I can't tell you who I am with just ten things. It unjustified who I am, really. So instead of listing ten things about me, I'll list ten important factor to me as a person. Please do enjoy the following:

Ina and Sara.jpg

1. NOU VICKY VUE. Yes it is capitalize to resemblance my significant presence. I am cocky when I am online.

2. I am a family girl. My family is my purpose to my insistence existence.

3. LOVE LOVE LOVE my Youth Leadership Development Program. I am highly active (I AM A ACTIVIST) with the local community. Either it is a school activity, volunteering as a tutor, or community reach out I enjoy them all. I believe that Youths have the power to impact the world, leaders of tomorrow! So far these are the experience I have gone through. I am however looking forward to being involve with local movements as the next step of becoming an adult to our society.

4. I am a Christian. Religion is important factor to human society. So far it had helped develop who I am today, and so it will for the rest of my life.

5. Friends. I love having friends. They're fun and quite interesting. Supporters.

6. Music. For the first time i just recently figure that music is a way to express myself. ALTHOUGH I do not compose nor produce any music of my own, I take the pleasure of sharing what I learn about the music/songs I spent hours studying to my peers.

7. I heart YG.jpg YG entertainment. I love it I just do. I did a study about the Music industry career, and this entertainment was a particular industry that I focused on. I fell in love with their theme/opinion/genre of music. Now they are the motivation to accomplish my Goals and Dreams.

8. My Height. I am 4'11 and yes I do tell people that I am 5 ft. Its so close to one another that I don't think it makes that big of a difference. But just recently my height has a been an issues about me, where people do poke fun of how short I am. I'm mad sometimes that i do accept their (friends, acquittance's) stereotypes, jokes, however there is a strong side of me that won't allow my height be a reason to lower myself to fit their "standard". I am quite normal as anyone else.

9. Education- its the key to success. But I would say I am currently fighting with it. I don't like it, nor does it like me. However if working together, we're the most enlighten "thing" together. So I love it, hate it. It's a bittersweet relationship.

10. Art. I like it. Its cool. I draw, write, and read. Watch movie too- its art also. Oh and I dance- hip hop.


you got to own that key to success. you can do it! you are doing it, you are in Bridge

very adorable pictures!

You are so funny and wow! You have a lot about yourself! Everyone deserves confidence somewhere. YG entertainment is AWESOME! I would like to see your artwork sometime as well.

The picture is way cute. HAHA. You really took this blog to the next level, you gave facts about yourself and backed it up.

Girl, you got the point. I LOVE the picture. I would like to see you dancing too...

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