October 21, 2008

"Black White Whatever" Kelly Tsai (Def Poetry)

This girl ROCKS!!!

October 12, 2008

Proud Moment [first videos are posted!]

!! BROWSER WARNING: Firefox is displaying blogs (and even my homepage) with additional spaces. If possible, use another browser to avoid awkward page display. If not, ignore the extra spaces and ENJOY!

My students in DIGITAL STORYTELLING in and with COMMUNITIES OF COLOR, most of whom had NO previous video or tech experience, posted their midterm assignments: personal digital stories.

Two students came in with video experience:

and a grad (doing a directed study, looking at digital storytelling in the classroom) also had some experience with imovie, but took the step to learn final cut:

These students had NO experience, and they ROCKED IT(!). Please visit the COURSE BLOG to view ALL OF THE STUDENT'S WORK!

Here are just a few to get a sneak peek here:

October 4, 2008

Lots of Clips [Rachel's Sample Work]

I'm playing with CLA Media Mill's feature to post video right to Uthink. A big "Woo-hoo!" for CLA OIT for this feature!

work sample by RACHEL RAIMIST [bad compression = ( ]

RAP / HIP-HOP REEL (videographer/editor:RACHEL RAIMIST)

excerpt from FREESTYLE THE ART OF RHYME (videographer/Editor: RACHEL RAIMIST)

old version of ESTILO HIP HOP (videographer: RACHEL RAIMIST)


ghostbox#1: killer cancer cells (videographer/editor: RACHEL RAIMIST)

B-GIRL BE PROMO (2006) (videographer/editor: RACHEL RAIMIST)


TRACKS by Tish Jones (videographer/editor: RACHEL RAIMIST)

PINK LADIES by Moira Pirsch (editor: RACHEL RAIMIST)

Fun with Media Mill Video!

April 28, 2008

WATCH ONLINE: Walker Youth Showcase


April 3, 2008

Test Drive: TRACKS video

Tish Jones performs "Tracks" live at the Walker Youth Poetry/Video Showcase. Link on it's way.

For now, here's the video projected behind her w/scratch track for sound:

You gotta love Tish Jones, she rocks!

+ + +

The show was beautiful. I'm exhausted (video making is hard and exhausting work! [esp between teaching so many classes, a husband and babies... blah blah blah... the videos are done!] The show was cool. The performers rocked it. Bamuthi's show will bless us (I'll b there opening night), and Eli is in the TC, and life is good.

April 2, 2008

"Pink Ladies" TEST DRIVE

January 28, 2008

Self-Portrait: Ego Trippin'

For my class, I made a short video that's equivalent to an ego surf on google. This is what happens when I'm stuck in the house w/sick kids [pink eye + fevers] for too long:

January 3, 2008

VIDEOS: School to Prison Pipeline and other troubling issues


Youth Rights Media is a New Haven-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth to know, protect and advance their rights. YRM builds youth power and leadership by engaging young people in video media production and community organizing, equipping them with tools, skills, and strategies for affecting change within themselves and their communities.

Book 'Em: Undereducated, Overincarcerated (2005)

This provocative documentary unpacks the “school to prison pipeline,� revealing startling and disturbing connections between the educational and juvenile justice systems. In addition to being broadcast nationally through Free Speech TV, this film won the Best Documentary Prize at the Westport Youth Film Festival and won the Criminal Justice Award at Media that Matters, the most prestigious social justice film festival in the country. Following the film’s release youth launched an action campaign with the goal of changing suspension policies in local schools, requiring that schools use more in-school alternatives to suspensions, and increasing resources for alternative schools. Youth screened the documentary for over 1500 youth and community audience members through local, discussion-based events, and within a year of the release of the film suspensions at New Haven’s two largest high schools had decreased by 50%.

Read the ACLU's FACT SHEET on the School to Prison Pipeline nationally HERE.

CJT$: At What Cost? (2004)

This compelling documentary explores and exposes gross injustices at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School, Connecticut’s maximum security facility for boys aged 15 and under. Youth media makers were the first to ever gain on-camera access inside the facility, and their resulting documentary sent shockwaves across Connecticut, resulting in front page coverage on statewide papers and in the New York Times. The film and the subsequent public education and organizing campaign generated such a groundswell of public pressure that just a year after the film’s premiere Governor Jodi Rell announced she would be seeking the permanent closure of the facility.

