon). hit up vee bravo to help.

you can SEE HER paint here in this VIDEO CLIP

female flava wall, nyc
videographer - vivian wen li
editor - rae one
beat - jewel brown from femmix.com

+ + +

From: veebravo@verizon.net
Date: September 15, 2005 11:05:14 AM EDT
To: veebravo@verizon.net
Subject: Andrea Needs Help

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. The reason for my writing is
to inform you that my good friend Andrea ?ACB? Bernal has undergone a
tremendous tragedy and needs our help. While painting in Brazil Andrea began
experiencing excruciating pain in her abdomen. Her friends in Rio de Janeiro
quickly took her to the hospital. At first, doctors thought she had an
inflamed tumor. Upon further examinations, she was diagnosed with both
stomach and ovarian cancer. Doctors had no choice but to immediately operate.
Her parents quickly arrived from Chile to be by her bedside. In the past two
weeks Andrea has bravely undergone surgery to remove the cancer from
spreading. She is now in Chile recuperating, literally holding her intestine
by her wayside. The incisions were drastic. Needless to say we are all
devastated by these events, but trying to be as positive as we can. I am
planning to go to Chile in 3 weeks to visit her.

What can we do to help? Any support would be helpful. An email, a phone call,
a letter. Her parents explained to me that the treatment for which she needs
to place herself in will take 6 months and cost $12,000. In Chile that is an
astronomical figure that no one can afford. Some of us have pledged to raise
money for her family. I encourage everyone to put out creative ideas that
serve a fundraising purpose. Through this ordeal Andrea remains in good
spirits and says what up to everyone. You can contact Andrea directly at



In 1992... (damn i feel old)

i planned to be on a vi right now but had to work long in the FMC so i'm reading and try to catch up on work. since I can't be with my baby right now, i gotta keep myself busy. so i'm accepting the challenge and then gonna "tag yr it" to some of the homegirls.

the rules:
Underline favorites
Strikethru the ones you loathe
Italicize the ones you consider to be guilty pleasures.

I'm adding ??? to the ones I cannot remember. This is supposed to be top 100 but I don't know if I have enough time for all that. We'll see where I get.

Top 100 Hits of 1992 / Top 100 Songs of 1992

1. End Of The Road, Boyz II Men


i have really mixed feelings about this song. i did love it at one point in time. then my friends got car jacked in HELL-A. a group of dudes locked the homegirl in the trunk and drove around for hours playing this song over and over. they proceeded to have their collective (and violent way) with her and left her, without clothes, in Compton. never got caught. song could never recover. i know, a heavy way to set this off but that's how my life is.

2. Baby Got Back, Sir Mix A-lot


i remember sitting in electronic english class and my teacher Fred asked me specficially, what do u think: empowering or disrespectful? i was already a hip hop feminist before i claimed it. i am wondering how this video got banned from mtv. couldn't have imagined then what i see there now. and target, "baby's got backpack". the song has aged like i have.

3. Jump, Kris Kross

i do remember getting my jump on.

4. Save The Best For Last, Vanessa Williams

too corny

5. Baby-Baby-Baby, TLC

ehhhh. not the best song ever.

6. Tears In Heaven, Eric Clapton

this one made me cry for real.

7. My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It), En Vogue


loved this!!!!

8. Under The Bridge, Red Hot Chili Peppers


i moved from ny to la in 92. this was my theme song. i LOVED john frusciante (pre-drug skinny look). i went thru a white boy skater era (even had a skater boyfriend in high school - shout out to jeff b!). i love those muscles that lead you down. look at my boy:


9. All 4 Love, Color Me Badd

their other song was my super guilty pleasure.

10. Just Another Day, Jon Secada

this reminds me of cleo & eddie. shopping carts in the caldors parking lot. stolen kisses. blankets on soccer fields.

11. I Love Your Smile, Shanice


12. To Be With You, Mr. Big

13. I'm Too Sexy, Right Said Fred

so damn annoying.

14. Black Or White, Michael Jackson

i could go off right now. maybe later.

15. Achy Breaky Heart, Billy Ray Cyrus 16. I HATE THIS KIND OF MUSIC.

~ ~ ~ ~
this is taking a looooong time. much longer then i have right now. so i will come back to this post and get more going... damn, only made it to 15.
~ ~ ~ ~

