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Who am I?



1. I love getting to know other people
2. Born Racine, Wisconsin
3. I attended Tennessee State University
4. I attended the University of Maryland
5. I am enjoy working with Juvenile Sex Offenders
6. I currently teach HRD 3196: Professions and Practice
7. I am the youngest child
8. I love black walnut ice cream
9. I am interested in Black Masculinity
10. I am loving my summer bridge experience

10 Things about me...G.T. [GaOfEnG]



Photobucket 1). THANKFUL for the direction LIFE IS PULLING ME in starting with "2 of a kind" in my life
2). "When life is a burden, keep your head up," -MC
3). My strengths are also my weaknesses. What will make me rise is what can make me fall
4). I miss my friends
5). "We share, we care, we serve, we learn, today's students, tomorrow's leaders," -Gary Ales
6). Judging a book by it's cover is how some view it, opening it up and looking beyond the cover is how I do it...
7). When I am loud, I am really LOUD; when I'm quiet, I'm mute...
8). I do not like to show my talents for my own personal reasons
9). I do not like to talk about myself...but I do like music!
10). Working hard pays off in the end...


Ten Randoms About Pa Shoua Bly Vang :P


Pa Shoua&Kelvin
1.) I can speak three languages: Hmong, English, &Chinese. :)
2.) I love making jewelry, I hope one day I can open my own boutique.
3.) I can write backwards. I consider that a talent of mines. (LOL!)
4.) I love playing ninja with my nephew Kelvin, he's too adorable.
5.) In the future I hope to work in a U.S Embassy in China.
6.) I will someday love to live in a PINK house.
7.) Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers.
8.) I enjoy photography although I have never taken a course.
9.) I am very cre@tive when it comes to arts&crafts, I just can't draw.
10.) I am somewhat of a perfectionist, I like things organized and done well. Who doesn't like to present something good?

Pa Shoua's Jewelry Pa Shoua's Jewelry



I can't tell you who I am with just ten things. It unjustified who I am, really. So instead of listing ten things about me, I'll list ten important factor to me as a person. Please do enjoy the following:

Ina and Sara.jpg

Chong top ten things about meself


1. I love to play tennis and soccer
2. i have 6 sisters and 6 brothers including myself
3. i like jogging in the morning
4. i meditate whenever i'm stress
5. i have taken tawkwondo classes
6. i have a lot of imagination
7. my favorite color is blue and yellow
8. i am a very quiet person
9. i always like to think twice before speaking
10. i can always be seen smiling! ^_^

Barite's Ten Things


1. I am originally from Ethiopia, but I am Oromo.
2. I am one of the Muslim girls.
3. I have been in the United States of America for three years.
4. I could speak two languages- Oromo and English.
5. I've lived in Kenya for two years.
6. I am the first generation to attend college in my family.
7. I am interested in becoming a pediatrition in the future.
8. I'm looking forward to making some new friends and get to know more about the U of M this summer.
9. I have nine sisters and brothers.
10. I enjoy hanging out with my family an my free timebarite.jpg

Tuyet's Top Ten [Triple Ts]



1. My name means snow [born on Dec. 21 aka First day of Winter]
2. I can speak Vietnamese, English, and Japanese [currently studying]
3. I play the violin [since 5th grade] and play piano for fun
4. I enjoy playing sports - but enjoy running most
5. Love all and any forms of art
6. Cannot live without music
7. Addicted to Asian Dramas (Korean,Jap,Korean,Thai..) along with Anime/Manga
8. Hip hop dance and interested in learning other dances, especially cultural ones
9. I cherish my friends and family above all else
10. I can be shy or outgoing [depends how much caffeine or tea I drank :P]

Top Ten Things About Ahmed

Photo 7.jpg


1. I am Muslim
2. I have been to three continents; Africa, Europe (one night in London) and North America
3. I became an uncle when I was about 10 years old
4. I play soccer, and was in track my senior year in high school
5. I speak three languages; Oromo,Kiswahili, and English
6. I can touch the basketball rim
7. I ran a mile in under 5 minutes at the end of my senior year ( 4:59)
8. I am the youngest in my family
9. My favorite t.v. show is "CHUCK" on NBC
10. I am first generation college student


1.Bao Xiong is my name
2. I play football,Volleyball and Basketball
3.I work at Dairy Queen for three years now
4.I like the outdoors
5.I like to have fun
6.I like valley fair
7.I am scared of heights but I still love to do it facing my fears
8.I love papaya
9.I can be a slacker at times
10.I love food and music

Top Ten Things about me.


1 I speak four language Somali English espanish Arabic.
2 I love traveling.
3 I love to play soccer.
4 I love to learn as Much as I can the difrent cultures.
5 I love to help my community .
6 l love to became chemical engireenig one day in my life.
7 I love My teachers.
8 I love to be good for the world as much as I can. like take care the enviroment.
9 I like to have fun but not too much fun.
10 I would like to have a family one day and good wife and good children.

Nhia's Top Ten Things


The most excited moment in my life is being able to walk into the next step with that one piece of paper called "DIPLOMA"!

