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Sacrificios by Emestro Ayala
I loved this story because it shows the effort that the narrator's grandparents have given to support their family. It also gives specific reasons why Emestro chose to write this story. It deeply gives you the process and purposes his powerful story. This reminds me of my brother helping seven of my family when we were in Kenya. He spent all day and night working to support us with everything we needed. He told us that there was almost nothing he didn't do to bring us to the United States of America but it just didn't work the way he wanted to do it. However, even though it took him longer, he did accomplish his goal when he brought all of us to this country. He was so proud of himself so were we. We are proud of him forever and lover him forever. I feel like he shaped my life by bringing me to this country. Without him we would have been nowhere nobody ever knew. I thank him from the bottom of my heart and I do try to respect him as much I can. When I compare my brother's life to Sacrificios grandparents' life, they are pretty similar even though my brother didn't work in a field. He has been working as receptionist in a restaurant and a cashier at Wall Mart. There is always some point where stories are related.


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Muna's life challenge
I like this story because I could tell it is true and understandable. It is very clear by showing the images of what was the challenge Muna Ali as she lived in a refugee camp in Kenya and living in the United States without health care. I feel like she had faced difficulties throughout her life story. I could tell that by looking at her pictures and the she makes when she talks. I think this is the most emotional and story ever. I loved the she begins her story from beginning to the end without stopping it. I can also reflect on my own story as listened to her voice and the words she uses. Even though it has not happened there are many of my friends who have lost their family or close relatives this way. I myself have faced obstacles throughout my life. For example would be when I first came to this country. I didn't speak any English, which made me feel so stupid. Then I found out that I was not stupid but struggling to explore new opportunities and learn something new. Then I discovered that everything could be complicated when you begin, but will be all right after a while. Nothing has the power over you to hold your life back when it comes to your future. You would struggle but off course everything would pay off someday.... Perhaps Muna might see some changes in her life. I can imagine how she feels but I just can't help her. I wish I could!

Story Analysis

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My story by Kim is about how she had so much passion when it comes to helping others because when she was younger she was always at her grandmother's house and he grandmother usually cares for people around her. She learns after a while that it is important to let people go and learning more about her when she started working with people. That to grow is to letting go of things. In her video she uses metaphor. She uses a mother bird to compare to herself for how she cares for her children and people. She uses the younger birds to represent the people she lets go of them when they grow older. She shows how she let them go by making the birds fly away by them self. Kim uses a lot of color pictures to express her mood of happiness with her friends. She uses her own voice to tell her story of her she loves to help people. She structures her story by starting to talk about her personality and the reason why she loves the help others. In her video she used black and white pictures to do flash backs about her grandmother's house. She zooms in and out of her pictures when she wants to talk about them. She uses very clam sound tracks in her video. Her body language in the video of herself when she was walking and sat down, it shows how worried she is about her others grow up without her assistance. She uses less than three minutes to tell her story.

Hawe's Stories Analysis

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final edition.png

Family: Final edition By Luke Clarke
It is very nice story describing the relationship with his kids. I liked the ways he used to explain when he lost his job and where get his other job. He used different methods such as video, photos, text, voice, and sounds. One of the interesting things about this video is not forgetting what happened to him in the past and considering that moment as a memorable time for him. The other thing that I understand from his video, text and pictures is that in he will never forget about his dad's death on his anniversary because it was only couple day before his anniversary. I believe connecting his father's feeling to his own feeling about his children as a dad now makes his life easier because he is having the same experience as his dad did. The important theme about this story is when his said "don't let your work keep you away from your children." He was convincing his son not to be far away from his family. On the other hand I think it could have been better if he had more of the video rather than pictures. For example, in his story he told us he is the fourth from his family and showed us a picture. My question was how do I suppose due know who he was in the picture? The other option he could have done is using a picture which has only him not the whole family. Other than that it is very informative because it helps us to remember our life as a child and how the things change time to time.

hope rising.png

Health - Hope Rising by Helen Gallegos
Helen used different type of method to describe her story such as pictures, black screen, voice, text, sound and art work. One of the most thing I liked about her story was she began telling her story from the high-quality side and slowly moved to the shocking side of her story. I really feel sorry for her for losing her lovely husband and for having cancer. She used a very strong art work to show us what happened to her. Especially the art work she used by drawing herself and writing all over it was very helpful to understand her story. The other thing I like about her is she is very honest person because there are some people who have had a cancer and try to hide it. To me this story was very helpful because I taught a lot from it .for example, she couldn't believe what the doctor was telling her because she have never thought about having cancer. If this shown pictures and art work were a video it could have been better to understand the story and her emotional feelings at that time. I loved all her explanation because she state things that is most important for her in her life. The title of her story goes well enough with her story because when she lost her husband she said even walking to the kitchen was hard for her. She might be worried about being lonely after her husband past away but she was strong person to stop thinking about the past and moved forward with her life.

Story Analysis

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my life in Toronto by Ambar Sabah is about Ambar's first experiences in Canada when she went to visit her husband. She expresses her point of view by talking about her story of struggles with isolation and was able to overcome it by being part of a group called the Immigrant Women's Integration Project. I think this video was good because I had so many connections with Ambar. It made me remember my first day of high school in the United States. I was so isolated. Like Ambar said, that somebody might also think about his or her own story after watching the video. She talks about how she loves nature, rain and herself. She tries to connect her love for nature into her video. She compares herself to a gold fish. The fish had a very unique color from all the fishes in water. The other fish's had white and black lines on them. This symbolizes that the other fishes know their way around and they were not isolated like the gold fish in the beginning of the story, the fish was turning round and round. This shows how lost the fish was. The fish did not know what directions to take. Ambar uses black and white colors in her video. When she was talking in her video and it was showing black and white, her voice was not sounding very exciting. It has some sad emotions. When she started showing the color pictures of her smiling, she started sounding very exciting and her moods changes. Changing the color of the pictures was a little pacing she did in the video. The video begins with a clam sound track and ends with a sound track. She did not use a sound track when she was talking.Ambar uses a reasonable amount of time to talk about her story. She uses less than three minutes. Within that time she structures her story wisely by talking about her first days in Canada how she was isolated and end with her happy days in Canada with a new family.