16. I'll Be There, Mariah Carey
17. November Rain, Guns N' Roses
18. Life Is A Highway, Tom Cochrane
19. Remember The Time, Michael Jackson
20. Finally, CeCe Peniston
21. This Used To Be My Playground, Madonna
22. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough, Patty Smyth
23. Can't Let Go, Mariah Carey
24. Jump Around, House Of Pain
25. Diamonds and Pearls, Prince and The N.P.G.
26. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, George Michael and Elton John
27. Masterpiece, Atlantic Starr
28. If You Asked Me To, Celine Dion
29. Giving Him Something He Can Feel, En Vogue
30. Live and Learn, Joe Public
31. Come and Talk To Me, Jodeci
32. Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana
33. Humpin' Around, Bobby Brown
34. Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover, Sophie B. Hawkins
35. Tell Me What You Want Me To Do, Teven Campbell
36. Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg, TLC
37. It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday, Boyz II Men
38. Move This, Technotronic
39. Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen
40. Tennessee, Arrested Development
41. The Best Things In Life Are Free, Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson
42. Make It Happen, Mariah Carey
43. The One, Elton John
44. Set Adrift On Memory Bliss, P.M. Dawn
45. Stay, Shakespear's Sister
46. 2 Legit 2 Quit, Hammer
47. Please Don't Go, K.W.S.
48. Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes), Mint Condition
49. Wishing On A Star, Cover Girls
50. She's Playing Hard To Get, Hi-Five
51. I'd Die Without You, P.M. Dawn
52. Good For Me, Amy Grant
53. All I Want, Toad The Wet Sprocket
54. When A Man Loves A Woman, Michael Bolton
55. I Can't Dance, Genesis
56. Hazard, Richard Marx
57. Mysterious Ways, U2
58. Too Funky, George Michael
59. How Do You Talk To An Angel, Heights
60. One, U2
61. Keep On Walkin', CeCe Peniston
62. Hold On My Heart, Genesis
63. The Way I Feel About You, Karyn White
64. Beauty and The Beast, Calms Dion and Peabo Bryson
65. Warm It Up, Kris Kross
66. In The Closet, Michael Jackson
67. People Everyday, Arrested Development
68. No Son Of Nine, Genesis
69. Wildside, Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch
70. Do I Have To Say The Words?, Bryan Adams
71. Friday I'm In Love, Cure
72. Everything About You, Ugly Kid Joe
73. Blowing Kisses In The Wind, Paula Abdul
74. Thought I'd Died and Gone To Heaven, Bryan Adams
75. Rhythm Is A Dancer, Snap
76. Addams Groove, Hammer
77. Missing You Now, Michael Bolton
78. Back To The Hotel, N2Deep
79. Everything Changes, Kathy Troccoli
80. Have You Ever Needed Somone So Bad, Def Leppard
81. Take This Heart, Richard Marx
82. When I Look Into Your Eyes, Firehouse
83. I Wanna Love You, Jade
84. Uhh Ahh, Boyz II Men
85. Real Love, Mary J. Blige
86. Justified and Ancient, The KLF
87. Slow Motion, Color Me Badd
88. What About Your Friends, TLC
89. Thinkin' Back, Color Me Badd
90. Would I Lie To You?, Charles and Eddie
91. That's What Love Is For, Amy Grant
92. Keep Coming Back, Richard Marx
93. Free Your Mind, En Vogue
94. Keep It Comin', Keith Sweat
95. Just Take My Heart, Mr. Big
96. I Will Remember You, Amy Grant
97. We Got A Love Thang, CeCe Peniston
98. Let's Get Rocked, Def Leppard
99. They Want EFX, Das EFX
100. I Can't Make You Love Me, Bonnie Raitt

September 13, 2005

This Week on Campus



4:00PM COFFMAN 209 (Black
Student Union), U of M


8:00PM Weyerhauser Chapel
on the Macalester College campus (St. Paul)

Ashanti Alston is a former member of the Black Panther Party and served 14 years as political prisoner for his involvement with the Black Liberation Army. Alston is now active with Critical Resistance, a national radical prison abolitionist organization. He authors the zine "Anarchist Panther" and works with Anarchist People of Color (APOC) and Estaci?n Libre, an organization that works to strengthen ties between people of color in the US and people of the liberated Zapatista territories of Chiapas, Mexico. Alston will speak on what it meant to be moved by the idea of new, radical possibilities - from Black Power to revolution. Alston says, "Though I never finished my senior year in high school I have always been a grassroots intellectual and always push students in the universities to be excited about the new ideas, the perspectives that CAN be open to them." He will also talk about current social movements and the possibility of liberation in (or from) contemporary America. Sponsored by: Anti-War Organizing League, Black Student Union, La Raza
For more information: twoldemichael@macalester.edu, umnresist@yahoo.com,

September 12, 2005

Northland Poster. Support.

This 11 x 17 poster by Ricardo Levins Morales is $10.00 and benefits hurricane relief. Buy it HERE.


+ + +

i have so many words but many more tears. i listen as i get ready to teach:

Beautiful Struggle
Talib Kweli

[Intro - echoes]
The revolution is here, the revolution is here people
I said it once, I'll say it twice
You gots to be ready
The revolution is inside of you
People, the revolution is here, yeah

The revolution's here
No one can lead you off your path
You'll try to change the world
So please excuse me while I laugh (yeah)
No one can change your ways (rock with me for a second)
No one can lead you off your path (come on)
You'll try to change the world
So please excuse me while I laugh

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]
Yo, I heard it's said the revolution won't be televised
But in the land of milk and honey there's a date you gotta sell it by
Otherwise it just expires and spoils
And these folks jump out the pot when the water too hot
Cuz the fire boils inside
You go to church to find you some religion
And all you hear is connivin' and gossip and contradiction and
You try to vote and participate in the government
And the muh'fuckin' Democrats is actin' like Republicans
You join an organization that know black history
But ask them how they plan to make money and it's a mystery
Lookin' for the remedy but you can't see what's hurtin' you
The revolution's here, the revolution is personal
They call me the political rapper
Even after I tell 'em I don't fuck with politics
I don't even follow it
I'm on some KRS, Ice Cube, Chris Wallace shit
Main Source, De La Soul, bumpin' "2Pacalypse Now"

The revolution's here (yeah)
No one can lead you off your path (uh uh)
You'll try to change the world
So please excuse me while I laugh (ha ha, ha ha)
No one can change your ways
No one can lead you off your path (uh uh)
You'll try to change the world ('scuse me)
So please excuse me while I laugh