+ + +

Then, there's THIS VIDEO:

...produced by the National Correctional Industries Association, in cooperation with the Bureau of Justice Association and the Department of Justice), shows what happens to the incarcerated. They become the "dependable labor pool", part of the prison industrial complex's "win win situation for EVERYONE"; "a bold new solution to growth", generating $38.4 million in sales and a net income of $1.7 million for MINNCOR Industries. READ the 2007 Annual Report HERE.

This video fails to mention that these prisoners earn .25 per hour (minus their cost of confinement and restitution, and they buy their goods directly back from MINNCOR at street level pricing. Take a LOOK at the MCF canteen order form.

None of us lives outside of this system.

Like me, my back hurts from sitting at this desk and I want an ergonomic chair like this:

List Price $799 $439.99

Wait, it's on sale at the MINNCOR OVERSTOCK SALE for $399.99.

Wonder how much MY FRIENDS at STILLWATER were paid to make this chair. *sigh*

December 29, 2007

The Courage in Self-Portraits

One of the things I'd like to do during this "break" is to go to the Walker's Frida exhibit. When I was in Mexico City (1997), I was blessed to visit her home, Casa Azul. I was taken by the energy in the space, the gardens, and the view of gardens from the window where she liked to sit and paint. I was so inspired. I wish I could look out her window today.

I think I've always been captivated by her courage. It takes fortitude to expose your self, your afflictions, your pain, and even your face. How can someone expose so many details of their life? Why did she paint so many portraits of her self? How did she feel sharing those images with the world? How would she feel now that her image has inspired numerous Halloween costumes? The thing is, once you create it and share it (which is the click of a couple buttons now), you can't control what happens.

I love to watch other people's digital self portraits like the self-portrait projects:

Living My Life Faster - 8 years of JK's Daily Photo Project from c71123 on Vimeo
Visit his website:Jonathan Keller

Visit her website:AhreeLee

Visit her website:RachelCreative

More than just a photo a day, she uses this project as a creative outlet, and a document that she is alive. Of her work, she writes:

Is it art? I’m not sure what anyone else will think but to me it is, along with being a diary, a document of life with CFS/ME, a personal insight into coming to terms with my chronic illness, a sketch of life gone by and with it good and bad

Here's the NYT on the topic:
1998 article: "ART; Documenting an Outbreak of Self-Presentation"
2007 article: "Look at Me, World! Self-Portraits Morph Into Internet Movies"

I like to use some of the stories of gender, identity, and memory in my GWSS classes, like this one:

and this digital story:

I have wanted to do some digital stories, or maybe even a documentary about my life for many years now, but I hate exposure. I guess on some level, I'll share enough on this blog (although a recent comment asked why I don't write much on here any more). Truth is, I was busy living life, and life's struggles, and didn't want to expose any more of pain while I was immersed in it.

I stayed up all night reading this:

This book is a memoir by Walt Jacobs, Chair of Af-Am, and one of my students at IFP. [I hope it's okay to share this detail. I'm guessing since you were willing to share your ghosts/ghostbox with the world, you wouldn't mind if it share our connection...] So Walt is learning how to use video to tell his [powerful] life stories. He found comfort in sharing the details of his talismans, while exposing his innermost thoughts, worries, idiosyncrasies, family secrets, and pain. This is not an easy thing to do.

As I (re)read the book from cover to cover [I'm not sure why I couldn't sleep last night], I thought about my own stories, my ghosts, my demons, and the stories I've kept bottled up inside. Maybe it's time to make my own ghostbox, and unleash the stories. Just need to find the courage...