0. I came to the United States in 2006 from Laos. I started summer school a couple months after I arrived.
1. I enjoy playing volleyball, tennis and piano. However, I haven't gotten much chance to play piano because I don't have one at home.
2. I like to hangout with my friends sometimes, but I don't like partying because I just think it's not safe for a girl to be at a party with different kind of people and drinking.
3. I always want to get to know other people that come from different background.
4. I am the youngest daughter in the family and the only daughter who graduated from high school and having the chace of going to college.
5. I always put down myself because I always think I am dumb, not as smart as other people and might say something wrong.
6. I like to go shopping with my cousins, Nou and Lee, and they are meant to be my best friends.
7. I like to share my culture with other people who are different from me.
8. I like to cook for my family, especially for my brother because he loves the food I cook for him.
9. I want to major in Nursing.
10. I'm so excited that I got admitted to the Summer Bridge Program and being able to be friend with the other students and having the chance to meet Steve, director of the Summer Bridge Program, Xai, Peer Mentors and the three professors: Professor Raimist, Professor Pat, and Professor Charles

Ten Things About Mai Lee


1. My full name is Mai Vang Lee
2. My favorite color is RED!
3. I have 2 sisters and 5 brothers
4. I am CPR certified
5. I am First Responder certified
6. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant
7. I love to play football and volleyball
8. My favorite number is 6
9. I am Hmong
10. I love sushi!

Ten Things about Anna


1. My name is Anna.
2. I love to eat.
3. I am Chinese.
4. I used to live in California.
5. I like to go to the beach.
6. I am funny.
7. I enjoy watching movies.
8. I hate public restrooms.
9. I enjoy being outside.
10. I love to laugh.

10 things about me (Hawe Tahiro)


Picture1.jpg1. I am from ethiophia
2. I came to USA during 2005.
3. I am a musilm
4. I like to play soccer for fun
5. I graduated from Higher Ground Acedamy
6. I speak three languages
7. My oficial language is oromo
8. My fovrite song is hip-hop
9.I am an Admission Possible student
10.The meaning of my name is " wish " in oromo language

Phuoc's Ten Things

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A/ sao 0003.jpg
1. I came to the United States with my family in 2007.
2. I like to read books.
3. I enjoy play badminton and soccer.
4. I like to hang out with friends.
5. My favorite song is " I say gold".
6.I love to ride a motorcycle.
7. I have been to Red Rock, Colorado with the National Association Student Councils where I met many friends from all the states of the U.S and neighboring countries. I had a lot of fun. That was the first time I did not eat Vietnamese food for 5 days. I could not wait to get home because I missed rice.
8.I like to learn new things and explore diverse American cultures.
9. I enjoy watching snow falling down but I don't like its cold!
10. I have been to Japan once and it is a beautiful place.

Joe's Ten Things About Himself



1. I was born on Christmas.
2. I enjoy playing tennis, basketball, and sports in general.
3. In High School, I wrestled and played tennis on the varsity teams.
4. I am an Admission Possible Alumni.
5. I am a Hmong American.
6. I went to a Caucasian dominated school in middle school and so was the diversity within a school.
7. I won an award given out only to one student every three years in middle school.
8. I was part of an intense Winter Urban Tennis Program.
9. I am my dad's favorite son.
10. I am a Gates Millennium Scholars.

Adam's Ten Things About Himself

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Adam prom.jpg

1. Love Family
2. Love Friends
3. Love music
4. Love having fun
5. Love basketball
6. Hunter/Fisherman
7. Hmong
8. Outgoing
9. Favorite color is Blue
10. Hates Braces

Christina's 10 things


15149_209618713192_509873192_3178125_1192686_n.jpg1) I once stopped eating peanut butter for a year because my friend was an Arachibutyrophobic and told me why she was....basically there "once" was a king who ate peanut butter and couldn't talk anymore because it got stuck to the roof of his mouth. Weird, I know.

2) I love fishing but I absolutely hate eating fish. Unless it's Salmon.

3) My brother and I were both born on the exact same day, exactly one year apart

4) Onions are the most disgusting things to ever exist

5) Birthday Cake Remix is by far my favorite mixture of ice cream

6) I've never seen Titanic

7) I'm right handed but I like to eat with my left

8) I don't drink Coke or Pepsi, or most brown colored soda

9) I'm allergic to pollen and nickel

10) I love being active such as volunteering in my community and playing sports!

Welcome to the Course!


I am really excited about the weeks that lay ahead for us. I have many hopes for you all as students, as storytellers, and as incoming freshman here.

As you know, I graduated with a Ph.D. in Feminist Studies from the Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies and our classroom - The Rachel Raimist Feminist Media Center, is named in my honor.

I am an Assistant Professor of media production in the Department of Telecommunication and Film at the University of Alabama --- ROLL TIDE! --- but I am here just to teach this class, and spend the summer with you!

I lived in Minneapolis for graduate school for many years, so my "top 10" list is my 10 favorite things in/from Minneapolis:

1 - Minneapolis Hip Hop & Spoken Word

My favorites are: Maria Isa, Brother Ali, I Self Devine, Tish Jones and Desdamona

I'm even in Desdamona's "Too Big For My Skin" video:

2 - Non-profit Art Scene

Intermedia Arts (especially B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip Hop, an event I co-founded with amazing women, in 2005)

Juxtaposition Arts

Hope Community Center

Walker Art's Center WACTAC!

IFP Center for Media Arts

3 - Maria's Cafe

Breakfast for $4 early in the am

4 - Plum's Plus Size... big girls need gear too!

5 - Holy Land.... love me some gyros!

6 - Bryant Lake Bowl

7 - Voices Merging & Vices2Verses Conference

8 - MOA!

9 - Minnesota is the only state I've lived in to give me $$$ (grant funds) to make movies and put on shows!

Minnesota State Arts Board

Minnesota Regional Arts Grant

10 - The University of Minnesota!

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