[Verse 2]
Yo, I speak at schools a lot cause they say I'm intelligent
No its cause I'm dope, if I was wack I'd be irrelevant
I'm like the dope in your tracks until your high is settled in
You leanin' to the left, the laughter's the best medicine
But the troubles you have today you just can't laugh away
Stay optimistic, thinkin' change is gonna come like Donny Hathaway
You have to pray, on top of that, act today
Cuz opportunity shrivel away like Tom Hanks in "Cast Away"
Everybody pass away, the pastor pray, the family mournin'
Everybody act accordin' to the season that they born in
You fight in the streets, start bleedin' 'til the blood is pourin'
In the gutter, mothers cry 'til the Lord be livin' by the sword and
All that folks want is safety, they goin' gun crazy
The same reason Reagan was playin' war games in the '80s
The same reason I've always rocked dog chains on my babies
The struggle is beautiful, I'm too strong for your slavery

The revolution's here (yeah)
No one can lead you off your path (uh uh)
You'll try to change the world
So please excuse me while I laugh (ha ha, ha ha)
No one can change your ways (yeah)
No one can lead you off your path (uh uh)
You'll try to change the world ('scuse me)
So please excuse me while I laugh (yeah)
The revolution's here
No one can lead you off your path
You'll try to change the world
So please excuse me while I laugh
No one can change your ways
No one can lead you off your path
You'll try to change the world
So please excuse me while I laugh

[Outro: Talib Kweli]
It's a beautiful thing that's happenin' right now
Right now G
Yo, I'm rockin' with my man Hi-Tek on the track right now
We fightin' the good fight
The Beautiful Struggle
Yeah, let's go

(So please excuse me while I laugh)

September 11, 2005

TOOLS OF WAR Suggests... (on Katrina Relief)

THIS IS A CUT-N-PASTE from the Tools of War Newsletter.

PEACE ALL: Let Fabel & I first and foremost express our condolences to everyone who is suffering as a result of Hurricane Katrina. We have compiled a list of organizations that our activist friends have recommended and encourage everyone to do what they can to help the relief effort. One suggestion, for artists who receive a lot of free clothes from companies: take them to one of the drop off locations or send them directly to an address below. Please keep us posted as to any benefits that are being organized but please be sure to state what organization will be benefiting, along with the typical info that is listed for submitting events to the newsletter (see Submitting/Borrowing). Thanks to everyone who shared this useful information with us! Peace & blessings, Fabel & Christie

Examples of Items Needed: Food: Non-perishables, canned goods, water, baby formula, dry animal food, etc. Clothing: New socks and new underwear, baby clothes, next to new footwear, any clothing that is in good condition, etc. House Supplies: Flash lights, batteries, candles (the ones in tall glass preferred), matches, sleeping bags, blankets, sheets, plastic utensils, towels, air mattress, garbage bags, etc. Medical/Health: First aid kits, medicine for elderly, Vitamins, disinfectant wipes, etc. Toiletries: Diapers, feminine products, toothbrushes, deodorant, insect repellant, etc. Courtesy of Marinieves Alba (International Hip Hop Exchange) and Elisha Maria Miranda (Chica Luna).

DROP OFF LOCATIONS IN MANHATTAN: 1. Chica Luna Productions 1690 Lexington Ave., 2nd fl. (Corner of 106th) New York, NY 10029. Tel. 212-410-3544. Drop-off Hours M-F: 10 am - 6 pm. www.chicaluna.com. elishamiranda@chicaluna.com. (no spam please)! 2. Caribbean Cultural Center 408 West 58th Street (bet. 9th & 10th Ave.) New York, NY 10019 Tel. 212-307-7420 Drop-off Hours M-F: 10 am-6 pm. Courtesy of Marinieves Alba (IHX) and Elisha Maria Miranda (Chica Luna).

DROP OFF LOCATION IN BROOKLYN: Malcolm X Grassroots Movement [MXGM] 388 Atlantic Ave 3rd Floor (bet. Hoyt & Bond) Brooklyn, NY 11217. Tel. 718-254-8800. Drop-off Hours M-F: 10 am -7 pm. Sat & Sun: 12 pm - 4 pm. Monetary donations are also being accepted. Please make checks payable to MXGM. mxgmny@hotmail.com (no spam please). Courtesy of Marinieves Alba (IHX) and Elisha Maria Miranda (Chica Luna).

DROP OFF LOCATION IN THE BRONX: Sisters on the Rise 835 Dawson Street (bet. Intervale & Rev James A. Plight Ave.) Bronx, NY 10459. Tel. 718-991-6003. Drop-off Hours: M-Thu: 11 am - 6 pm. Courtesy of Marinieves Alba (IHX) and Elisha Maria Miranda (Chica Luna).

Additional Item list recommended by KEVIN POWELL: "PLEASE make sure clothing and shoes and sneakers are new OR clean and in good condition. Clothing for children and adults: shoes, socks and sneakers, Bottled water, Diapers, Baby wipes, Baby food, Baby and adult aspirin, Toilet paper, Sanitary napkins, Portable radios with batteries, Plastic forks, knives, and spoons, Cotton balls, Cotton swabs, Hydrogen peroxide BUT NOT rubbing alcohol, because that is flammable, Bandages, Shaving cream, Male AND female razors, Blankets, Air mattresses, Sheets, Pillows and pillow cases, Gift cards for gas, Wal mart gift cards, Garbage bags, Cleaning supplies, Soap, Toothpaste and toothbrushes, Flashlights, Batteries, Candles, Books for children, including coloring books, Books for adults, Magazines, etc. If you are placing donated items in a bag PLEASE LABEL. For example, Children's shoes or Adult shoes, or Children's clothes or Adult clothes.

