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August 28, 2008

Party with the People! [at Intermedia Arts]

Reception for The UnConvention!
August 31, 7PM at The UnConventional Gathering Place
Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave. South, Minneapolis

WHAT: The UnConvention is coming! The UnConvention is coming! Hosted by Intermedia Arts, The UnConventional Gathering Place, organizers and featured artists behind The UnConvention will come together to celebrate their yearlong collaborative efforts to create this much-talked about series of programs on participatory democracy using participatory media.

The UnConvention is a series of non-partisan programs in art, education and journalism around themes of participatory democracy using participatory media timed during the 2008 Republican National Convention. The UnConvention’s Twin Cities-wide programming will run from August 30 to September 4, 2008.The events and activities have been organized by a non-partisan collaboration of organizations and citizens.

A variety of forums for artists and community members have been developed for the creative exchange between artists, educators, alternative journalists and concerned citizens around election issues. These include, among others: interactive political karaoke, non-partisan social-issue puppet workshops, marathon downtown performances, interactive art installations in Peavey Plaza, online competitions of non-partisan political signs and PSAs presented in Minneapolis neighborhoods, the Walker Art Center, and spontaneous St. Paul storefronts, a parade for Liberty featuring ArtCars, bicycles turned into puppets and mobile broadcast units, a picnic for peace organized by an ex-FBI agent, evening projections and film programs, and more. What better way to spend your long Labor Day weekend than to be part of activities created for the people, by the people and of the people!

The UnConvention is all about creatively unscripting the political process using the tools of participatory media and art. It presents a different take on the more scripted, predetermined messages we witness during political campaigns. The UnConvention is funded, in part, by The McKnight Foundation. Special thanks to Magnuson Sod for their in-kind contribution.


WHO: The UnConvention was initiated by Northern Lights, a new Twin Cities-based arts agency led by Steve Dietz with support from the McKnight Foundation
Lead partners: Intermedia Arts, Walker Art Center
Local Organizations: Forecast Public Art, Form + Content, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Sandbox Studios, Spark24, University of Minnesota, The UpTake, Walker Art Center, Weisman Art Museum.
Community Groups: Liberty Parade, Peace Island Picnic
National Participants: Code Pink (National), Creative Time (New York), Dialog City (Denver), Provisions Library, (Washington DC), Exchange Rate (Los Angeles, CA), Robischon Gallery (Denver, CO)

Opening Night Reception: August 31 (7pm to midnight)
7PM Doors Open. 8PM Theater Presentation of The UnConvention Steering Committee. Performance by Nonsense Company/Prince Myshkin. 9:30PM To Midnight Interactive Politaoke
Admission: $4 (with Intermedia Arts membership sign-up); $6 (Intermedia Arts members); $8 (non-members). Additional $2 for Theater performance (Seating is limited. Purchase tickets now!)

Intermedia Arts is a catalyst that builds understanding among people through art.
Create. Engage. Inspire. Change.

The UnConvention

Venue: Intermedia Art – The UnConventional Gathering Place

Main Gallery
August 31 to November 7

Landing In America
By John Obrien (Minneapolis, MN)

A multi-media installation reflecting on the compelling experiences with or related challenges to our basic liberties. It looks at the personal perspectives of those for whom America has served as a refuge from the kind of political exclusion, violence, rage and oppression we fear the most.

My Yard Our Message
Conceived by Scott Sayre
Organized by Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN) and Robischon Gallery (Denver, CO)
By you! (Global)

View selections from My Yard Our Message entries submitted through the Walker Art Center and Robischon Gallery , a project conceived by Scott Sayre and produced by the Walker Art Center and mnartists.org in collaboration with The UnConvention.

New Stations, Minneapolis 2008
By James Case Leal (New York, New York)

Rather than aiming to send people home to watch television in isolation, New Stations creates centers that embody a physical site for both sending and receiving messages together. Part of an ongoing multi-site project series that represents a reinvention of the television medium, this new multi-media installation will celebrate these movements serving not only the geography of the local neighborhood, but also this specific time (i.e. the occurence of the Republican National Convention.) It will provide an opportunity for members of the community to invert the media power relationship by putting themselves on the air and celebrating our collective voice.

