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February 27, 2006

Calling Twin Cities Filmmaker


FORECAST Public Artworks is seeking to hire a Twin Cities-based documentary video artist to create a 45-minute documentary featuring the 9 public art projects funded through FORECAST's annual Public Art Affairs program (supported by Jerome Foundation). Artist must be available to begin in March. Projects take place at various times during the year and at various locations. More information about the grant program and previously funded projects may be viewed at www.forecastart.org. Fee for service: $1,000.

Please send letter of interest, resume and one work sample (if available) postmarked by March 7 to:
Jack Becker, director, FORECAST Public Artworks, 2324 University Ave. W. #104, St. Paul, MN 55114. 651-641-1128 (forecast @visi.com).

Catching up on Flicks

sier.jpg weatherman.jpg

Just finished watching La Sierra. My heart is still pounding in my chest. The film is about war in the Sierra neighborhood of Medellin (Columbia). The filmmakers intimately showed the lives of guerillas / paramilitary warriors. Daily drugs, guns, violence, motorcycles, and of course baby mommas. The pain and the sadness floats above the surface, although there is a lot of intimacy and boyish grins on the faces of these young warriors. Poverty, desperation and access to drugs and guns - so much like so many neighborhoods in Chicago, Baltimore, Philly, Compton. I think of LA-based filmmaker, G- Bone, and the trailer for the his project on LA gangs (I hope he gets some funding to make that happen.

Wanted to read more about the filmmakers. Really interesting Q&A here.

Am a voting member for the IFP Independent Spirit Awards so I'm trying to get caught up on the nominees. I already voted, but only on the films that I had seen.

Also, for a friend's birthday watched The Weatherman (Nicolas Cage is great) and The Island. I hate these clone action suspense movies. I had crazy dreams that whole night. Gore Verbinksi (Weatherman, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Ring) graduated from UCLA film school too (he's 87 and I'm 95 and 99).

Next to watch: Nine Lives

Other amazingly interesting site to check out: sec_symphony_on.gif

I am really intrigued by the Juxtaposition page

The filmmaker/ cyber artist behind this project is Liz Canner. She's headed to the Twin Cities to speak in a Macalester class. I am very excited to meet her.

February 24, 2006

Calling All Doc Filmmakers


February 22, 2006

Last Call!

This just in from feministing.com:


The REAL hot 100 is issuing a final call for nominations--
March 1 is the deadline.

Q: What do a Protestant minister from Iowa, the owner of Chicago’s first woman-friendly sex shop, a political cartoonist from New York, and a lawyer from D.C. have in common?

A: They’ve all been nominated to the REAL hot 100, a list of young women who are smart, savvy, and actively trying to make the world a better place.

Do you know a young woman who is breaking barriers, fighting stereotypes, or making a difference in her community or the nation?

Nominate her today and she will join over 150 women, from over 30 states that have already been nominated.

The REAL hot 100 will stop taking nominations on MARCH 1 so visit our website and nominate a REALLY hot woman today!

Get That $

Native Leadership Scholarship (NLS)
For women's non-doctoral graduate study...
Deadline: March 25 2006

The Native Leadership Scholarship (NLS) programme aims to create educational opportunities for women around the world who are grassroots leaders, organisers and activists demonstrating financial ncial need for educational support
-Intends to return to her home country to work, utilising training and research acquired in the study programme

NLS pre-applications for the 2006-2007 academic year will be available January 1 through March 25 2006 on the NLS website or by request from info@nativeleaders.org

After the pre-application period ends, all candidates will be notified about their application status. Incomplete pre-applications will not be considered for review. Unsolicited additional documents provided by the pre-applicant will not be reviewed. Only a small group of candidates will
be invited to complete a full application.

Aline Carton, Programme Manager
Native Leadership Scholarship
Channel Foundation
603 Stewart St., Suite 415
Seattle, WA 98101 USA
Tel: (00)1-206-621-5447
Fax: (00)1-206-621-2664

WATCH: The Flyy Girl Takeover

I received a wonderful compliment by email this am. I got word that a young woman was inspired by some of my work and she picked up a camera to get her thoughts off her chest. That's what it's about for me, for real. Some of my friends are in it for the money and the fame. Those of you who know me, really know me in the flesh, know I'm most comfortable chillin at home, not out and about. I would like a bit more steady $ but I'm working on. Anyhoo, I got this email with this link to her work-in-progress. The Flyy Girl Takeover. I'm really digging YouTube. There's something important happening right now, at this very moment. (more on this soon). For now, check out her piece:

February 16, 2006

This Weekend at Concordia College, MN

hhc.jpg The Hip Hop Congress will host its First Ever Minnesota Summit: “Politics, Globalization and the Hip Hop Generation? from Friday, February 17th through Sunday February 19th, 2006.