SITES IN LOUISIANA & TEXAS TO MAIL NON-PERISHABLES TO RECOMMENDED BY KEVIN POWELL: You can mail or ship non perishable items to these following locations, which we have confirmed are REALLY delivering services to folks in need. 1. Center for LIFE Outreach Center 121 Saint Landry Street Lafayette, LA 70506 attn.: Minister Pamela Robinson. 337- 504-5374. OR 2. Mohammad Mosque 65 at 2600 Plank Road Baton Rouge, LA 70805 attn.: Minister Andrew Muhammad 225-923-1400 or 225-357-3079. OR 3. Lewis Temple CME Church 272 Medgar Evers Street Grambling, LA 71245. attn: Rev. Dr. Ricky Helton. 318-247-3793. OR 4. St. Luke Community United Methodist Church c/o Hurricane Katrina Victims 5710 East R.L. Thornton Freeway Dallas, TX 75223 atten.: Pastor Tom Waitschies. 214-821-2970. OR 5. S.H.A.P.E. Community Center 3815 Live Oak Houston, Texas 77004. attn.: Deloyd Parker. 713-521-0641.

ROSA CLEMENTE INSISTS: "Instead of giving money to the RED CROSS or FEMA, please, please give money to Black Folks, NAACP, Urban League, Black Churches, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, December 12th movement. These are just some of the organizations that are doing the work."

ALLISON (R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop) RECOMMENDS: "I spent 2 years as the National Recruiter for ACORN. Our headquarters was located in New Orleans. And, since our members comprise low and moderate income families, we are devastated by the loss. ACORN chapters all over the country are mobilizing. Updates, witness accounts from our people, and truth-telling here: www.acorn.org.

THOMAS MARIADASON & ROSA CLEMENTE (R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop) RECOMMEND: Grassroots/Low-income/People of Color-led Hurricane Katrina Relief: http:// www.sparkplugfoundation.org/katrinarelief.html

CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) RECOMMENDS: The newly-formed Muslim Hurricane Relief Task Force (MHRTF) designed to offer information about the American Islamic community's efforts to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina. MHRTF recently announced a pledge to raise $10 million in humanitarian relief. www.mhrtf.net. The news website lists Muslim charities in the task force engaged in Hurricane relief. Those charities include: www.icnarelief.org, www.irw.org, www.kind-hearts.org and www.lifeusa.org. Additional groups who agree to the task force's guidelines will be added as the relief efforts develop. MHRTF guidelines for collection and distribution of funds will focus on financial transparency and accountability as set forth in relevant government regulations and standards. Because of Islamic guidelines, no proselytizing of hurricane victims will be allowed by any member of the task force. www.cair-net.org

APRIL SILVER RECOMMENDS: www.BlackAmericaWeb.com. It will give you news on Hurricane Katrina and what the NAACP and Urban League plan to do in terms of supporting the Black folks who are hit the hardest by this tragedy. On this web-site, there is also a link that will take you to a page that lists orgs you can donate to. But start here: http://www.blackamericaweb.com/ site.aspx/ bawnews/katrina831. KEVIN POWELL adds: BlackAmericaWeb.com Relief Fund PO Box 803209 Dallas, TX 75240 OR you can make an online donation by going to www.blackamericaweb.com/relief. This fund has been set up by nationally syndicated radio personality TOM JOYNER.

KEVIN POWELL RECOMMENDS: NAACP Disaster Relief Efforts The NAACP is setting up command centers in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama as part of its disaster relief efforts. NAACP units across the nation have begun collecting resources that will be placed on trucks and sent directly into the disaster areas. Also, the NAACP has established a disaster relief fund to accept monetary donations to aid in the relief effort. Checks can be sent to the NAACP payable to: NAACP Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund 4805 Mt. Hope Drive Baltimore, MD 21215. Donations can also be made online at www.naacp.org/disaster/contribute.php. FYI, the NAACP, founded in 1909, is America's oldest civil rights organization.

WENDY DAY RECOMMENDS: "As a result of the recent tragedy in the Gulf Coast area from Hurricane Katrina, I've chosen to sign my emails with information regarding David Banner's charity that is making tremendous headway in helping the displaced people from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Please help at www.HealTheHood.com."

ww.teamrescueone.com. Set up by native New Orleans rapper Master P and his wife Sonya Miller. Also recommended by KEVIN POWELL.

BILLY WIMSATT AKA UPSKI RECOMMENDS: https://secure.democracyinaction.org/dia/shop/indyvoter/ custom.jsp?donate_page_KEY=80. Or send a check to: Memo Line: Shana’s New Orleans Advocacy Fund c/o League of Independent Voters 226 W. 135th St. 4th Fl New York, NY 10030. Contributions to the League of Independent Voters are NOT tax deductible.

We wholeheartedly and sincerely apologize for not being able to include everything that was sent regarding the relief efforts and events. It took 2 days to get this newsletter together and we wanted to be as thorough with info as possible. Please save this email to forward to others seeking info on charities and organizations. Thanks in advance for understanding. Fabel & Christie

+ + +

This just in from Kevin Powell who threw a very successful benefit in NYC this past week!