Second Chance by: Sarah Hills

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This digital story Second Chance tells a story of Sarah's struggle through a change of her life after the accident that occur.Her good friend passed away while she was the only survivor of the accident. Dying would of been the easy way to go for her because of how there will be no physical or emotional pain that she will have to go through. Healing from her injuries to recovering from the lost of her friend was a big change in her life. V.O was applied to this video and i thought it was a great way to let people know her story. The sound effect of the heartbeat and also the sound effect of inhaling and exhaling at the beginning was a great way to start her story because it actually makes people who see this video realize what kind of situation she was in during that time. The possibility of life or death. There was no background music throughout the whole digital story and it make sense not to have background music at a situation like what Sarah was going through. I thought the pictures that she applied in this digital story was really meaningful. One picture I thought was meaningful in this digital story was the picture of her beloved friend who passed aways in the accident. It shows how important that person was to Sarah, not only once did the picture appeared in the video but twice. There was some video clip in this digital story that I thought was really good because it shows the process of herself learning to regain her walking,memory,reading, comprehension and coronation of her right hand and arm. The pace was calm and slow which i thought fits in with the story she told. I enjoyed watching this digital story because it the story was really well made. It shows short clips of herself regaining her strength and power back and it shows how learning from an accident that occur in your life can make you cherish what you have in life also to not take things for granted because when you lose it there can be a chance where you won't be able to regain what you have back. Second chances is something we should all be happy to have and cherish.

Analysis Story2

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Family:  I Think of You  by Ann Guido
Analysis story:

Think of you.bmp

Ann Guido tells how much she cared about, was concerned and loved to her son while he was overseas. I like when she mentions that her daughter misses her son "your sister only sleep with you under your pillow", it is how much important to the family when someone in a family is far away from home. When he fought in the war, everyone at home was worried and "prayed peace" to him. Photos of her son when he was little reflect his photos when he was in the battle. A photo at the time when they were happy together and when he enjoyed having fun shows how much she misses him. Her voice is slow and deep. Under the instrument not too fast or slow as how much she loves he ever change, and how she feared about her son's life. I like the photo when she is holding his hand and the background of that picture "at the beginning you're all of mine" and then the slide with a photo he became a soldier holding a gun. I like the image when she put the photo when he was in the war and the journal that she wrote about him together. As she said" I keep the journal from the beginning to the end". I also like a photo when the mother took picture of her son; she wanted to keep his photo as a mother watching her lovely child growing up. She was surprised when she saw his picture when he kept long hair v.s a photo with short hair when he entered army. Throughout the video, Ann uses a lot of photos to tell her story, her memory of her son when he was in daycare, when he went to school, and became an adult.

Analysis Story1

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My Shoes
Community: by Luciana Padilla


Digital storytelling of Luciana is very powerful because it shows significant experiences that she has faced in her life. Her calm and sometimes slow voice emphasizes the significance of her story. She used text for her introduction. She changed the color of Peru map to show the peace time that she had when she was a college student. The map changed to red color represents the death and sadness in her story. She used a picture of an old lady (maybe her mom), and people protesting against the war. It implied that she felt homesick and was concerned about her family and friends when she fled away. She used a black image to show the bad time, and then slowly reflects her life in America. Luciana showed a photo she leaned on the wall during work. She uses artwork image of two opposite faces in one. That means how hard as a lesbian has to face in life. She came to America to find a better life, but she was always thinking about her intimidated relationships, her family and her love's one. Like many other immigrants, she had to work for living and did not have a chance to attend school during the day. Luciana used her photographs when she worked as a heavy job in a paper company by carrying paper. She takes risk and brave as a role model, to tell people that she is a lesbian. We can see a message through her video that if someone doesn't experience hardships in life, and they do not look at other different point of views then they can't not understand or judge them. Photograph of her shoes from the beginning and ended by a video she is walking with those shoes. Moreover she struggles with gender sexuality that she is a lesbian, and how her anger and depress when others people who she worked with were curious about her. No one could understand her own situation. Luciana used a photo of her own shoes repeated over. She tries to tell people that "education is the key" that helped her recover and succeed in life. People in a community must have tolerance in order to understand each other. The sound track that goes along her story is sometimes slow and sometimes fast like the good and bad times in her life.

Love through Friendship and Family

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Strength in Love by Eric

Strength in Love by Eric represented many teen books found in the library about teenage struggles and finding a better future, but this wasn't a book. It was his life story. The distinct reason why I felt that Eric's was a masterpiece was the ability to speak from his heart and sharing his history in a tone even an elementary student would be able to sense the honesty and difficulty of his background. More on the technical aspect, they matched up perfectly. The pacing suited not only the moments of the story given but also the song played in the background. The style used at the beginning was unique using a sentimental memory and broke the ice with the audience with a slight joke. As a viewer I was able to feel a strong connection with Eric, sensing the lost of security he had growing up but getting another chance with the help of one person who made the difference in his life and believing in trusting people. A lot of images and photos were used to match along the story. Sometimes the pieces were partial and others full screen, it served a purpose of showing how connection can be broken but also gained in human relationships through love and care. My favorite moment would have to be when his coach defended him. Even though they only had a coach and student relationship it did not stop the coach from defending a person who did not deserve to be called names. A story that brings hope in my eyes to see that people out there is willing to help a person they might not know fully but understands the concept of respect each human being is entitled to.

Dear Jody

Dear Jody by Sasha Charles delivered a simple message not meant for us but for her younger brother whom she loves dearly. Sasha deals with losing the one person most important to her growing up and having to be observed when given the chance to meet her baby boy. The beginning started off with the view of writing a letter and followed up with the voice of Sasha reciting the beginning lines Then continues with the letter with the assistance of pictures and even a recording lapping with a picture, showing a nice technical technique that draws in the viewer because movement catches eyes and with getting the attention of an audience is half the battle. Sasha does a wonderful job getting her frustration across with the foster care because she chose to have a short clip showing her emotion across her face rather then in a single picture. Connection was easier made when a background was given for the audience so it was structurally well selected and can see that though there were few pictures of her and her brother, she cared for his achievements and his future. The digital story used repetition from the beginning with the picture of her and her brother and once more at the end. To me it symbolizes that though time has changed who they are as a person but it does not change the love and bond they share.

Analysis of 2 Digital Story

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I have never though music can save someone's life until this video which made me to think about sometime something that is too little can make huge save of someone's life. Here is Julie who use to carry always music in her pocket even when she is about sleep. When she was 12years old, music saved her life. She didn't have someone who could help her life. She had situation to deal with in her life. She was emotional person it was difficult for her the way she was dealing her depress and it was indescribable when she want to do something she never had the she would like happy and smell when she was by herself she was unhappy use to feel lonely.
She use to listen music loud to make sure she was living normal life. She appreciates the way music save her life from death. Her depression never stop until eight grade she felt she had going throw a lot in her life and decided to study music in her future life. She spend lot of money to pay MB3 player she downloaded a lot of music. She spend a lot of time her life could be over if there was not music in the world. She had gained a lot experience in her life she never stops her dreams come true. On freshman high school she bought more music equipment like CD her music helped her to be better person for life in a future and she learn about how music saved her life. She is going to study music in her future. I learn a lot about music can save anybody's life.

