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March 18, 2007

I Couldn't Resist...

I was browsing the UThink blog system (checking blogs with most entries, most comments, and recent posts to the system) and found this gem on this blog:

KET on my mind

This one deserves a post on art vs vandalism and vandalism of art. No time today.

If you are a beginner start HERE
Some other interesting clips: 1 2 3 4 5

"They Finally 'KET'-ch Up to Him"
By Shane Miller

The arrest of an allegedly infamous graffiti vandal last week ignited a war of words between a notorious anti-graffiti crusader and one of its biggest boosters. Read On..

PHOTO CAPTION: These spray paint cans were just some of the things seized from alleged graffiti vandal Alain Mariduena's Manhattan apartment last week. Mariduena has been linked to fashion designer and video game entrepreneur Marc Ecko, who has publicly battled with Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr., over graffiti.

+ + +

KET was by boss at Ecko Complex. Some of the best memories:

- dancing in Miami (may deserve a video clip), our South Beach suite and to Tony Touch: Hey Eminem! (in the middle of my video interview). damn tourists and hot garbage.
- beauty of New Mex: KET, tatoos, KET's tatoos, Fabel, Mike 360, seeds and a Lincoln Towncar (KET: Here, take the keys, get the shots and I'll see u later, I'm going to _____." Then I smash over the curb.(sorry Dulce))
- the MANY perks of working with the ever-amazing, talented and WELL-RESPECTED KET ONE who forever has my SUPPORT, LOVE + RESPECT


March 11, 2007

When Credit is Due

"To DJ Rob Swift, a vinyl recording is not merely a flat disc, but a four-dimensional field of events without boundary. As opposed to hearing a performance, listening to him scratch is akin to watching the quantm destruction of space-time."

-Harry Allen, Hip-Hop Activist & Media Assassin

Yesterday I got my advance copy of:

I've been watching/filming the X-men/X-ecutioners since day one. A few years back I copied all my Rob Swift footage and sent Mr. Rob a couple tapes. Didn't know if they would ever be useful or even interesting to him. He's got cameras following him across the globe and back.

I got to the end of the flick to find:


He gave me credit. Not "forgot" me. Not misspelled me. Not half credit (like only in the last tiny print of special thanks), but full and proper credit:
Archival Footage, Interviewers and Camera Operators.
Rachel Raimist

You may say, so what, big deal.

It is. When you've been down (read: bustin your ass) for so many years and rarely (read: most never) get any credit, it's big when someone pops up years later w/proper credit.

My girls and I have put in work in the music, marketing and journalism facets of the hip-hop industry for over a decade and rarely if ever got credit. i was the mind and the paperwork behind a street team and got no credit. i pitched many a DVD titles that got "borrowed" or straight stolen and made by funded male filmmakers. i can't even get into the boundless fruits of the the other ladies' labor.

Rob is a good dude: an excellent DJ, clean and sober, and an upstanding man in many ways.

As for the DVD, support it!

It is truly an intimate look into the life of the professional DJ. More than the background scratchmaker/crowd hyping vinyl crate carrier of most groups (which is all you really get to see on TV), Rob Swift and many men have made the turntable the featured act and has proven it is a beautiful and complex artform.

The DVD chronicles Rob's DJing life through the end of the X-ecutioners. Rob shares honest and revealing moments through the deals, the money, and the tough choices. He always remembers that it's about the art and about the expression. It's a beautiful watch for all the turntablist fans and true hip-hop fans. The film includes a never-seen-before- Rob and Bob moment (read: Rob Swift performs at the Knitting Factory with jazz legend Bob James), that I've kept in the archive, showed all my friends and cherished. Now you can share in my joy!

Bob and Rob

It is rare we get such an intimate look into the lives of those who bring real hip-hop, creativity and passion for the culture.

Check for DJ Rob Swift - homepage and myspace