December 28, 2007

Friday Poetry Blogging - YouTube Bootleg Edition

Ursula Rucker - What A Woman Must Do

Jessica Care Moore - I'm A Hip Hop Cheerleader

Suheir Hammad - Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic

Mayda Del Valle - To All The Boys I've Loved Before

July 24, 2007

What I've Been Up To 2.0 [working, editing, and more editing]

Literacy on Its Feet
Critical Arts Literacy Lab
project of Cynthia Lewis, Sonja Kuftinec and Jan Mandell

Event Photo Slideshow:
Photo Slideshow
Click Here to View

Video: Highlight Reel of Workshop with Jan Mandell from Event1:
Jan Workshop 1
Click Here to View

Video: Workshop with Jan Mandell from Event2:
Jan Workshop 2
Click to View

Video: Workshop with Pat and Brian from Event2:
Pat and Brian
Click to View

What I've Been Up To [working, editing, and more editing]

If I Could Hear My Mother Pray
Performance AutoEthnography
Written and Performed by Dr. Evette Hornsby-Minor

If I Could Hear My Mother Pray

Click to View

February 17, 2007

Youth Produced Video


Today I watched:

Slip of the Tongue

(Hate) Machine

Book 'Em: Undereducated, Overincarcerated

? ? ?

I am starting to research non-profits and community programs that put cameras in the hands of youth, especially girls and youth of color. What organizations in your area are doing this work? Please post a comment or email me.

October 26, 2006

It's (Still) A Girl Thing!

A few years back my students from WoSt 3102 - Feminist Thought and Theory gave my daughter a makeover at Club Libby Lu . They filmed the whole thing, edited a video, and wrote really smart papers about girl culture, heteronormativity, whiteness, girl power movement, the gaze, and all those concepts important to Women's Studies. Theorizing the MofA is a very fruitful exercise!

Here's the video (forgive the hiccup in the middle of the clip. i can't find the student's final edit & i don't have time to pull out clips of just T, but you can get the point from it anyway):

(Click for Quictime file - 14.5 MB file size)

Did you catch the clip of me with a weave-o-rama? Yup. Too much fun!

Well, one of my girl's best friends had a Club Libby Lu b-day party this weekend. Her rock star makeover:


What's really scary is so much of the stuff for sale in the store (as you can see in the video), and if you get the deluxe makeover package you get a great bag (it's a gir thing!) filled with all kinds of heteronormative gender binary enforcing princess power.


See Club Libby Lu's website for yourself.

September 7, 2006

Some Cool Short Films

Have you checked out VIDLICIOUS yet?


New post: Burlesque!

Click here to watch:

September 5, 2006

So Many Things to Be Happy For!

* Vlogger Josh Wolf is out on bail! Read on here.


Read more on Josh's blog The Revolution Will Be Televised

Watch ABC7 News video to learn more about this case.

* I am so loved. Little Rachel ROCKS!!!!

Now I have some new shoes (that fit my big preggie feet & some new gear). See:


* My course starts today and I'm all prepped and ready!

* The sun is shining, my belly is growing & jr. is almost here!

August 31, 2006

Have You Seen This Video?

Immortal Technique. If you you haven't heard of him, maybe you should expand what you're reading and what you're listening to. Listen here.

What do you think?

At a time when the "hip-hop generation" lacks leadership, the Black Panther party isn't moving masses, my students have never heard of the Brown Berets, the Puerto Rican organizations operate too similarly to "gangs", and the only mass organization is gangs, do you think a rapper could really influence (not to buy bling, but to get informed) and potentially act (politically)? The last hopes (Def & Kweli) were last seen at the Field Museum in Chicago shouting, "I'm not a role model, I'm a rapper."

We need something.

August 3, 2006

... and still more reasons to blog/vlog

I love comments, I do! Since I haven't been blogging regularly during the summer I haven't gotten many but today's made me happy.

The UThink man, who has a great blog himself, left me a comment on my orig why blog/vlog post - he's linking to it for something he's working on & the uploads have been upped to 30mb!

I'm going to have lots of audio/video fun!

& on the "freedom" note, it looks like the U does allow for student responsibility for their blogs. Read the MN Daily article.

I also was reading around and found this study on blogging. A report called "Bloggers: a portrait of the new internet storytellers" done by the Pew Internet/American Life Project. It's an interesing read.