Analysis of 2 Digital Story

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I have never though music can save someone's life until this video which made me to think about sometime something that is too little can make huge save of someone's life. Here is Julie who use to carry always music in her pocket even when she is about sleep. When she was 12years old, music saved her life. She didn't have someone who could help her life. She had situation to deal with in her life. She was emotional person it was difficult for her the way she was dealing her depress and it was indescribable when she want to do something she never had the she would like happy and smell when she was by herself she was unhappy use to feel lonely.
She use to listen music loud to make sure she was living normal life. She appreciates the way music save her life from death. Her depression never stop until eight grade she felt she had going throw a lot in her life and decided to study music in her future life. She spend lot of money to pay MB3 player she downloaded a lot of music. She spend a lot of time her life could be over if there was not music in the world. She had gained a lot experience in her life she never stops her dreams come true. On freshman high school she bought more music equipment like CD her music helped her to be better person for life in a future and she learn about how music saved her life. She is going to study music in her future. I learn a lot about music can save anybody's life.

Analysis of 2 Digital Story

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I have never though music can save someone's life until this video which made me to think about sometime something that is too little can make huge save of someone's life. Here is Julie who use to carry always music in her pocket even when she is about sleep. When she was 12years old, music saved her life. She didn't have someone who could help her life. She had situation to deal with in her life. She was emotional person it was difficult for her the way she was dealing her depress and it was indescribable when she want to do something she never had the she would like happy and smell when she was by herself she was unhappy use to feel lonely.
She use to listen music loud to make sure she was living normal life. She appreciates the way music save her life from death. Her depression never stop until eight grade she felt she had going throw a lot in her life and decided to study music in her future life. She spend lot of money to pay MB3 player she downloaded a lot of music. She spend a lot of time her life could be over if there was not music in the world. She had gained a lot experience in her life she never stops her dreams come true. On freshman high school she bought more music equipment like CD her music helped her to be better person for life in a future and she learn about how music saved her life. She is going to study music in her future. I learn a lot about music can save anybody's life.

Strength in Love

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The struggle of a young man looking for love is another truly sad, yet happy ending story. Eric, a young Mexican man, decides to leave his life of homelessness and poverty behind as he takes the ultimate step and decides to live with his former basketball coach who ends up taking him in. If anyone was in his shoes under his circumstances, it is only wise to have done what he has done. As Eric escapes from his terrible past, it is assuring that he finds love in the end.
This story is very touching, such that Eric gets this one moment to escape from a life that no one should have to live, and he takes it upon himself to seek a better life. One of the most influential things about this story is how Eric's basketball coach gave love to Eric. Eric, feeling love, is forever changed. Having told the story, Eric says, "I felt like a monkey jumped off my back", thus indicating his appreciation for having found love from two caring people who decided to take care of him.
Eric is a survivor. Surviving on nothing for most of his childhood and joining gangs can really leave a person with a one sided view on the world, but taking the time to talk about his story has helped him tell the world his struggles, and his fortune. With just a little bit of love, maybe every can help kids like what Eric used to be have a home, family, and ultimately love. One of the most moving aspects Eric used that touched me the most was the music he decided to put in to set the tone for each point in his life.

My Story by:Ai Wang

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My Story
This digital story is about the struggles and difficulty of a Chinese housewife named Ai Wang who moved to the United State to live with her husband. She applies V.O to her video telling the story of her struggle of being new to the United States and how it affected her. She uses text in this digital story to express what her parents said to her when she told them she was moving to America to her feeling towards how she felt during her days in America. There was slow piano tune throughout the whole digital story. I thought that this background music was a fit to this video because I thought it flows along with the sadness and sorrow and also hardship that Ai Wang was going through at the time she was new to the United States too. The picture that was present in this digital story was meaningful too. One picture that I found to be meaningful was the picture that she putted behind the quote "happiness comes after difficulties", this picture as you can see has a little road behind all the grasses and the tree. I find the road to be an example of the difficulty that Ai Wang has to take; she has to walk the road by herself and struggle through many hardship on her own before she can reach that end of the road and become happy. I like it how She applies pictures of herself, her husband, family and friends because it shows that they are all an important to her. I enjoyed watching this video because it tells a story about Ai Wang struggle being new to America and having to adjust to the new surroundings. She realize that Without her trying to make a change then nothing will change for her.

Analysis of Digital Videos

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Kevin.PNGStrength in Love
By: Eric
Source: storycenter.org

Strength in Love is the story of a young man, Eric, who has gone through so many experiences with Thanksgiving dinners. From sitting under a tree alone and eating a whopper to finally getting the chance to transition into a warm home on Thanksgiving , something that has been an important factor that has help mold this young man's life. I myself have been through experiences that have helped mold me into who I am today but not to the extent that he had. Just imagining myself in his shoes is a horrid thought because at such an age, who can imagine not having a welcoming home to return to after a long day of school, not having a nice cooked meal waiting for you at home. It just makes you think, what did this child do wrong that his parents are not taking responsibility as his parents to care for him? What change occurred that made them realize now that they didn't want to be responsible parents, why now, why not sooner, why not later? This video touched me because it's a real experience that says that there is kindness out there, there are people who care.

From the very beginning I knew that the emotional content would be good because his p.o.v along with the visuals (the pictures and how they appeared) connected with what he was saying. Almost everything he spoke about had a visual such as a photo, and the way that visual was represented also connected well with what he was saying. For example when he talked about going back to school, he showed an image of layering books, putting and emphasis on that idea. There were two soundtracks present and I liked how he organized this, the beginning was this low soft music, allowing Eric to use his gift of voice, as it slowly transitions into the second half of this story there is a new soundtrack, one that is more overpowering then before and gives off a feeling of a happy ending. During this part Eric does not talk. I feel that this gave me the chance to rethink about everything he said and take it all in, it allowed me to sort of see myself in his shoes and appreciate the fact that I have a family and that he who has overcome so many obstacles now has a loving and caring family. The transition of the types of pictures present in the first part of the video to the pictures towards the end allows us to see his whole transition. From symbolic pictures that represented his experiences to actual pictures of him and his new family help us understand his overall experience better. It shows us that he really is happy now and really is thankful for the Brandt family.