Political Science 101 A Crash Course in Civil Discourse on Political Blogs
By Fang-Yu Lin (Brooklyn, New York)

Are the Political Blogs legitimate? Where does it stand in the tradition of civil discourse as a medium? What is the role that the political bloggers play in this suddenly proliferative forums? A study of blogs as a political medium and an appraisal of its traits and uses, this net art installation scans and monitors hundreds of political blogs for keywords and trends in real-time. The "learnings" are presented using textbook style charts and graphs projected through a hacked slide projector in a simulated classroom setting.

Sandy Agustin Gallery
August 31 to November 7

Peace Puppets
Conceived by Christopher D. Lutter-Gardella/Puppet Farm Arts (Minneapolis, MN)
Created by Residents of Croixdale/Bayport Senior Living and You!

See and listen to the stories of peaceful civic engagement as 102 people lay down on the frozen Lake Superior on the first day of the Iraq war. Along with this powerful peace message, a giant peace dove created with senior residents of Croixdale Bayport hovers over the gallery to remind us of the one important value we are all striving to reach – peace! The peace dove puppet will be on view through September 15,

Sign-up for workshops to create puppets based on a new collaborative puppet script co-written by two writers – based in L.A. and Lithuania – as part of Exchange Rate (an L.A. based international artist exchange program conceived and organized by L.A. artist Elana Mann).

I Approve This Message
Conceived by Walker Art Center. Created By you!

YouTube projections of entries will be available for viewing. This project, led by The Uptake and Walker Art Center, invited people to create a video in response to questions surrounding the scripted nature of presidential nominations and democracy in general.

August 31

Great Hymn of Thanksgiving
By Nonsense Company (Madison, WI)

This performance takes place at a dinner table, where the sounds of conversation have been replaced by fragments of news reports from Iraq, scraps from the Army prayer manual, invented Arab folk tales, and a recurring State of Emergency pointing everywhere and leading nowhere. The sounds of the table itself struggle to bring this “conversation? into a confrontation with material reality.
The piece is a trio between the functions of music, noise, and semantic meaning, wherein each function can mingle with the others, lose itself in reveries (under fields of motive force that assert themselves with varying degrees of insistence), or, when necessary, take a solo.

By you, the audience!
Conceived by Diana Arce (Berlin, Germany)

Now you too can deliver the great rhetoric filled speeches of today's most important politicians. Why settle with hearing politicians when Politaoke allows you to become them. Politaoke, an audience participatory political karaoke bar, changes the face of politics and karaoke by allowing audience members to take on the role of political leaders. It provides the audience a platform to perform, mock, hear and see clearly what politicians say. It allows you the audience to decide how to interpret each politician's words.

Roaming Public Art, Performances

Border Cruiser Video Sculpture (August 31 to September 4)
By Steven Gagnon (Miami, FL)

A video installation made from a former police car and transformed into an electrically powered vehicle, this ArtCar will be parked outside and around various neighborhoods, equipped with interior video projections which call attention to the personal voices of “undocumented? immigrants.

Don’t You Feel It Too? (Random sightings. Date and Time remains unknown)
Conceived by Marcus Young (A Bird in the Sky Primary School of Behavioral Art) (Twin Cities, MN)

Dancing where dancing doesn’t belong. Practiced in public and semi-public places, it is a simple and courageous act of self-embarrassment and joy. This action may (not) be at The UnConvention Reception…

One On One Film Festival (August 31)
Conceived by Jane Powers (Minneapolis, MN)

Look for people in the crowd wearing a word on their hats! These are media artists strapped with laptops around their shoulders who will mix with the crowd for an opportunity to have a one-on-one artist/audience interaction with you. The media works explore social and political issues that make you pause, think, dialogue and hopefully participate in “PRO-activism? – taking action FOR what you want to happen in your community! The intention of the action is to use the film and novel presentation as a catalyst to create a space for social/political dialogue between media artists and visitors to The UnConventional Gathering Place. (ALSO at Peavey Plaza Sept. 1-2)

Spoken Word by Ripple Effect (August 31)
By Substance/Ripple Effect (Twin Cities, MN)

Spoken word artists and rappers will be dispersed among the guests and break out in performance. Ripple Effect is an effort to fundraise for their various activities in response to the RNC. Ripple Effect is an event that seeks to provide a safe, peaceful space for activists and general public to come together outside of the Republican National Convention to engage in constructive progressive action through workshops, trainings, and more, all motivated by powerful musical performances (all nonpartisan).

