August 25, 2006

You Tube At It's Best


Watch the clip of I Was A Teenage Feminist

There are also some other great short clips - interviews on the street.

My favorite: "Feminism Survey: Men on the Street"
Times Square, NY - A woman and her husband.
Interviewer: Would you ever identify as feminist?
Woman: A feminist to me, I guess, would be a woman who believes in women's rights, I guess.
Interviewer: But you wouldn't identy yourself as one?
Woman: No.
Her husband: The bible is very clear that men are the head of a household.

The world is still such a scary place. We have a lot of work to do.

August 23, 2006

Fall Prep

I've finished my syllabus for Fall! My readings are all scanned, cleared for use (don't u love copyright?), and are being xeroxed. I'm teaching Feminist Film Studies, with more of a media studies/new media twist. You can take a peak here.

I'm using lots of technology: blogs, vlogs, wikis, moodle, vista, maybe breeze and students can make movies in the FMC!

I've got spaces for 80 students (currently I'm at 60 or so), so I've made a flyer that I'll post around campus.


You could download this PDF and hang up for me!