Hope Rising- Helen's unique battle with cancer

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mono mood hope rising.pngHope Rising
      Helen's honesty in her digital story was something one could relate to, or find it truthful. The attitude, the sound, one can tell it in her voice that the cancer dramatically affected her. Her true expression of how she felt about her doctor was truthful and believable. The true feelings in a person when in a frustrating or angering position are to mostly swear and she did not hold back. The wedding photo and the plans she had which aluminates the happiness to be shattered by the cancer. And during her depression period one can feel how she saw her self from her undecorative face paint. It is quite troubling but that is as close as it can get to show how she felt, for one can sense the depression up to this moment in her voice.  
    It is quite inspiring to see that sometimes one has to take matters into their own hands to succeed. She went to different places to deal with her problems, abandoning the drugs, giving it back to the doctors with notes that said she would not be taking the drugs anymore. She went to cancer support group, yoga classes, and volunteered. Doing all this activities, including not being selfish, even though she is sick helped her find strength.
    It is a step back not see any happiness in her, even though she has changed her ways, and achieved strength to use a chainsaw. She should be a little excited, but she does sound like she still has a lot to work on and that this storytelling is another way of doing that. The message sent by this video is to take matters into one's own hands, not abandoning your treatments but to pander on the idea of who knows your body more than you, what makes you s-m-i-l-e =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Becoming a Father

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Dave Norgart, a corrupted man who values drugs over everything else, even his own kids, goes through rehabilitation and self improvement methods when he realizes that his daughter is being sent to foster care. His realization of his responsibilities as a father is a lesson for us all, one that has changed his life forever and possibly yours. By listening to this sad, slow paced story, maybe one will be moved and not make the same mistake that Dave has made and learn from his mistakes.

As a young man, I have not experience the life of a father, but because of Dave, I know to avoid the life of drugs so I won't have to go through fatherhood training or anything kind of self help. I felt as if this story was promoting the 24/7 Dad's crew, which I honestly think is a great group. It is definitely one that should be available, not only to bad fathers, but to everyone and one that should be recognized.
Dave Norgart answers the questions of why he is telling the story by writing, "To help other addicts become a father that their children deserve, and to show other fathers that there is a better life if they work for it." His digital storytelling is a lesson for us all by explaining how drugs have ruined his life, especially his family. By using photos, repetition, vocals, and truth, the story of Dave is one that touches all fathers out there. Dave is a true man, honest to society, honest to his family, honest to himself.

young legacy.pngM.S.K. Running  Analysis

Morne Solomon talks about remembering when he was 7 and he is only 13 years old, and this is interesting; for, one the memory is more fresh than trying to remember when you were seven at the age of 50 and also being able to find that moment in time meaningful. He remembers being bitten by a snake, showing that there are more pains than the one brought up by family problems that he is aware of. He understands who was on his side when his father passed away at age 7 and that alcohol was a problem in his family.Drawing of his Auntie truly captures how caring or how much he appreciated what she did for him after the social worker took him away from his mother.
    Although his life was quite depressing and it should be for a 13 year old boy that understands all those painful things in life, from loosing a father at age 7 to having problem with alcohol in his house. He still managed to find the positive, playing soccer, or rugby and understands what he needs in order to succeed, "keeping a good attitude and doing his homework."
    Although it was quite difficult at times to understand what he was saying, one could understand where he was going and that he is in a position to achieve just about anything with that attitude and goals. He not only focuses on the problem he has but also of the community outside his home. He wants people to feel safe.
    I was not particularly attracted by the tile of the story but know I have seen it, I just can't imagine not seeing/ hearing his story. He is the future leader of South Africa, conflicting but amazing consideration of his future and of others in his country.


Analysis of 2 Digital stories

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This story has something to learned from it which is hope never ends what mean bay that is how this guy his life started a very good way he had everything in his life when his mom had the job from golden gate university. Because of she was getting old and they need someone to replace her even though she spent a lot time with them they didn't respect that and put her where she didn't put them.
But all of sudden everything change she didn't know what she can do the rest of her life. She had to run away from her house because she didn't have anyone that could help her situation. Her mom which had some money pays the rent. She finally got help from her coworker she realize that the company did not have a good reason and look for lawyer and got one because the reason they didn't like her she was getting old but she was not that old at all and that was not good reason to kick out some his or her job. She went to court and when her case by pulling more evident that was clarify she is person could work but tin her job.
This made the company to feel guilty in the court. She won the money and now everyone wants the money the money effect her life and she became depress. Every think was falling apart and she her son was felt very bad about what happen to his mom and working on to get back her life the way she use to and sadly he couldn't something change he met someone called jun which became part of his life jun is to give advice to stay strong very thing will end good

CDS: Story Analysis

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Healing by Annamieka Hopps

From being normal to being diagnose with cancer can happen to anyone. In the story Healing by Annamieka Hopps, the author of this story uses voice over, photos, artwork, music, image effects, sound effects, texts, and black screen to deliver her experiences. Throughout Annamieka story, she told her experiences with diagnosing with cancer and the treatment she has received. Annamieka did not have medical insurance, but she had the story my touch the heart in with individuals. Behind her voices there were music sounds that are sad, sounds that make you feels sorry, sounds that will touch the viewer hearts. In the video, there were photo of Annamieka the before and after diagnosing with cancer. Annamieka uses images that show how she had to shave her head because she was losing hair to her disease. Another image that was in the video was her artwork and the effects of her image. There was a photo of her in black and white slowly turning into a newspaper article. Annamieka uses the black screen to show that this video was one of the tragic events that happened in her life. Also, Annamieka uses text to represent the unspoken words. The author made this video when she was still diagnose with Lymphoma. She made this story because there was a story to tell and the story of how she is healing from cancer. The way how Annamieka formatted her video caught my attention because it was a powerful story. Anyone who has been or is diagnosing with cancer shouldn't face it alone. There is help!

Breaking Free by Griffin Kinnard

Breaking Free.jpg

We as human beings have choices. From the video of Breaking Free by Griffin Kinnard, he shared with us with his experiences of making the right choices and not following the steps from people that he knew who had passed away. In his video, he uses voice over, photos, image effects, music, and sound effects to deliver his story. The author voice and the sound of his voice are the important keys in the stories. It tells the viewer of the tone in the author voice and which categories the story falls under. From the author voice, I as a viewer can tell that this was a sad story not just by the story itself but also by the voice of the author. The photo in the video gives me a visual image of how the author looks like. His image can describe and explain his personality. There were a lot of image effects in the video, from viewing a full length photo to zooming in closer. The music in the video has a slow beat to it; with this the viewer can also tell that the video was sad. Griffin made this video because of his achievement- the achievement to choose differently from the community of how he grew up in. This video has a story to tell because life doesn't end when other people you knew journey does, it still goes on and you'll have to live it by your choice.

