October 29, 2006

Mom Blogging

friday was fall fun at T's school. each classroom sets up a booth - bball, mini-golf, fortune telling, fishing and this year nails & hair. tiana came back (i was seated reading this at a table, holding on to all the stuff she and her friends had won) a vampire princess:


then last night she and a friend hit moa for the halloween after dark stuff. since (fingers crossed) i'll have a baby by or on halloween and can't make the festivities myself, i'm trying to let her wear her costume for every possible opportunity. pirates are big this year:


when will I be able to blog about my TWO kids? this waiting is driving me insane. there are only so many times that i can reorganize the house, extra clean the kitchen, wash the little laundry leftovers, and get all prepared. the carseat is buckled, the bags for the hospital have been in the car for 2+ weeks (WHY did the dr. say she thought i'd deliver early), and his stuff is ready and waiting. i know when he arrives i'll be wishing i had relaxed a bit more. i can sure drive myself crazy...

October 26, 2006

It's (Still) A Girl Thing!

A few years back my students from WoSt 3102 - Feminist Thought and Theory gave my daughter a makeover at Club Libby Lu . They filmed the whole thing, edited a video, and wrote really smart papers about girl culture, heteronormativity, whiteness, girl power movement, the gaze, and all those concepts important to Women's Studies. Theorizing the MofA is a very fruitful exercise!

Here's the video (forgive the hiccup in the middle of the clip. i can't find the student's final edit & i don't have time to pull out clips of just T, but you can get the point from it anyway):

(Click for Quictime file - 14.5 MB file size)

Did you catch the clip of me with a weave-o-rama? Yup. Too much fun!

Well, one of my girl's best friends had a Club Libby Lu b-day party this weekend. Her rock star makeover:


What's really scary is so much of the stuff for sale in the store (as you can see in the video), and if you get the deluxe makeover package you get a great bag (it's a gir thing!) filled with all kinds of heteronormative gender binary enforcing princess power.


See Club Libby Lu's website for yourself.

August 20, 2006

Found Footage

I was cleaning my HDs (I have thousands of gigs) and found that Tiana plays with my webcam.

(Press play to start the video clip.)

Tech Tip: for you budding vloggers, here's a nifty way to get embedded video code:
Just answer a few quick questions and they give you the code. Gotta love it!

June 23, 2005

marcy open school peacemakers

About a month ago, Tiana and her class, Room 107, wrote and performed a song about peace. She really wanted me to share it with the world. Here it is:

Listen to "If You Wanna Be A Friend" Here

June 22, 2005

my baby blogger

my tiana has a blog. please check her out and leave her a comment. she's been on the laptop steady blogging. i taught her how to use flickr to put photos on her blog. so pleeeeeease visit her and leave a comment


so now that i'm starting a personal vlogging initiative (this is a play on the UTHINK blogging initiative which i love to quote).
so this video clip is from when tiana was probably 2 or so. she loves crackers, any kid - saltines, ritz, lorna dune (sp?), any kind of cracker or cookie. she still does. and even tho today is almost 100 degrees in the minneap, i cooked homemade jewish chicken soup. as you can see, we love us some chicken soup.

the video is low resolution cuz right now i can only post up to 10MB at a time. i think i can get it increased a bit which will help. but for now, im just going to post what i can fit. so here's a piece of our life...

Click the Image or HERE to view