December 19, 2006

My Two Kids .2


November 12, 2006

My 2 Kids


July 5, 2006

Back to Business

It's been a wonderful break but now it's back to work - writing papers for incompletes, writing/revising papers for exams, editing and building webpages.


- Got another WoSt faculty member blogging and built her some personal web pages. Go Richa!

- B-Girl Be

I didn't do too much. Spoke on a panel on hip hop scholarship with Dr. Roxanne Shante. She was definitely the highlight of the weekend for me personally.


Spent much of the weekend listening to her speak (my favorite quote on rap videos/tv shows/movies: It's not How I'm Livin', it's how I'm lyin'!, and just hanging out with her and her beautiful daughter. My Tiana and her Tajai even busted a rap at the open mic while Roxanne and I were on a panel. Of course while she was saying: my kids don't do hip hop. Yah right, hip hop moms raise b-girl babies.

Beautiful ladies, lots of energy, and just good vibes this weekend. I only filmed Tiana painting. Usry handled the filming and the flicking and promises me a link to all his photos soon.


Tiana's highlights were playing and painting, of course:

Medusa, Asia, Pam, Des, and Maria Isa put on a phenomenal show.

April 26, 2006

Generation Renovation - Raimist Home, St. Louis

So it's been a minute since I've posted. Too much going on for real. (More on that soon, promise!) For now, see my brother's house and his "tower of love" featured on "Generation Renovation" on HGTV.


Small Quicktime (5mb) HERE

Medium Quicktime (12.9mb) HERE