- http://www.storycenter.org/stories

Stories Analysis

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father and daughter.png

What You Wanted by Genevieve Critel
What I Wanted is a story the Critel wanted to let the people in the world know how sad it's to live without a father. She explain how her father passed away by his heart attack, but by mistake, Critel and her mother thought her dad passed away be car accident. She talked about her dad was the first in his family who graduated from high school and months later after the graduation, he took the bus to the State University as the first
Generation. When her father passed away, all he left her was his chemistry book and the memory of good times when she was little. She thought her father taught her stuffs that are over her head. It was surprise her, at the age of nine, once her father asked her, "How are you." "Are you happy." "Live for you not anyone else." Her father quit his job that's been working for 20 years and return to the farm land that he's raised.
The sound track of the music is very effective. It goes pretty well along with the pictures and the author's voice. It remind me of the time when I was a child and my father was far away, so I called my brother "father." Making this story is a way to shares her the story of her relationship with her father. Although my father is still alive but I like this story because it will remind all of us who's lost their love ones think of how much they miss them. The main point of choosing this story is because I think it's pretty nice that the author shares this story with everyone and it's pretty connected to the reality life. Everyone had experienced or will experience of losing someone they love throughout their life.

a son.png

I Think of You by Ann Guido
I Think of You is how a much a mother would miss her son when he is away from home and never return again. Although he's really far away but the good memory that in her mind would never be erased or forgotten. She tried to keep the journal as a mother and son from the time when the little son till he's an adult. She was shocked when seeing that her son's hair is different from the old times when he was a little boy. The time back in when he was with his teacher and friends. Mother will never forget about her son from the time when she take her to the daycare. The little boy who was still putting his thump in his mouth and crying and looking all over the place for his mother. From days to time, that will always stick on the mother mind and never be forgotten.
The way the author put the picture make me think that she must miss her son more than any other things in the world because she put only pictures of him. It might've been better if the author put some kind of track along with the picture. The way the author talks makes me think about the time when I was back in Laos thinking about my dad all the time because he wasn't with my family. It's pretty related to my life story, that's the main point why I chose this story to analyse.

CDS: Analysis

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Vigil.Olga.jpgBruises By: Olga Vigil

In the video Bruises by: Olga Vigil, she applies v.o. (voice over) to cover her story of what she had to tell. Behind her v.o. she applied instrumental music with a few vocals that sounded like angels singing. She applied photographs of her parents, her daughter, lockers, and herself. With the photographs, she used techniques such as zoning in and out, and side to side movements to make it feel like someone was actually walking in her position at her school.
Olga Vigil also applied a map to show from what point her and her parents moved from Mexico to the United States. Olga adding a video of her daughter, who is the love of her life, was to show how important her child meant to her. She applied things that affected her as a student at school, showing scenery and movement through hallway pictures and movement of how a person would walk pass by. Olga Vigil makes us view it from her point of view through the school and what she had dealt with.
Olga also applied emotions to make you feel for each scene she described. It began from being sad, miserable, stressed, overwhelmed, and unsatisfied, to happy, grateful, and thankful for experiences in her life that changed her overall as a person. Olga Vigil applied her words to the pictures at the moment that they were displayed. Applying words at the end with a black scenery and white letters made it stand out and look powerful to the audience.

works cited page:
- Vigil, Olga. Bruises. June 2009. Burlington, Ontario, Canada. http://www.storycenter.org/stories/index.php?cat=3. June 23, 2010.


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RachelLee.jpg The Odle Farm By: Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee applies some creativity into her video. She uses v.o. (voice over), music, and photos to get her point across to her audience. Rachel applies a post card as her intro. As the post card is being displayed, she zooms in onto that card and what catches the eyes of the viewers is the title of her piece. Within the scenes she makes her voice over flow with the rhythm of the photos that she applied to it.
Rachel uses music similar to a country side feeling. Using instrumental music to flow with the scenery of the photos she displayed gave a poetic and calm feeling to what she had to state to her audience. She applies the photos as she is reminiscing the times that she remembered being on the country side, farming, taming animals, and lying in the fields. She applied her mother instincts with her feeling of happiness from an area she remembered growing up on.
Rachel Lee begins with a strong voice, like she was able to let go. As she continued further on, her tone changes from happy and energetic to disappointment because she thinks about the past good times she had on the fields of the farms. Rachel's connection with a certain area haunts her and she shows it through the pacing of her voice, where nothing could help her get away from the good times she has had with the ones closest to her. Everything she remembers is related to the territory she had grown up on. Rachel Lee is disappointed in the end due to her little knowledge of knowing what has happened to the land she has grown up on.

Works Cited Page:
-Lee, Rachel. The Odle Farm. June 2009. Lyons, CO. http://www.storycenter.org/stories/index.php?cat=8. June 23, 2010.

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Strength in Love.JPG
Strength in Love

Eric the storyteller explains the hardship he goes through because there was never anyone to support him in his life. He grows up being abandoned at the age of ten due to his mom addiction to heroin and his father who passed away. One of the reasons why Eric tells his story is because he wants to share with others how he was able to face the challenge of being alone throughout his life and struggling to be a survivor who was able to find a place at home. The video was voice over video with instrumental music and the scenery where he took were places where he had been. There were pictures of him and which I was surprise which sometime you would never get to see because whenever listening to stories some authors never reveal who they are or what they look? What I think about Eric is that he is really courageous person. Not to have anyone by his side in his teen years he was willingly to find ways to make himself belong in a community even if it meant to become a gangster. After being stabbed by a drug dealer who he was work he with he could no longer trust no one. Than until one day he was found by his coach who fought for him and took him in which made a huge difference in his life because he was able to open up his trust again. The story really inspired me because Eric who at first was nobody became someone who never stopped looking for love was able to find a home with his new family.

the weight of your breath.JPG

The Weight of your Breath

When life was going good and you could not think anything could ever go wrong is the story of Carol. Carol is a Chinese woman who tells her story like any other people who had to face the challenge of losing a very special person in their life and that person happens to be her father. In the year 2005 her father had gotten in a bus accident and shortly after 6 months later he had died of pneumonia. In her video she shows pictures of place in China and it the photo were places where she would be at to try and forget all about her worries and depression. One thing that made me curious about this video the most is why did she show a photo of her when she was a child and not one of her modern pictures. Unless she just wanted to show it for one last time before she would try to move on and forget everything in the past that would remind her of her dad. In the video it was really intriguing but at the same time kind of difficult to understand story because she spoke in Cantonese which was one of China's many language and she had English text which was really helpful. At first I did not understood what was Carol talking about and by hearing her tone all I knew that she was sad. Not until half way through the story I was finally able to comprehend what her story was about and it was about her father's death. Near towards at the end of the video she made a last speech "The weight of your breath" and what I think this mean is everything you have ever done for me, I will always remember you for what you have and gave me. Therefore I believe that is the reason why she had titled her video "The Weight of your Breath."

