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November 18, 2006

why is it...

that i've only begun to realize that the sky will not fall if i stop trying to hold it up all by myself?


November 12, 2006

My 2 Kids


November 10, 2006

B-Girl Be is Back

BGB girlz got skillz.jpg

B-Girl Be: GIRLZ GOT SKILLZ—November 16, 2006
Black Blondie, Desdamona and Maria Isa

Minneapolis—Intermedia Arts presents, for the first time on the same stage, some of Twin Cities' hottest female hip hop artists coming together to support B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip Hop’s 2007 Summit scheduled for June 28-July 1, 2007 at Intermedia Arts. GIRLZ GOT SKILLZ brings together Black Blondie, Desdamona, and Maria Isa for one night at Babalu in the Minneapolis Warehouse District. All proceeds for this event go to support the artists and B-Girl Be 2007. B-Girl Be is an annual summit and series of events, workshops, exhibits, and performances that celebrate women in hip-hop. The mission of BGB is to influence and inspire leadership to change the perceptions and roles of women in hip-hop for current and future generations.

Thursday, November 16; 9:00 pm to midnight
800 N. Washington Avenue
612.746.3158 / 612.281.9970
$10 door
18 + / 21 to drink

Black Blondie has shared the stage with internationally acclaimed artists such as The Coup, J*Davey, Vitamin D, Sage Francis, Lyrics Born, and Luna Angel as well as local talent including Rhymesayers artists Brother Ali and I Self Devine, and Doomtree (P.O.S). Black Blondie was a featured artist in the 2006 B-Girl Be Festival: (A Celebration of Women in Hip Hop), in the annual Midwestern Hip Hop’n Harmony Festival and in the Sur Seine International Music Festival. Black Blondie was nominated for R&B Artist/Group of the Year for the 2006 Minnesota Music Awards, and they were awarded “Best Band Name? for the City Pages 2006: Best of the Twin Cities. They were voted number two (missing number one by only one vote) in the Citypages’ Top 10 New Bands Poll: “Picked to Click 2006.? They have been featured guests on Minnesota Public Radio and “Fresh Air Radio: KFAI? and have appeared on SearchMode.tv/Cable show.

Desdamona is the Premier Female Hip Hop Artist in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis / St. Paul) but not only is she making moves as an MC she has been creating opportunities for many other Twin Cities Artists for 10 years. Desdamona is the 4 time winner of the MN Music Award for Best Spoken Word Artist and in 2005 she was nominated for 4 more MMA's (Best Spoken Word, Best Hip Hop Recording, Critics Choice, and Artist of the Year) Currently, she is promoting her first full length release, "The Ledge". This project is a combination of spoken word, hip hop and song with world music and hip hop music as a backdrop. She worked with the legendary Reggae musicinas Sly & Robbie on this project as well as other producers from the Minneapolis and Philadelphia areas. Desdamona got hooked up with Sly & Robbie through their manager, and opened for their group, Black Uhuru at First Avenue, in 2000. Since then she has been writing, perfoming, organizing and building a broader fan base. She has toured throughout the US, and traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii for GirlFest 2004, where she performed, taught workshops and WON Hawaii's biggest poetry slam competition. Desdamona helped to produce the Twin Cities First Women in Hip Hop Summit called, B Girl Be Hip Hop summit in 2005. Planning has begun for 2006. www.intermediaarts.org for more info. Now a member of Hecatomb, Desdamona is working on collaborations with crew members and writing new material for future releases. She is also currently in the recording stage of her next release, "Hymn of the Human Spirit" on Fuzzy Slippers Productions.

Born Maria Isabelle Perez Vega to Nuyorican parents and raised on St. Paul's Westside, Maria Isa is a vocalist, songwriter and performs Afro-Puerto Rican music Bomba and Plena with a mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Reggaeton. She is currently attending McNally Smith College of Music, returning to Minnesota after a semester at Columbia College Chicago. Maria Isa teaches song and vocal instructions to children at El Arco Iris Center for the Arts in St. Paul, while performing with the folklore group "RAICES"(roots). Performing since she was a young girl, Maria Isa was inspired by the artistic values of Mila Llauger (her aunt) Evaristo Rodriguez (mentor), and the many Fania, Motown, and Ol'Skool Hip-hop played by her family. "We're (the family) are like the Boricua My Big Fat Greek Wedding, except we say WEPA instead of OPA!" At the age of 7, Maria Isa was invited on stage with Salsa singer La India and given timbales sticks from the late great Tito Puente. From then she knew she wanted to be reaching others by being in the light and behind a mic. She thanks Los Nativos member Felipe Chautli for believing in her and being a guiding hand in opening many opportunities. She also acknowledges Melisa Riviere (Maria Isa's manager and president of Emetrece Productions) for educating and opening more doors. Isa's words express who she is: a female activist recognizing her heritage and culture as a "Boricua de las Ciudades Gemelas" (Puerto Rican from the Twin Cities). She flows her opinions on the political movements that take place and errupt from the USA owning Puerto Rico. Through her voz (voice) and Spanglish tracks Maria Isa hopes to reach those who are on the same mission as her..... to place the truth in the textbooks and to teach people of all ages what is being missed in the classrooms. Quoting the Young Lords Party "Siempre Pa'lante," Moochie (da girl on da block aka Maria's nickname since an infant) remains to tell others, "although bad things attack us, there is always good that can come out of a situation.. we gotta keep learning something new every day about the world and moving foward. Paz, Salud, y Felicidad."-Maria Isa

November 7, 2006

Twin Cities Voter Guide

I'm a HUGE supporter of Upski and the League of Pissed Off Voters.