"This is Kevin Powell. I am moving from place to place very quickly. No real time to write or download all that is happening so quickly, but just wanted to share a few quick and random thoughts.

"I immediately flew to Louisiana after the New York City benefit on Thursday night, so I am mad tired but also mad appreciative of all the folks who came out and stayed into the wee hours on Friday. It was incredible and surreal, watching SO MANY PEOPLE show up with tons of donations, volunteering their time to load and sift through stuff on the spot, all the tears, all the giving, all that humanity in one place. And when we thought we would be STUCK with a half a block of donations with no place to put them (MANY people at the event called storage companies and trucking companies, to no avail), a young man who is a truck driver just happened to show up with his own items to donate (divine intervention, i would say) and offered his truck for this effort, to drive, himself, on the spot, if we covered gas, toll, and food. We raised nearly $2000 on the spot for him (THANK YOU to painter and writer Danny Simmons and actor Michael Rapport for putting us over the hump with donations at like 2AM), and he was ready to go after saying good bye to his girlfriend, who had accompanied him to the event. We planned on sending ONE tractor trailor to a relief and distribution center for Gulf Coast survivors in Mobile, Alabama, but wound up with two because of the sincere generosity of folks who came to the benefit, and because of that young man, the truck driver. The two tractor trailors full of stuff for the people should be in Mobile, Alabama, by now.

"I am in Baton Rouge, after touring New Orleans all day yesterday (yes, I got in, because of connections I have down here and because you never know unless you try). New Orleans looks like a war torn country. We talked with and interviewed, on camera, folks who refuse to leave (I hope they will be okay, as they looked defiant AND sad, hopeful AND hungry). Troops are everywhere, and in the very poorest Black communities, like the Bywater and 9th Ward, the flood waters are still there. Lots of dead bodies, too, and lots of stray animals, and the STENCH is as bad as folks say. Worst, really. It smells like DEATH in this city. We are filming everything and ultimately I am going to write something, long and meditative, for my next essay book. Digesting this right now is a lot. Heading to Houston later today to talk with survivors there. NOTHING IN LIFE can really prepare you for this sort of destruction and profound neglect of human life, to see it with your own eyes, beyond the television glare. Nothing.

"Lastly, more benefits are needed, yes, more truckloads of items, as I am being bombarded by folks all over Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama, for help. As are others on the frontlines of this work. But we also have to begin to think ahead of the curve, about helping the survivors to heal and rebuild their lives, and we need to pay very close attention to what is going to happen to New Orleans, to those communities that have been displaced, and if there will be a place for the least fortunate victims when New Orleans is finally rebuilt. This is going to be a long process and people who care need to stay committed for the long haul.

"On my way to shelters in Baton Rouge and Houston. Blessings to you all" Kevin Powell

Regarding the fundraiser, John Kim of R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop noted "The organizers stated that the first 18 wheeler was generously provided for by Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kanye and Common - if i got all the folk right - and shoutouts to R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop, The Millions More Movement, NAACP, Akila Worksongs and many others who made this night happen!!!"

+ + +

Alternative media outlets where you can get a more accurate and balanced presentation of the New Orleans catastrophe. Info courtesy of Kevin Powell. http://www.diversityinc.com. http://www.alternet.org. http://www.blackelectorate.com. http://www.npr.org. http://www.daveyd.com. http://www.slate.com. http://www.bet.com. http://www.allhiphop.com. http://www.democracynow.org. http:// www.blackamericaweb.com

+ + +


"It's amazing that at a time when President Bush gave an order to release emergency reserve oil, that unscrupulous corporations have raised their prices to 6 bucks a gallon in neighboring states. Here in Cali the prices have jumped 20 cent a gallon and they aren't even connected to the oil rigs destroyed by Katrina. Yes poor people are looting in New Orleans and rich people are price gauaging. We're all messed up." DAVEY D (more info & coverage at www.DaveyD.com)

"Emergency relief is critical right now. AND it is not enough. We need to support advocacy and organizing around the crisis as well. As in all other crises, aid agencies are going to mismanage funds, politicians are going to cut deals, poor people are going to keep getting screwed. And George Bush is going to use New Orleans as a photo op for what? His new campaign against global warming? We need a team of media, organizing and advocacy-savvy Nawleans refugees who are ready to write op-eds, fight, advocate, support their displaced neighbors during this crisis, and work for New Orleans to be restored in a way that includes the input of ordinary people! There is no better group to do this than the grassroots organizers of New Orleans. With prayers, from Billy and the entire League family."

"Sometimes relief organizations have bloated administrative costs, which means less of your dollars go directly towards relief. Sometimes national aid agencies are not specifically targeting poor communities of color. Sometimes local and national aid agencies have disturbing political allegiances. Sometimes local aid agencies may in fact not distribute their aid in a non-sectarian manner. While it's certain that you may not be able to fully guarantee that every cent of donated relief funds will go to the neediest, I think it's critical the thorough research being done on relief agencies gets done and gets shared. Folks should certainly not be discouraged from giving what they can because of the politics of aid relief, but a little thought can help you feel more assured about your contribution and perhaps target those underprivileged few not usually on the radar screen. Also, like the tsunami, it's important to consider that generally donations given in the emergency period are sometimes higher than donations given over the extended relief period, when critical rebuilding occurs and people really try to put their lives back together. It's just something to keep in mind. peace, Thomas Mariadason (R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop)

"The Hand of God (Katrina’s Ghost)" an essay by IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE. www.blackelectorate.com/a...sp?ID=1458 or www.immortal-technique.com. (Forwarded by DaveyD.com).