July 27, 2006

the past, present + future?

sometimes i feel like i've lived many lives. i guess it's because i have. does it make me a "richer" person or just a person who is scattered & can't focus on any one thing for any extended period of time?

i love montages. i often edit them just to get my brain moving so i can edit what i have to edit. maybe i'm just scattered.

here's a short clip that shows glimpses into my scattered past. post-modern dance, rappers, 16mm films, rap videos, dnc protests, b-girls, prison poets. click to watch:



i'm trying to get organized. i have to write. i have to teach again soon.

i've hit the library:



i've always wanted to do this sort of video clip:

i didn't do it this time around & don't think there will be a next time. we'll see.

July 5, 2006

MySpace Isn't Yours At All

I love VLOGS - video blogs. People post short films of their lives, home-made music videos, and lots of event coverage.

I want to post a video clip everyday, but that would require much more dedication and energy (working on it). Anyway, I'm a member of the Yahoo Videobloggers group.

Gena of and writes of myspace's content (meaning when artists put video clips of their work on their myspace page):

Their normal terms of service isnothing short of blood sucking.

I read different newsletters, some of which have nothing to do with
computers or vlogging. This is an extract from an article that Meg
Weaver wrote for Absolute Markets Newsletter (for writers):

The fine print informs users that by posting any content,
"you hereby grant to a non-exclusive, fully-paid and
royalty-free, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense through
unlimited levels of sublicensees) to use, copy, modify, adapt,
translate, publicly perform, publicly display, store, reproduce,
transmit, and distribute such Content on and through the Services."

According to (link below) spokesman Jeff
Berman said not to worry. "Because the legalese has caused some
confusion, we are at work revising it to make it very clear that
MySpace is not seeking a license to do anything with an artist's work
other than allow it to be shared in the manner the artist intends.
Obviously, we don't own their music or do anything with it that they
don't want."

Right. The legalese is just there for fun.

Have you checked the fine print where you post material?"

That's CRAZY. I'll think twice before posting any of my video clips on my myspace page. Thank goodness the system doesn't work too well (crashes every time I try to upload something).


Some of My Favorite Vlogs:
scratch video
moment showing
village girl
sarah's corner
faux press
ryan edit
my world
the dylan show
mom's brag vlog
minnesota stories

March 7, 2006

What do you think?

So many people keep asking me about the Three Six Mafia Oscar performance. I've had a stomach ache since I saw the film. Even the pimp who struggles doesn't have it as bad as his hoes.

Watch the Oscar performance:

They shout out Gil Cates who used to be the Chair of my film school. I never thought I'd hear a rapper say his name. My stomach really hurts.

I'm gald the guerilla girls exist.


From their website:


We took Kong, gave him a sex change and a designer gown, and set her up in Hollywood, just a few blocks from where the Oscars will be awarded March 5, 2006.

Why? To reveal the sordid but True Hollywood Story about the lack of women and people of color behind the scenes in the film industry:

Only 7% of 2005’s 200 top-grossing films were directed by women.

Only 3 women have ever been nominated for an Oscar for Direction (Lina Wertmuller (1976), Jane Campion (1982,) and Sofia Coppola (2003). None has won.

More embarrassing Hollywood statistics:

Of 2004�s top-grossing films:*

5% had female directors
12% had female writers
3% had female cinematographers 16% had female editors

Only 8 people of color have ever been nominated for an Oscar for Direction. None has won.

Hollywood guilds are 80 to 90 % white.

Only 3% of the Oscars for acting have been won by people of color.

In the 21st century, low, low, low numbers like this HAVE to be the result of discrimination, unconscious, conscious or both. Hollywood likes to think of itself as cool, edgy and ahead of its time, but it actually lags way behind the rest of society in employing women and people of color in top positions.

There may be women heading studios these days, but what are they doing for women and people of color? Why do they keep the white male film director stereotype alive? Here’s an easy way to change things: open up that boys' club and hire more women and people of color. It worked in medicine, business and law. It worked in the art world. Now it's Hollywood's turn. Rattle that cage, break those chains! LET WOMEN DIRECT!

+ + +

I don't think that pimps have it so bad. It's time for a lyric rewrite:

"You know it's hard out here for a ..."

