February 22, 2006

Get That $

Native Leadership Scholarship (NLS)
For women's non-doctoral graduate study...
Deadline: March 25 2006

The Native Leadership Scholarship (NLS) programme aims to create educational opportunities for women around the world who are grassroots leaders, organisers and activists demonstrating financial ncial need for educational support
-Intends to return to her home country to work, utilising training and research acquired in the study programme

NLS pre-applications for the 2006-2007 academic year will be available January 1 through March 25 2006 on the NLS website or by request from

After the pre-application period ends, all candidates will be notified about their application status. Incomplete pre-applications will not be considered for review. Unsolicited additional documents provided by the pre-applicant will not be reviewed. Only a small group of candidates will
be invited to complete a full application.

Aline Carton, Programme Manager
Native Leadership Scholarship
Channel Foundation
603 Stewart St., Suite 415
Seattle, WA 98101 USA
Tel: (00)1-206-621-5447
Fax: (00)1-206-621-2664