December 26, 2008

Films on prisons, prisoners, ex-offenders, and the school-to-prison pipleline

i've been compiling lists of powerful films on ex-offenders, prisons, schools, and the school-to-prison pipeline. it's time to share! and PLEASE add titles and links in the comments.... this list is far from exhaustive

a couple off the top of my head:

Perversion of Justice

Nuyorican Dreams

Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Short film made by hs students on literal school-to-prison pipeline in CT-
#5, Media That Matters Film Festival:

MTV's Juvies


The Farm

Execution of Wanda Jean

XIara's Song

Troop 1500: Girl Scouts Beyond Bars
ACLU Freedome Files: School-to-Prison Pipeline:

In Prison My Whole Life

Audio programs (w/photographs):
along w/this website: Perspectives on U.S. criminal justice system -

national video used for MN DOC and MinCorr to promote prisons as
alternative to global factory:

Films on Reentry:

Hard Road Home

PBS Independent Lens film - A Hard Straight

YouTube distributed film on Reentry:
Part I -
Part II -

Omar and Pete:

about power of arts working within prisons:

Shakespeare Behind Bars

Medea Project (Rhodessa Jones' Theater for Incarcerated Women)
doc on the project - "We Just Telling Stories"

Eve Ensler (problematic but provokes good, critical discussion about voice and representation):

Some local MN links I use when I teach about the prison industrial complex:
MINNCOR Industries website in class:

virtual "tour" of Minnesota's prison at the MN DOC homepage:
(although Shakopee is not accessible)

Deborah Appleman is using her sabbatical to teach "Language and Power"
inside Stillwater:

national organizations:
Critical Resistance

The Innocence Project
their audio/video archive

other links:
library catalog of "prison films":