Video Booth On Wheels (Random sightings. Date and Time remains unknown)
Conceived by Karie Reardon (Minneapolis, MN)
Yet one more way to voice your opinion, sing a song, perform spoken word or just be heard! A video booth attached to bicycles will be parking around the Twin Cities, gathering your stories.

End The, End or The End (August 31 to November 7)
By Vincent Ramos. Part of Exchange Rate (Los Angeles, CA)

This interactive poster was inspired by Chicago 10 Abbie Hoffman’s “Media Freaking,? a speech he gave at Lincoln Park, to the Yippies, during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago on August 27, 1968. Hoffman states the following: “Take this, see, you use blank space as information. You carry a sign that says END THE. You don’t need the next word, you just carry a sign that says END, you know. That’s enough.? Ramos used Hoffman’s words as a point of departure to conjure up a political “design? strategy for the present. I am hoping that the “instructions? on the poster function as a starting point for others to enact/react in any form of social engagement that they see fit. If this engagement speaks of the current dire conditions we, as Americans, are immersed in at this moment then all the better. That this speech was given forty years ago this week makes Hoffman’s words all the more relevant today.

This interactive poster project is part of Exchange Rate (an L.A. based international artist exchange program conceived and organized by L.A. artist Elana Mann)

Intermedia Arts East Wall

Building Bridges Not Fences
By 25 school bus youth survivors of the 35W-bridge collapse
Artist-Mentor: Chaka Mkali
A partnership of Hope Community, Waite House Neighborhood Center, and Intermedia Arts

On August 1, 2007, two weeks after completing the St. Vincent Mural, a youth mural partnership designed by Waite House Neighborhood Center and Hope Community, the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis collapsed into the Mississippi river during rush hour, a tragic event that left 13 people dead and over 100 injured. More than 100 vehicles were involved in the incident, including a school bus carrying Waite House staff member Julie Graves and over half of the youth and young adults who had participated in the St. Vincent Mural project.

After several months of recovery, Julie Graves, Youth Program Manager at Waite House and Chaka Mkali, Teen Program Coordinator/Adult & Youth Organizer at Hope Community began to discuss the idea of continuing the relationship between their organizations through a therapeutic mural project, one which would create a safe space for youth who were either on the bus or had a connection to people on the bus, where they could vent and express their feelings in a very powerful and public way.

The subject matter of the mural, the integrity, commitment, and community-based missions of their organizations and the high visibility of Intermedia Arts’ walls were the perfect beginning to this unique and innovative endeavor: a community mural created by and for young people affected by the I-35W bridge collapse; a mural project that would serve as a tool for self-expression, self-empowerment, and healing through art; and a unique partnership among three organizations committed not only to celebrating the voices in their community but also to celebrating and strengthening the ties among the organizations themselves, in order to collaboratively lift up and create change in their South Minneapolis community.

Building Bridges Not Fences demonstrates the power of community organizations working together to create positive change, and to provide a space for youth to become leaders in their communities—to share their vision and voice with the world. The mission of Building Bridges, Not Fences is to empower youth to tell their stories through the therapeutic expression of art, while building community through the collaboration of Hope Community, Waite House Neighborhood Center, and Intermedia Arts.

August 27, 2008

Not Cool [it's already starting]

From today's STRIB:

The incident comes on the heels of a recently adopted city resolution stating police may confiscate video cameras only during events such as protests if needed for evidence or if the person with the camera has been arrested.

Last DNC in LA, the police didn't bother to take my camera, they just shot it with rubber bullets. I survived with a little bruising and blood, it didn't.

RNC 2008 ADVICE: TRAVEL IN PACKS (everyone armed w/cameras and at least one person with fast feet)

August 25, 2008

NEEDED THIS WEEK! UnConventional Media Makers! Youth/Community Videographers Photographers Interviewers!

Are you going to be in Minneapolis/St. Paul between August 30 to Sept. 4 for the Republican National Convention?

Intermedia Arts and The UnConvention organizers have put together an amazing array of public and indoor events in arts, education and journalism. If you are interested in covering this colorful collection of events and activities around the Twin Cities August 30 to Sept. 4, please CONTACT US.