Digital Short Reflections

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Learning to Ride by Rachel Pater
bike.JPG This digital short is about a father and daughter relationship. Her father has always been silly and outgoing. As a young kid, Rachel Pater always enjoyed being around him because they always had a blast together, but slowly their relationship begins to drift. She was soon embarassed by his actions. Transitioning from "daddy's" little girl to becoming a woman she narrates and explains her feelings of discovering herself. One of the things that they always did together was ride a 2 person bicycle. I believe the bicycle represented their family bond and relationship. When she was younger when riding the bicyle, everyone would always point and watch them pass. While they would joke and laugh at the other people riding single bicycles. I like how she uses photographs of herself from her childhood and of her father being silly. It made the digital short more personal I believe. I also liked the music she used. It was upbeat and did not cover or mass her voice over. I like how she had a bird's eye view of her riding her bicylcle, where we only saw the front tires and the sidewalk as she was narrating their memories of riding. I felt like this digitial short was very relatable, especially with me. As a daughter, I believe that I would always be "daddy's" girl, but as time goes we have to transtion into accepting our relationship. I also enjoyed the ending where she realizes that it's okay to be silly and included a picture of her, just being who she is.

The Power to Believe by Fred Amador
fred.JPG The Power to Believe is about a young man, named Fred Amador who didn't have much confidence in himself in his high school years. He thought of himself as not 'college material' and didn't fully apply himself to school or life. Until one day a teacher challenged him to take courses that he would never have thought about taking such as college preparatory classes. Eventually, the young man started to believe in himself and applied to college and got accepted. He excelled in his years and once he finally graduated. He began to think about graduate school. At first he doubted himself, but he looked back and remembered the words of his high school teacher and decided to take a chance. Fred was accepted to graduate school and is now a counselor at the college he attended, where he will now be able to help other students with their decisions. Although the digital short did not have background music, the speaker's voice was loud and clear. I felt like there was no need for music. The images he used and his voice fit well together. He included many personal photos, which I enjoyed because it felt more personable and welcoming. The transitioning of the images were clear and precise. Overall, the digital short was fun and personable. It is relatable in the sense that we have all felt like we weren't "good" enough for a certain thing, but this digital short provides motivation and an example to those who have once felt or is feeling this way. I also liked how he started and ended with the same photograph of his high school teacher.

Story Analysis

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Story Analysis

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Story Analysis

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Story Analysis

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Sade shares her experience about being a "nobody" through a very inspirational piece. Her introduction included her talking in front of the camera which then transitioned into a voiceover while pictures where being shown to symbolize her words. Her voiceover caught my attention because she wasn't just talking about her story as if she was reading a script; she presented her voiceover in the form of a poem. The words flowed so well together and the words that she chose to show her emotions were real. The images that she used to represent parts of her poem stuck to me. For example, one part of her video she says, "And with the bars kept my family too hard to confide in..." with a picture of an African American arm hanging out from bars. This stuck out to me because the words were so deep that the connection with the picture clicked and was embedded into my mind.

I enjoyed the overall product of her video. I thought her video did a pretty good job on including a beginning, middle and an end to her story. She introduced her story as to why she's always felt like a "nobody", and how her past has shaped her and how important it was for her to connect with someone. The most important message in this video was the significant impact her second social worker had on her life. When Sade used text in her video, it gave the video a nice pause from all of the music and from her voice. I felt like this was a great way to let the viewer process what was happening and how she felt during that process. As for the music, I thought it was fitting to the pictures and mood. I liked that she used an instrumental piece in the beginning then flowed into a song that she voiced over. Although there was still music in the background behind her voiceover, the music was low enough to still allow the viewer to hear both. I thought this piece was intriguing because after all of the social workers Sade went through, she became a social worker.

Reliving those Childhood Days by Jacqueline Woon

The interesting aspect to Woon's video is that throughout her video, all of the pictures that are shown are all her personal pictures of her family members. She not only used pictures of just herself but also included pictures of every single one of her family members. She chose an interesting instrumental piece of music that correlated pretty well throughout her presentation. She also did a voiceover which I thought she did just an ok job at. I would've preferred to of seen her work more with being in front of the camera and or text. I think being able to let the viewer have a moment of silence to themselves plays a really important role. This technique would allow the viewer to think about what happened so far and how the story's message is important to the storyteller.

I thought the narrative was a bit boring. The first line pulls you in with Woon saying, "There was never a down moment growing up with a family of seven". This captured my interest into finding out as to why there was never a down moment. I felt like her narrative was really long, I wanted to know more about what role she played as the unexpected daughter. She did mention about how her siblings treated her and how they all got along, but I wanted to know more. One thing I did enjoy about the narrative was similar to her pictures; she talked about everyone in her family. She didn't just focus on herself but instead her family as a whole which definitely showed the importance of her family.

N. Vicky Vue

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Untitled from storycentre on Vimeo.

Vicky Vue
Digital Storytelling Class
June 23 2010

Every child wants to ensure to their parents that they are safe and that no matter where they all in the world, their parents will forever be in their hearts. Storyteller Shane conveys this message in his media short story contribute to his dead mother.
Shane begins the story with a silent testimony of a significant point in his life. Like a good story, he manage to grab the reader's interest by telling the unusual circumstance. At age twelve, Shane is met with an awkward confrontation from his dad. Dad had just revealed the truth about their relationship: not a drop of blood is share between them.