WATCH: weapons of mass destruction

The video is a Windows Media File. You can download it HERE

This video is from Bulb Magazine::bright ideas from the underground

February 22, 2006

WATCH: The Flyy Girl Takeover

I received a wonderful compliment by email this am. I got word that a young woman was inspired by some of my work and she picked up a camera to get her thoughts off her chest. That's what it's about for me, for real. Some of my friends are in it for the money and the fame. Those of you who know me, really know me in the flesh, know I'm most comfortable chillin at home, not out and about. I would like a bit more steady $ but I'm working on. Anyhoo, I got this email with this link to her work-in-progress. The Flyy Girl Takeover. I'm really digging YouTube. There's something important happening right now, at this very moment. (more on this soon). For now, check out her piece:

February 12, 2006

CTSI's Diana on "Geraldo At Large"

I've been working with CTSI, a great resource working with recently released felons. They offer counseling, mentoring, housing, support groups and referrals. Paul Kusterman is a great advocate for the clients he works with. They need more funding and resources and Paul's working hard to make that happen.


Kudos to CTSI for Diana and Paul's recent appearance on "Geraldo at Large", live from the Mall of America.


February 2, 2006

Gotta Love Blogs and Vlogs

just returned from a panel discussion about writing with blogs. very interesting. THE Uthink guy, shane, who i've gotten tremendous tech help from was on the panel. missing was my girl. she did do a great handout (that i'm going to see if she has digitally to put on my FMC resource web page that i'm working on currently). ...wondering, clancy, what's up with OCB? hit me up!

poking around the vlogging yahoo group. today's rocketboom highlighted this:

Watch the video HERE

gotta love it! el-p rapping ostrich.

my favorite quote of the day:

Shane: UThink is the cultural memory of the University.

September 8, 2005

hair test clip

Watch the video - Click the image or CLICK HERE!

July 6, 2005

meet me downtown...

July 9 - Vloggercue Midwest!

Hey bloggers, videobloggers, podcasters, and media-curious!

We are holding hands with Vloggercue NYC and Vloggercue West to present Vloggercue Midwest on July 9.

Vloggercue started out as a BBQ gathering in New York, part of the "Summer of Vlog." Now we're gathering on the West coast and the Midwest at the same time, linked together through a Flash videoconference.

We'll play some selected videoblogs, show you how easy it is to set up your own, and announce a new Minnesota-themed daily videoblog. Oh yeah... we'll eat and drink and babble ot each other, too.

Geeky? Of course. Fun? Hell yeah. Educational? I'm afraid so - but mostly fun.

DATE: July 9, 2-6 PM

ADDRESS: 117 Washington Ave N, Suite 3
Downtown Minneapolis
Third floor above the bike/coffee shop.

SPONSOR: Brand & Butter: Bold Branding for Brave Businesses

WHAT TO BRING:Yourself and a friend.
Note: Your friend can also be a digital camera that takes video.
BYOB and something to eat also appreciated.

RSVP: Email to RSVP, but feel free to just show up and crash the party.

See ya there!

June 22, 2005

testing the vlog capabilities

so i am writing a grant to try to get the Feminist Media Center (FMC) aka the Women's Studies Computer lab some web cams and a video camera. i would like to vlog. a vlog is a blog with video clips - short films, video diary entries, all kinds of possibilities. more info HERE

info about how to vlog HERE

i am going to try out the server. i was told today that we get 10mb upload capabilities (which is enuff for small video clips). so im taking some clips from the b-girl be gallery loop.

my video clip tests:
:: women in battle ::
asia one & no easy props b-girls at the qween b battle circa 2001
Click photo or HERE to view file

:: dj kuttin kandi::
kandi spins in new mexico
Click photo or HERE to view file

:: too fly & female flava crew::
the ladies paint the female flava wall, nyc
video footage courtesy of vivian wen lin
beat by jewel brown. check her out on
Click photo or HERE to view file

:: medusa: one bad sista::
medusa from nobody knows my name.
she performs "one bad sista" in seattle
Click photo or HERE to view file

this is just a test. more clips coming soon.