Download MORE INFO here

February 14, 2006

Call For Artists (Twin Cities)


Click HERE for More Information

February 13, 2006

B-Girl Be 2005 on UPN News

I'm speaking in this class on gender, media and multiculturalism today. Will be speaking about B-Girl Be. Showing photos, playing music, and video clips. I've been thinking more and more about media reaction to BGB. Will post more in-depth thoughts but for now,
watch this clip
and tell me what you think.


February 12, 2006

CTSI's Diana on "Geraldo At Large"

I've been working with CTSI, a great resource working with recently released felons. They offer counseling, mentoring, housing, support groups and referrals. Paul Kusterman is a great advocate for the clients he works with. They need more funding and resources and Paul's working hard to make that happen.


Kudos to CTSI for Diana and Paul's recent appearance on "Geraldo at Large", live from the Mall of America.


February 10, 2006

Today's Handout


Today I'll be speaking in this course - ENGL 3180 Contemporary Literatures and Cultures

Here's today's handout: hip hop terms that I wrote for women from this book.

February 8, 2006

Dare to Be Powerful 2


today i got a message on my myspace from an old "friend". a friend of my baby daddy's sister really. she ended her note to me asking, when are you going to bless the world with another film? that's been ringing in my head since i read it. i never really thought of my work as a blessing to the world. i've struggled with finishing my recent projects. it's hard to finish things you don't ever want to end. does that make any sense?

with my camera, i captured moments in time that are alive for me. both ctt and the spg represent very important moments in my life. and if i finish them soon, probably my career too.

it's not that i've been idle. i've helped organic finish his blessing. i've spoken, toured, traveled, studied, loved, filmed, mom-ed, and organized. still, there's been something holding me back. not me, but my filmmaking. there was a post-rhino/return to my baby-daddy moment that sucked out all the life and vision in me. so many things have rejuvenated that and made life alive again. still, i've been moving in baby steps. i've channeled my energies on other things.

but today me started again. it started with my favorite class with my favorite "mature" ladies. my honey peeking at me thru the window, making sure i'm ok, making sure i'm motivated. he worked out hard too but always keeps an eye in my direction.

so i'm at my new favorite coffee shop and audre lorde came into my head. i remembered she had a dare to be powerful quote and i found it. maybe it will inspire you too.

B-Girl Be 2006 - Call for Performers

B-Girl Be is looking for female artists to perform at the upcoming B Girl Be: Celebration of Women in Hip-Hop, June 29 - July 2, 2006. There will be various opportunities to perform at the summit and at fundraisers and promotional events leading up to the event.

We are accepting submissions in the form of a CD, DVD, or video of your live stage performance. If you do not have any of these things you can contact us and let us know when your next show is so we can come check you out live. Auditions will be scheduled as needed. We will begin booking in March.

Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2006.

Drop of or send your work samples along with a recent photo and bio to:
Intermedia Arts
attn: Desdamona / Performance Curator
2822 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55408

If you are sending a CD, please send at least 3 full songs and a description of what your live show consists of (example: DJ, track show, live band, other vocalists, etc). If you have any other questions call 612-871-4444 or email Desdamona.

For more information about B-Girl Be 2005 you can visit: Intermediaarts.org or Email - bgirl@intermediaarts.org

# # #



February 2, 2006

Gotta Love Blogs and Vlogs

just returned from a panel discussion about writing with blogs. very interesting. THE Uthink guy, shane, who i've gotten tremendous tech help from was on the panel. missing was my girl. she did do a great handout (that i'm going to see if she has digitally to put on my FMC resource web page that i'm working on currently). ...wondering, clancy, what's up with OCB? hit me up!

poking around the vlogging yahoo group. today's rocketboom highlighted this:

Watch the video HERE

gotta love it! el-p rapping ostrich.

my favorite quote of the day:

Shane: UThink is the cultural memory of the University.

February 1, 2006

tagging myself (the four meme that won't die)

i still haven’t gotten tagged(i’ve been neglecting my blog) but here it goes anyway...