Adam's 2 DSA

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Strength in love
I like this story because it tells a story similar to the Blindside. Instead it is about a young man named Eric. He was homeless at a young age and remembered eating outside for thanksgiving. He joined a gang because he needed a family to take care of him. He was stabbed a few years later after joining. He then went back to school and wanted to start a new life. He joined the basketball team and one day his coach saw him doing his homework at a park. His coach invited him to come to dinner. Then later his coach took him in for good. Now he had a family. I like this digital story because his voice over was so strong. I can hear the loneliness in his voice. The music was really effective because it was an instrumental. The instrumental was louder the end. The ending was happy. The picture in the beginning showed a family picture at the dinner table. What made it effective was that it was cut up, which showed the disconnection between the character and his family. The black screen pauses between the slides also effective and showed sadness. The constant pictures of scenery's without people represented loneliness. Most of the pictures were dark. The dark pictures made it seem very sad. He didn't have any text in the digital story film. His story gives me hope that everybody can achieve just got to go out there and get help. This is an everyday problem. Nobody wants to be homeless.


Urban Sophistication-2.jpg

Mixed Race Me
This digital story is very catchy. The author rhymes with her words. She uses a lot of personal pictures which is very helpful for the watcher to understand. She also has lots of symbolic images. She has a voice over that sounds very confidant. It makes the reader feel good about Yunnie Tsao Snyder. In the digital story that she creates she wants people to know who she is. She does it by telling the watcher about her voice and how she wants the watcher to hear only her voice and not others. There is also an instrumental in the background. It makes the mood nice and relaxed. It doesn't make u feel mad or sad, so she does a good job in picking out her music. She talks about her culture and what she wants people to look at her. She is informative on that because she repeats it sometimes. She tells us that she is half Japanese and half white. She doesn't look Japanese at all, yet she looks more like an American. She also said that she wants to live up to her legacy. She is not ashamed of her culture but rather proud of it. What she talks about is the truth. She presents it like it is spoken word. She tells her story through a poem, and her poem represents her voice. That's why her digital story is good to me. It hooked me in by the way she presented herself through a poem with pictures.

Who am I?



1. I love getting to know other people
2. Born Racine, Wisconsin
3. I attended Tennessee State University
4. I attended the University of Maryland
5. I am enjoy working with Juvenile Sex Offenders
6. I currently teach HRD 3196: Professions and Practice
7. I am the youngest child
8. I love black walnut ice cream
9. I am interested in Black Masculinity
10. I am loving my summer bridge experience

10 Things about me...G.T. [GaOfEnG]



Photobucket 1). THANKFUL for the direction LIFE IS PULLING ME in starting with "2 of a kind" in my life
2). "When life is a burden, keep your head up," -MC
3). My strengths are also my weaknesses. What will make me rise is what can make me fall
4). I miss my friends
5). "We share, we care, we serve, we learn, today's students, tomorrow's leaders," -Gary Ales
6). Judging a book by it's cover is how some view it, opening it up and looking beyond the cover is how I do it...
7). When I am loud, I am really LOUD; when I'm quiet, I'm mute...
8). I do not like to show my talents for my own personal reasons
9). I do not like to talk about myself...but I do like music!
10). Working hard pays off in the end...


Ten Randoms About Pa Shoua Bly Vang :P


Pa Shoua&Kelvin
1.) I can speak three languages: Hmong, English, &Chinese. :)
2.) I love making jewelry, I hope one day I can open my own boutique.
3.) I can write backwards. I consider that a talent of mines. (LOL!)
4.) I love playing ninja with my nephew Kelvin, he's too adorable.
5.) In the future I hope to work in a U.S Embassy in China.
6.) I will someday love to live in a PINK house.
7.) Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers.
8.) I enjoy photography although I have never taken a course.
9.) I am very cre@tive when it comes to arts&crafts, I just can't draw.
10.) I am somewhat of a perfectionist, I like things organized and done well. Who doesn't like to present something good?

Pa Shoua's Jewelry Pa Shoua's Jewelry

Giselle's Ten Things


1.) I was born in Cameroon.
2.) I have been to three countries.
3.) Hanging out with my friends is some thing which makes me happy.
4.) I love fruits.
5.) I love cookies.
6.) Doing the Bridge Program this summer is fun.
7.) I have taken French for fourteen years.
8.) My senoir prom was fun.
9.) I won a lap top.
10.) I have not seen my best friend for three years.



I can't tell you who I am with just ten things. It unjustified who I am, really. So instead of listing ten things about me, I'll list ten important factor to me as a person. Please do enjoy the following:

Ina and Sara.jpg

Chong top ten things about meself


1. I love to play tennis and soccer
2. i have 6 sisters and 6 brothers including myself
3. i like jogging in the morning
4. i meditate whenever i'm stress
5. i have taken tawkwondo classes
6. i have a lot of imagination
7. my favorite color is blue and yellow
8. i am a very quiet person
9. i always like to think twice before speaking
10. i can always be seen smiling! ^_^

Barite's Ten Things


1. I am originally from Ethiopia, but I am Oromo.
2. I am one of the Muslim girls.
3. I have been in the United States of America for three years.
4. I could speak two languages- Oromo and English.
5. I've lived in Kenya for two years.
6. I am the first generation to attend college in my family.
7. I am interested in becoming a pediatrition in the future.
8. I'm looking forward to making some new friends and get to know more about the U of M this summer.
9. I have nine sisters and brothers.
10. I enjoy hanging out with my family an my free timebarite.jpg

Tuyet's Top Ten [Triple Ts]



1. My name means snow [born on Dec. 21 aka First day of Winter]
2. I can speak Vietnamese, English, and Japanese [currently studying]
3. I play the violin [since 5th grade] and play piano for fun
4. I enjoy playing sports - but enjoy running most
5. Love all and any forms of art
6. Cannot live without music
7. Addicted to Asian Dramas (Korean,Jap,Korean,Thai..) along with Anime/Manga
8. Hip hop dance and interested in learning other dances, especially cultural ones
9. I cherish my friends and family above all else
10. I can be shy or outgoing [depends how much caffeine or tea I drank :P]

Top Ten Things About Ahmed

Photo 7.jpg


1. I am Muslim
2. I have been to three continents; Africa, Europe (one night in London) and North America
3. I became an uncle when I was about 10 years old
4. I play soccer, and was in track my senior year in high school
5. I speak three languages; Oromo,Kiswahili, and English
6. I can touch the basketball rim
7. I ran a mile in under 5 minutes at the end of my senior year ( 4:59)
8. I am the youngest in my family
9. My favorite t.v. show is "CHUCK" on NBC
10. I am first generation college student


1.Bao Xiong is my name
2. I play football,Volleyball and Basketball
3.I work at Dairy Queen for three years now
4.I like the outdoors
5.I like to have fun
6.I like valley fair
7.I am scared of heights but I still love to do it facing my fears
8.I love papaya
9.I can be a slacker at times
10.I love food and music

Top Ten Things about me.


