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September 23, 2007

Video Production Courses

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Introduction to Video Production – Learning the Techniques*
Instructor: Rachel Raimist
Tuesdays, Oct. 2–Nov. 6, 6:30–9:30pm
Reg. deadline: Sep. 25
Tuition: $235/$195 members
Max. enrollment: 12 students

This section is designed for all skill and interest levels - beginners, video enthusiasts and more experienced students needing a refresher course. Students will learn about aspects of production from camera, lighting and sound, to editing strategies, film festivals and distribution. There will be screenings, discussions and exploration of various film forms, genres, and an examination of stylistic images. Students will learn the basics of filmmaking through in-class exercises and have the opportunity to develop, shoot and edit short projects individually or as a group. Tuition includes camera rental and editing time in IFP’s editing suite (iMovie or Final Cut) for use outside of class time.

Advanced Video Production – Shooting the Short Film*
Instructor: Rachel Raimist
Tuesdays, Nov. 13–Dec. 18, 6:30–9:30pm
Reg. deadline: Nov. 6
Tuition: $235/$195 members
Max. enrollment: 12 students

This course is designed for students with some filmmaking experience who have the desire to produce a short film. Students should have some experience using camera, sound and lighting equipment. They are encouraged to come to class with a short script (up to 8 pages of narrative, documentary or experimental) that will be used for the duration of the course. Students will learn how to revise scripts, prepare production materials (budget, storyboards, shooting scripts, etc.), cast actors, and other significant aspects of pre-production. We’ll study directing the camera, directing actors and creating visuals that communicate the director’s vision. Students will select scripts to collectively shoot as a group or proceed with individual projects. Students will crew shoots, act as production teams for each other and edit projects using Final Cut or iMovie. We’ll conclude the course by screening our work. Students are issued editing time to be used in IFP’s editing suite outside of class time to help ensure project completion by the end of the session. Tuition includes equipment rental and editing time.

Take any 3 or more classes and receive $10 off the price of each!
*IFP Certification available.