K-OTIX "Gold Digger Remix (Radio): Here’s a radio friendly version of the K-otix remix of Kanye West’s hit song ‘Gold Digger’. http://odeo.com/audio/220989/view. Info courtesy of Davey D.

"A Symptom of Lawlessness": http://www.guardian.co.uk/ katrina/story/ 0,16441,1560930,00.html. Courtesy of Marinieves Alba (IHX).

"Why the Levee Broke" by Will Bunch. Posted on September 1, 2005. http://www.alternet.org/story/24871. Courtesy of April Silver.

AllHipHop.com has an exclusive feature with some of the biggest names in the Hip Hop community & the effort underway to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Sean "Diddy" Combs, Jay-Z, David Banner, Master P., James Prince of Rap-A-Lot Records BET & others are spearheading a variety of projects aimed at aiding those displaced by the hurricane. For the full feature log on: http:// www.allhiphop.com/features/?ID=1170. Info courtesy of AllHipHop.com Alerts.

http://rawstory.com/news/2005 Blogs_raise_questions_of_racism_in_hurricane_photo_cap_09 02.html. Courtesy of Thomas Mariadason (R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop).

Kanye West speaks on George Bush: Short clip: http://media.putfile.com/Kanye79 Long clip: http://media.putfile.com/Kanye-West-at-the- Hurricane-Katrina-tele. Info courtesy of DaveyD.com.

Public Enemy front man Chuck D. reportedly recorded a new song over Labor Day weekend addressing the natural disaster in New Orleans, Alabama, Mississippi & the issues that surround the region ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. In "Hell No We Ain’t Alright," Chuck D sends a message to the government, the media, the military & the Hip Hop nation. For the full story log on: http://www.allhiphop.com/ hiphopnews/?ID=4796. Info courtesy of AllHipHop.com Alerts.

Halliburton Awarded Post-Hurrican Reconstruction Contract: http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/business/ 3335685. Courtesy of Thomas Mariadason (R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop).

Bill O'Reilly calls Kanye West a "dopey little rapper." http:// www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,168567,00.html. Info courtesy of Phillip Thorne.

Stop MILITARY Recruitment at the Houston Superdome. Come educate youth dislocated from their lives and communities - facing homelessness, joblessness and often hopelessness - about the false promises of recruiters! Doling out food to the hungry crowds overflowing Houston's Astrodome, the National Guard has engaged in ad hoc recruiting in recent days. Once signed up, even if purportedly to reconstruct their region, they could easily find themselves deployed to Iraq, left with medical coverage for only two for only combat-related injury and the expectations for training eviscerated. And if they sign up on the promise of temporary relief, they could find themselves bound for extended tours of duty. Download info from the formidable Counter-Recruitment resources on the United for Peace and Justice site. www.unitedforpeace.org. Call for a real jobs program which employs people to reconstruct the entire Gulf Coast region for the benefit of those in need. Point people in Houston: Bill Crosier, Progressive Action Alliance 713-641- 1941 paa@crozierbiomed.com. Renee Fletz, News Director KPFT 713-526-4000. Omowale Luthuli, Office of the Commissioner, Precinct One 713-678-7385. Beloup Parker, S.H.A.P.E. Community Center 713-521-0629. Shana, New Orleans Network/League of Pissed Off Voters shana@indyvoter.org. Info courtesy of Rosa Clemente.

Interview with David Banner: We have an explosive interview w/ David Banner who basically picked up where Kane West left off. Banner was brutally honest and gave insight into the whole situation along with the drama in his own home state of Mississippi..http://p076.ezboard.com fpoliticalpalacefrm57.showMessage?topicID=451.topic. Also please don't forget to support Banner's www.healthehood.com. Info courtesy of Davey D.

Interview with Reverend Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus who explains what' going on with the newly launched Hip Hop U.N. effort. http:// p076.ezboard.comfpoliticalpalacefrm57.showMessage?topicID =451.topic. Info courtesy of Davey D.

Interview w/Hip Hop activists Rosa Clemente and Houston artist/ DJ Zin. They both threw down in terms of explaining the politics behind all this as well as updates as to what's happening with their respective organizations. Zin was on location at the Astrodome interviewing survivors. http:// p076.ezboard.com. Info courtesy of Davey D. fpoliticalpalacefrm68.showMessage?topicID=41.topic. Info courtesy of Davey D.

+ + +

Makani runs Praxis Project they do community advocacy training in many areas. They have a great tool on their website for folks to use to send letters to the Pres., Congress, FEMA and Gov. of LA. Pass it on. This info comes courtesy of Lisa Fager (R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop and www.IndustryEars.com)

"Katrina Advocacy Resources on Praxis: Greetings all! Just a quick note that we have just updated our Praxis web page on Hurricane Katrina: http://www.thepraxisproject.org/news/katrina.html to make it more useful. From the page, you can now email form letters or compose your own to send to the President, Congress, the Governor of Louisiana and the FEMA Director. We've added a strategic memo from the Youth Media Council and Praxis, that contains some initial talking points and stories. We also link to Project South for updates on regional efforts, and include a small list of organizations that need support immediately. Lastly, there are links to articles that cover the issue of structural bias that led up to this crisis and is pervasive in current crisis management.

"We hope this may be helpful, as ! we join with the many that are deeply concerned about this tragedy and tragic lack of government response. peace and blessings, Makani Themba-Nixon, Executive Director. www.thepraxisproject.org.