1 I speak four language Somali English espanish Arabic.
2 I love traveling.
3 I love to play soccer.
4 I love to learn as Much as I can the difrent cultures.
5 I love to help my community .
6 l love to became chemical engireenig one day in my life.
7 I love My teachers.
8 I love to be good for the world as much as I can. like take care the enviroment.
9 I like to have fun but not too much fun.
10 I would like to have a family one day and good wife and good children.

Nhia's Top Ten Things


The most excited moment in my life is being able to walk into the next step with that one piece of paper called "DIPLOMA"!

0. I came to the United States in 2006 from Laos. I started summer school a couple months after I arrived.
1. I enjoy playing volleyball, tennis and piano. However, I haven't gotten much chance to play piano because I don't have one at home.
2. I like to hangout with my friends sometimes, but I don't like partying because I just think it's not safe for a girl to be at a party with different kind of people and drinking.
3. I always want to get to know other people that come from different background.
4. I am the youngest daughter in the family and the only daughter who graduated from high school and having the chace of going to college.
5. I always put down myself because I always think I am dumb, not as smart as other people and might say something wrong.
6. I like to go shopping with my cousins, Nou and Lee, and they are meant to be my best friends.
7. I like to share my culture with other people who are different from me.
8. I like to cook for my family, especially for my brother because he loves the food I cook for him.
9. I want to major in Nursing.
10. I'm so excited that I got admitted to the Summer Bridge Program and being able to be friend with the other students and having the chance to meet Steve, director of the Summer Bridge Program, Xai, Peer Mentors and the three professors: Professor Raimist, Professor Pat, and Professor Charles

Ten Things About Mai Lee


1. My full name is Mai Vang Lee
2. My favorite color is RED!
3. I have 2 sisters and 5 brothers
4. I am CPR certified
5. I am First Responder certified
6. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant
7. I love to play football and volleyball
8. My favorite number is 6
9. I am Hmong
10. I love sushi!

Ten Things about Anna


1. My name is Anna.
2. I love to eat.
3. I am Chinese.
4. I used to live in California.
5. I like to go to the beach.
6. I am funny.
7. I enjoy watching movies.
8. I hate public restrooms.
9. I enjoy being outside.
10. I love to laugh.

Barite's Test Ten Things

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I am originally from Ethiopia.
I came to the U.S.A in 2007, three years ago
I enjoy being outside with friends and family
My favorite subjects in school are math and science

10 things about me (Hawe Tahiro)


Picture1.jpg1. I am from ethiophia
2. I came to USA during 2005.
3. I am a musilm
4. I like to play soccer for fun
5. I graduated from Higher Ground Acedamy
6. I speak three languages
7. My oficial language is oromo
8. My fovrite song is hip-hop
9.I am an Admission Possible student
10.The meaning of my name is " wish " in oromo language

Phuoc's Ten Things

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A/ sao 0003.jpg
1. I came to the United States with my family in 2007.
2. I like to read books.
3. I enjoy play badminton and soccer.
4. I like to hang out with friends.
5. My favorite song is " I say gold".
6.I love to ride a motorcycle.
7. I have been to Red Rock, Colorado with the National Association Student Councils where I met many friends from all the states of the U.S and neighboring countries. I had a lot of fun. That was the first time I did not eat Vietnamese food for 5 days. I could not wait to get home because I missed rice.
8.I like to learn new things and explore diverse American cultures.
9. I enjoy watching snow falling down but I don't like its cold!
10. I have been to Japan once and it is a beautiful place.

Joe's Ten Things About Himself



1. I was born on Christmas.
2. I enjoy playing tennis, basketball, and sports in general.
3. In High School, I wrestled and played tennis on the varsity teams.
4. I am an Admission Possible Alumni.
5. I am a Hmong American.
6. I went to a Caucasian dominated school in middle school and so was the diversity within a school.
7. I won an award given out only to one student every three years in middle school.
8. I was part of an intense Winter Urban Tennis Program.
9. I am my dad's favorite son.
10. I am a Gates Millennium Scholars.

Adam's Ten Things About Himself

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Adam prom.jpg

1. Love Family
2. Love Friends
3. Love music
4. Love having fun
5. Love basketball
6. Hunter/Fisherman
7. Hmong
8. Outgoing
9. Favorite color is Blue
10. Hates Braces

Christina's 10 things


15149_209618713192_509873192_3178125_1192686_n.jpg1) I once stopped eating peanut butter for a year because my friend was an Arachibutyrophobic and told me why she was....basically there "once" was a king who ate peanut butter and couldn't talk anymore because it got stuck to the roof of his mouth. Weird, I know.

2) I love fishing but I absolutely hate eating fish. Unless it's Salmon.

3) My brother and I were both born on the exact same day, exactly one year apart

4) Onions are the most disgusting things to ever exist

5) Birthday Cake Remix is by far my favorite mixture of ice cream

6) I've never seen Titanic

7) I'm right handed but I like to eat with my left

8) I don't drink Coke or Pepsi, or most brown colored soda

9) I'm allergic to pollen and nickel

10) I love being active such as volunteering in my community and playing sports!

Welcome to the Course!


I am really excited about the weeks that lay ahead for us. I have many hopes for you all as students, as storytellers, and as incoming freshman here.

As you know, I graduated with a Ph.D. in Feminist Studies from the Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies and our classroom - The Rachel Raimist Feminist Media Center, is named in my honor.

I am an Assistant Professor of media production in the Department of Telecommunication and Film at the University of Alabama --- ROLL TIDE! --- but I am here just to teach this class, and spend the summer with you!

I lived in Minneapolis for graduate school for many years, so my "top 10" list is my 10 favorite things in/from Minneapolis:

1 - Minneapolis Hip Hop & Spoken Word

My favorites are: Maria Isa, Brother Ali, I Self Devine, Tish Jones and Desdamona

I'm even in Desdamona's "Too Big For My Skin" video:

2 - Non-profit Art Scene

Intermedia Arts (especially B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip Hop, an event I co-founded with amazing women, in 2005)

Juxtaposition Arts

Hope Community Center

Walker Art's Center WACTAC!

IFP Center for Media Arts

3 - Maria's Cafe

Breakfast for $4 early in the am

4 - Plum's Plus Size... big girls need gear too!

5 - Holy Land.... love me some gyros!

6 - Bryant Lake Bowl

7 - Voices Merging & Vices2Verses Conference

8 - MOA!

9 - Minnesota is the only state I've lived in to give me $$$ (grant funds) to make movies and put on shows!

Minnesota State Arts Board

Minnesota Regional Arts Grant

10 - The University of Minnesota!

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