Here's the Twin Cities Voter Guide. Remember these are SUGGESTIONS, you need to VOTE FOR WHO YOU SEE BEST SERVING THE OFFICE - Download PDF HERE

This is the last update from Twin Cities soldier, Mattie:

THIS IS IT: the final plan for these last two days with the League of Pissed Off Voters. It's now or never! We have distributed 10,000 hard copies of the endorsement guide in five days, thanks to all of you. Now its time to put in that last-minute, fierce push to get young people to the polls.

Whether you can or cant make it to the polls, we need you to forward the endorsement slate to everybody on your email list. Honestly, people have been taking them like they are candy…saying this is the ONE useful piece of paper they've gotten this whole election season. Send this link with a quick message about why you think it's a brilliant thing. Your friends will thank you!

7:00pm : Meet at Target, in the food court (off of Lake and Minnehaha). We'll hit local businesses.
8:30pm : "Midnight Madness" outside of Mercado Central (Lake and Bloomington). People from Keith Ellison and Mark Ritchie's campaigns will be joined by Jesse Jackson, to kick off a final round of "lit drops" (campaign flier drops) in specific neighborhoods all over the city. This should be exciting!

Meet at Hillel at the U of MN, unless otherwise noted. Hillel is at 15 th and University—parking will be rough…try the lot in back at 15th and 4th. We will be combining our efforts with MN Student Vote, and will be sending people out in shifts.

7:00am : Hillel. We will be getting out endorsement slates on University Ave buses.
7:20am (for people who want to vote first thing in the morning): Meet at Mercado Central (Lake and Bloomington). We will be getting out endorsement slates on Lake Street buses.
10:00am to 1:00pm : Hillel.
1:30pm to 4:30pm : Hillel
5:00pm to 7:45 : Hillel
Whenever you have time : If you cant make it to the beginning of one of these shifts, NO PROBLEM. We want you whenever, however! Show up at Hillel and we will plug you in.
After polls close : Join us at Trocaderos nighclub (107 3rd Ave N in the downtown warehouse district). This is the victory party for Keith Ellison and friends.

PLEASE HIT ME BACK IF YOU'RE DOWN. Email or phone. I'm keeping track of numbers.
Much love to you all,
Mattie Weiss

November 5, 2006

More Baby Bragging
















November 4, 2006

He's Here!

Joseph was born last evening at 6:44pm. 7 lbs 5 oz, 20 inches long.


November 2, 2006

Labor Blogging (maybe post 1 of many)


It’s been slow going. My friends thought I was joking – I’m in labor & delivery, all moved into the room & I’m so glad I insisted on bringing my laptop. Wireless internet is truly saving my sanity. We checked in last night and started some meds to try to get my labor going. After 12 hours very little happened so we embarked on another 12 hour dose of this medicine.

The red stripes on my stomach are scary. I photographed them but don’t want to gross you out by posting them here. My last belly blogging was plenty. Man, air brushed bellies piss me off.


T came with us. Got to miss school. She slept in a sleeping bag (on top of Down coats) on the floor. T is going to a friends for a sleepover tonight and will return tomorrow a.m. (hopefully to meet baby brother). Part of me would like to rest tonight and go into active labor in the morning. Part of me says bring it on, let’s get this show on the road.


T has been playing with the monitors and thinks it all very cool. Are you having another contraption? I think that contraption is actually a really good description of a contraction. It’s like pain most people never feel. There is a funny diagram (the pain assesment tool) on the wall that helps you tell the staff how much you are hurting. Before having T (nearly a decade ago) I would describe my current contraptions at a 7 but since I know now what the magnitude of pain required to bring this baby to this world I say 3.


The monitors peak with every contraption. I try to remember to breathe. I just focus on getting through it. I love getting my feet lotioned. Somehow massaging my arches helps with the pain. He’s a keeper.


I’m scared, excited, nervous, and exhausted all at the same time. The contraptions are starting to kick. I’m trying to focus and prepare. I want this baby to come but am remembering how hard life is with a newborn. This time is different – I have a very supportive partner who isn’t adverse to rolling up his sleeves. He doesn’t fear diapers, baby vomit, or staying up all night. He’s a man and needs breaks (He left a couple times today to go do errands, get some fresh air, etc. & I just sent him to the cafeteria to get more snacks), but I know when it gets tough he’ll be right here helping me through. I didn’t have that before.

November 1, 2006

Special Technology Issue of Feminist Teacher

Call for Papers > > > > Call for Papers > > > > Call for Papers > > > > Call for Papers

Special Technology Issue of Feminist Teacher

Seeking Papers that
… address any topic related to technology
… take an explicitly feminist perspective
… discuss implications for teaching practices

Using a broad definition of technology, we are interested in papers that address feminist concerns in relation to teaching about technology, the uses of technology for teaching, technology policies of schools or other sites of teaching, the intrusion of technology into educational settings, and related topics. Suggested topics include technology assessment from a feminist perspective, communications technology and access to women, representations of women in media and technology, teaching feminist ethics in high tech contexts, including reproductive technologies in biology or health classes, issues raised by genetic testing, using technology in teaching your subject matter, technology in social studies classes, how language of technology positions women, teaching about technology with feminist science fiction, how girls appropriate technology, sexuality and technology, gender issues in high tech gaming, the proliferation of pornography on the web, and many others.

If you have an idea for a paper you'd like to chat about or if you have a paper you would like to submit, please contact Issue Editor:
Suzanne Damarin, Ohio State University
Phone: 614-292-7845
Fax: 614-292-7900

DEADLINES: One Page Abstract - December 4, Full Manuscript - April 2, 2007

Feminist Teacher is a Quarterly Journal published by the University of Illinois Press