+ + +

From Brother Ernie Paniccioli: "Take Action!!!!! Our people are dying on the vine in New Orleans! There is no excuse for the unconscionable, slow pace for federal aid! Please contact the following, blow up thier faxes and demand action!"

White House: fax: 202-456-2461. comments: 202-456-1111. switchboard: 202-456-1414.

Congressional Black Caucus: fax: 202-225-1512

Congressional Hispanic Caucus: fax: (202)225-6161

Your State Representative: http://www.whitehouse.gov/ government/legi.html

AND DON'T FORGET YOUR LOCAL REPS which you can get their contact info off the web. It's best to fax or snail mail a letter as opposed to emailing. Ask your mayors and state reps to partner with hotels and allow the people to be brought there.

MEDIA: Also, contact the media and DEMAND that they stop calling our people, "angry, (and sometimes violent) refugees." They are not refugees! They are tax paying American citizens who are displaced. They are hurricane victims just like Florida's hurricane VICTIMS were called. Also, Demand that they stop focusing on the lawlessness as this is being commited by a small minority (& some of them have mental disorders like schizophrenia as reported by a doctor).

MEDIA CONTACTS: C-SPAN: Main number: 202-737-3220. (journal@c-span.org; viewer@c-span.org; radio@c-span.org). FOX News: 1-888-369-4762 (Comments@foxnews.com). CBS: 202-457-4444 (ldx@cbsnews.com). ABC: (support@abcnews.go.com; wnn@abcnews.com). CNN Visit http://www.cnn.com and click on "contacts" on the left side of screen.

+ + +

THIS IS A CUT-N-PASTE from the Tools of War Newsletter. SUBSCRIBE.

feeling the sun shine

i woke up to the sound of my love's voice. i couldn't open my eyes. tired from last night. not yet ready for this day and the piles to read on my desk. i lay and just listen. breathing life back into my body with each word. it changes everything when u find someone who can do that without question. things are getting back in the rhythm, back in synch.

listening to floetry "sunshine"

sitting at the desk. house quiet. daughter still sleeps. baby kittys at my feet.

You know sometimes we ummm, we don't recognize our dreams inside
our reality and uh other times we're not aware of exactly
what's real ya know we walk around day dreaming but the
sunshine, the sunshine always is.... and I

I just wanna see my lovely sunshine(Sunshine)
I just wanna bring back all of my blue skies
And if you take away my rainbow I will cry (cry)
Give me back my sunshine

thinking about yesterday. picking up the newest homegirl. riding up lyndale to show her PINK's piece at Intermedia. driving by there was smoke and movement from the parking lot. turns out it was MSP freestyle painting. beautiful to pull back into the lot and see it going down. one lady approached, hugged and said, "painting now is so different than painting at B-Girl Be. that's happening again, right?!!?" moving again, slowly but moving.

then off to AfroFuturism. See this show at the Soap Factory. last night opening was blessed by I Self Devine. he blessed me with updates, ideas and just good vibes and connections to build futures. sandy from IA, hernub, j otis powell, michelle spaise (photographer), carolyn from SASE , a former student from Macalester, and so many more. lots of video installation, photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media. got me thinking.

and floetry sings:
Dreaming my state of being and I see you smiling youi're so
happy just laughing and standing strong I'm missing you right
here Listen to my tears I'm waking up to skies so gray
Needing you to brighten up my day

Ok listen catch your breath cool out you need to calm down
(that's right)
Concentrate don't go making all your time run out
See your ok it looks much worse than it really is,
and you'll pull through come on you know how we be doing this
It's me and you yo, you promised you can't pull out now,
We're friends for life so you can't just sell me out
We shared a lot but you know we'll see just so much more
Our wedding day and the children that we prayed for


I used to depend on your rides to show me the way that I should
My reality is blurry I'm afraid of being all alone
Your light has been my guide throughout the good and bad
I wish that I had spent a little more attention to my one and
only sunshine

Listen, I'd never leave you yo, I sweared on my grave
Damn what's that I'm feeling dizzy kinda getting faint
But it ain't nothing didn't sleep that much last night
From watching over you but none less I'm cool I'm fine
I said I'm feeling fine so back up off me I'm alright
I'm here to see my friends and what's up with that blinding
Said I don't need to lie down I don't need your help right now
What's up with all the noises all the running round
You've got it wrong I'm not the one who needs the help in here
Yo, what's up with you, you're crying I see tears
Yo, what's going on don't leave please don't take her out
Said I don't understand I'm kinda feeling scared now
I said it's getting hard to breathe getting hard to see
I'm not too sure anymore what's going on with me
Please bring her back connect me talk just one more time
But it's too late the last exhale is mine

and so this beautiful day blesses me with much sunshine. inhale. exhale. take a step foward. eyes open. chin up.

September 9, 2005

oh no she didn't

is this true? please tell me it ain't so.

was reading allhiphop this am. (i know, i know, i need to leave the rumors alone, but it's like when there's a car wreck and you can't help but look). so they post:


I’m not going to let that old bird off the hook. Of the people down and out from Hurricane Katrina, she said, “Most of these people were underprivileged anyway, so this is working out well for them.” THAT IS A DIRECT QUOTE. That big manly-looking old woman – what is her major malfunction? Now, we have to ask ourselves how far does the fruit far from the "bush?" (YUCK!) Cut and paste the below link in your browser if you want to hear it for yourself.

so then i listened HERE - http://mywebpages.comcast.net/duncanblack/bmind.mp3

could someone else please listen and tell me it ain't so. tell me the rumor boys are getting political, stirred up by the new chuck d song or kanye's words.