Four vehicles you've owned:
- hyundai
- toyota camry
- honda prelude

Four jobs you've had (i'm taking this one waaaay back into the 90’s):
- women’s studies IT fellow / teacher / lecturer (current)
- stock footage videographer (once in a while u can still see my shots on cable tv. (u know the establishing exteriors of schools, bowling alleys and restaurants without signage)
- coffee girl/stepandfetchit / sourceofnewsstorieswithoutcredit girl at mtv news
- i worked at DEB (that hideous store in the mall) for ONE day (yes, i got fired). friendly customer service isn’t my thing

Four movies you could watch over and over:
- say anything (lloyd dobbler, alright!)
- the professional
- nobody's business
- tupac resurrection

Four places you've lived:
- minneapolis (current)
- spanish harlem, nyc
- los angeles, ca
- middletown, ny

Four vacations you've taken:
- hawaii for girlfesthawaii (does “working? trips count?)
- bermuda (thanks to my older brother)
- wildwood, nj (childhood summer vacations)
- to be taken: sweden (i miss salma!), paris (i'm coming t-love), LA (i've still got stuff in the garage, Phoenix (family time)

Four books I can read over and over:
- the prisoner’s wife by asha bandele
- this bridge called my back
- assata autobiography
- forever by judy blume

Four TV shows:
- CSI Las Vegas & Miami
- ER
- extreme home makeover
- design remix

Four highly regarded and recommended TV shows that I've never watched a single minute of:
- most. i rarely watch tv anymore.

Four of my favorite dishes:
- tandoori chicken
- tzatiki
- chipotle burrito
- shrimp tacos with Desdamona's salsa

Four places I'd rather be right now:
- filming the SPG
- filming bboysummit
- filming anywhere
- in bed

Four blogs/sites I visit daily:
- culturecat
- pyramids2projects
- naked cartwheels
- cnn.com (i love offbeat images)

i'm tagging MJ. you're it!

Readings on Hip Hop Feminism

These are readings for an upcoming session on art, media-makers and social change. Email isn't cooperating so here are the files for those students (and potentially you) to enjoy. Entries I wrote in this book on Hip Hop Feminism, Feminist Filmmaker, and intro to Gwen's book

Download 8MB pdf file

back in business (on life, links, and hair)

it’s been too long since bloggin. the bloggin/living balance is hard to achieve. big changes. big life stuff. beautiful steps. waking up rested which is more important than i could have imagined.


organizations i respect: juxtapostion arts,intermedia arts, pctv, hip hop associationthird world majority, tumi’s, eastside arts alliance, juice, yo, the painted bride and so many more orgs that are near and dear to my heart. the vision: a multimedia multiplex for shooting, editing, multicam tv studio, audio recording suite, dance space, aerosol/graf spaces, classrooms, screening rooms, library, archive... for youth, for re-entry community, for arts, for living, breathing and creating...


signed up for some courses. unraveling the mystery of light this AMAZING photographer is teaching. also a memoir startup course at the loft. if i've learned anything about myself, i know i need some discipline and creative space to take the big next steps i dream about.

been writing in my journal all the time. got a big purple one and a pocket size. quotes that i’ve jotted lately:

social change begins with the revolution of the mind: when people change what’s in their hears, they will change their conditions (not sure)

believe nothing no matter where you read it, or who has said it, not even if i have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense (buddha)
dance as though no one is watching you love as though you have never been hurt before sing as though no one can hear you live as though heaven is on earth (sousa)
we cannot learn without pain (aristotle)

academically, taking steps. a few incompletes to finish. a couple papers to write. FMC is doing beautifully! need to update this page – sad really. have lots of great blogs, photos, videos and power point presentations to put up on the page. will get to it shortly.

the book is being published! contracts are being signed. i’m writing my intro. happy that i’m taking steps. want to put out my own books. it’s all happening.


and finally on hair. my girl mara gave T and I great haircuts. she’s still in school but is nasty with the scissors. tiana is very happy with her hair. see:


i’ve always had hair drama. always rocking a crazy juyorican fro. or red fraggle’s do (yes fraggle rock). i love braids and thankfully my baby is a braider. still i love nothing more than a hot press (it takes about 2+ hours to really lay this hair down) but it’s worth it. and the reason i’m so fixated on hair is because today i get to see my favorite show again!

about a year ago i was blessed to attend the final rehearsal of hot combs: marking one brand of oppression by the ever fab kimberly morgan. the show is open again. see it!