We are looking for youth and community videographers, photographers, interviewers who would like to become an UnConventional MediaMaker.

During the weekend of the RNC, Minneapolis and St. Paul will be an exciting venue for performances, art exhibits, discussions, gallery openiongs, parades, picnics as part of The UnConvention.


How can you be an UnConventional MediaMaker?
1. Bring out your cameras and mikes.
2. Drop off your DVDs at Intermedia Arts (starting Sept. 5)
3. Or simply upload them to YouTube and let us know so we can link to your video. Make sure you use the word UnConvention or UnConventional in your title.

Details of coverage opportunities after the jump!

August 30, 7:30 PM , Solutions Volume 3, Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave. South Minneapolis 55408
Artists, architects, new media geeks, city planners present imaginative, pioneering ideas on how to solve city problems. Rapid fire, digitally engaging. See digital technology like you've never seen used before!

August 30-31 (5PM to 5PM), Spark 24. Downtown Minneapolis around Nicollet Mall and Peavey Plaza (Orchestra Hall)
24/7 marathon performances around downtown Minneapolis and at Peavey Plaza

August 31 1PM, Liberty Parade. Downtown Minneapolis to Loring Park
Got Wheels? Floats about the word LIberty, ArtCars, skaters, digital bikers, Oh my! A truly movable feast!
Come Liberals, Come Conservatives, Come Green, Come One Come All!
A photo and video op not to be missed...

August 31, 7PM to Midnight, Intermedia Arfs, 2822 Lyndale Ave. South Minneapolis 55408 RSVP AUGUST 28
Politaoke? What's that? POLITICAL KARAOKE, that's what!
Nonsense Company? Who's That? Three Guys, a dinner table, political speeches and kitchen table politics.
A UHF TV Channel for the people transmitted from a TV antenna the size of your palm
Blogging from a slide projector
Stories you can touch - from the people around your familiar streets - Midway St. Paul Rondo, South Minneapolis.
One-on-One Film Festival - sit, chat with, critique a film with the filmmaker as you watch his/her film on a laptop
A giant peace dove puppet.
102 people lying down to form a Peace Dove on the frozen Lake Superior.
A border patrol car showing video stories told by 'undocumented' immigrants.
A 20-wheeler bike.
Text messaging on the wall. Off the wall!
Rappers and spoken word artists on (literal) soap boxes in your midst.
Yard signs made by you, for you, about you!
Liberty Parade floats, ArtCars, up close and personal (and political)!

August 31 through Sept, 2 (8am to midnight) - The UnConvention At Peavey Plaza (Downtown Minneapolis)
Printing by steam-roller
Open mike for spoken word artists
A dome-shaped media theater of a different sort
More One-On-One Film Festival filmmakers
Webbing via video that allows us to be in two different places at the same time
Shoes showing how many men, women, children have perished in Iraq and Afghanistan
Rides around a 20-wheeler bike
More Politaoke...
And more...

Sept. 4 Peace Island Picnic On Harriet Island (St. Paul)
Palbasha Siddiqui from that phenomenal YouTube video "Where The Hell Is Matt?"
Pete Seeger's grandson singing live onstage
Peace kite-flying
A giant Peace Sign formed by --- who else? We The People!


Marlina Gonzalez
The UnConvention
The UnConventional Gathering Place
Programs Manager
Intermedia Arts

August 7, 2008

Sept 2nd - March for Our Lives


Sept 2nd March For Our Lives: Money For Health Care And Housing Not For War!
Health care and housing should never be luxuries - not in the United States, not anywhere. Toward this end, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign calls for you to join us as we fill the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota in a powerful, peaceful demonstration for the right to health care, housing and all economic human rights. We will march because as poverty, hunger, unemployment and homelessness grow throughout this country, political leaders from both major parties have abandoned us. We cannot afford to be silent. We cannot afford to be disappeared from the public eye and the political debates as our families suffer. This September we will bring together poor and homeless people of every race, background and age, students, social workers, union members, lawyers, religious leaders, artists and everyone who stands for social and economic justice. We will make our voices heard as we “March for Our Lives to demand “Money for Health Care and Housing, Not for War!?

Full Schedule of Events HERE