+ + +
racism, classism, privilege, ignorance... more soapboxin to come in future posts...

+ + +
the love of my life was estranged from his son a year ago. baby mama drama complicated by many factors. they moved from chi to NO. we recently got a phone number for them, he spoke to her briefly but his son wasn't home. disaster strikes and now they are m.i.a. we cannot find his 12 year old son (HAVE U SEEN JOSEPH ANDERSON, 12 or his mother, ROBIN ANDERSON, 30??? last seen in NO).

every time there is a shot of kids on cnn we stare at the tv. there was a 12 year old boy whose parent's died in the flooding but he was able to crawl out of the roof and swim to safety. i watched the screen intently at him, wondering could it be?? but his name was deamonte, it wasn't joseph.

and now this audio clip to start my day? wtf? i was listening to my new theme song (Golden by Jill Scott) and prepping for my class and popped on to read the rumors. i don't feel like the world is golden. it's hard right about now, to live life like it's golden but im going to try to listen to jill as she sings:

I'm taking my freedom
Pulling it off the shelf
Putting it on my chain
Wearing it 'round my neck
I'm taking my freedom
Putting it in my car
Wherever I choose to go
It will take me far

Living my life like it's golden (Repeat)

Verse 2:
I'm taking my own freedom
Putting it in my song
Singing loud and strong
Grooving all day long
I'm taking my freedom
Putting it in my stroll
I be high-stepping ya'll
Letting the joy unfold

Living my life like it's golden (Repeat)

Verse 3:
I'm holding on to my freedom
Can't take it from me
I was born into it and it comes naturally
I'm strumming my own freedom
Playing the God in me
Representing His glory
Hope He's proud of me!

Living my life like it's golden (Repeat)

+ + +
then i find out my new, lovely and amazing super-intern straight from Sweden was stopped and questioned for 2 hours at the border. the man tick tick ticking away at the computer asking her about me and with each reply he shook his head like "yep, we been watching her".

i am not sorry for my work trying to change the world. i am not sorry for having assata love, being down with the black panther party, or my n.o.i. family ("As-Salaam-Alaikum" DM mi hermanito), the Puerto Rican political prisoners, the Vieques movement (shouts to Kahlil and Eli!), working in solidarity to change incarceration (people not prisons!!!), and on and on. you can't corrupt the hudson river, you can't lock up my love for life, you can't keep angela down, you can't shut up kanye, and you cant' stop my roll - CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP!

+ + +
so i am off to teach class. i think i'll begin the session playing this song. and im going to just try to keep on fighting those who think God punished us and help people recognize we (as US citizens) can't be crushed - not by rain, not by pain, not by poverty, not by bars, not by books, not by teacher's dirty looks. we won't stop.

when i live my life like it's golden ain't nobody who can stop my shine.

September 8, 2005

hair test clip

Watch the video - Click the image or CLICK HERE!

September 3, 2005

it's been a long time coming...

i haven't posted in too long. too much life to live. too much sickness. too many struggles. the distance was necessary but slowly and steadily i rise again.

a year ago exactly, my cousin's pops sat me down at a labor day bbq and told me about a tidal wave that would devastate. he said that wouldn't be the end. he said the shifts from the tidal wave would flood our coasts. the tsunami happens. and now katrina floods NO. i have to call him and see what we are in for next.

so the world is ticking. tick -> struggle - tick -> hunger - tick -> sadness - tick -> disatisfaction - tick -> devastation. so please step up to the mic right now. grab the channels that you have. if you feel the need for change you need to take it into your hands, pass it to the next person and start (re)building brick by brick.

glad to see kanye spoke his piece

On LIVE TV West said: I hate the way they portray us in the media. You see a black family, it says, "They're looting." You see a white family, it says, "They're looking for food." And, you know, it's been five days [waiting for federal help] because most of the people are black. And even for me to complain about it, I would be a hypocrite because I've tried to turn away from the TV because it's too hard to watch. I've even been shopping before even giving a donation, so now I'm calling my business manager right now to see what is the biggest amount I can give, and just to imagine if I was down there, and those are my people down there. So anybody out there that wants to do anything that we can help -- with the way America is set up to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off, as slow as possible. I mean, the Red Cross is doing everything they can. We already realize a lot of people that could help are at war right now, fighting another way -- and they've given them permission to go down and shoot us!

> > > > without some justice there will be no peace. that's my word.

but for the meantime it's back to the grind. back to mac and a new circle of students to build with. back to wost and my lab. i was there recently to help build some course websites and get prepped. sent a massive email to all those entitled to use the lab (which opens to the Women's Studies community this tuesday at noon) and hopefully people will use it and help realize my visions for the Feminist Media Center :: lots of blogs, vlogs, videos, powerpoints, websites, photo slideshows, visionary papers, and anything else we can create. see me in my happy place:

sitting in the FMC, loving my lab

ayana, new FMC lab attendant, breaks it down for helen

eileen shows amy, women's studies dept. chair, the ropes

giving kandace some help

so if you are on the U campus, drop in & say hi.


the Feminist Media Center (FMC) is located in 428 Ford Hall on the East Bank.
the FMC is open MWF 9am - 1pm and TR 1pm - 4pm.

see you there!