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Course reflection

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Tulips-OrgStyle-FL08_lg.jpgOver the course of taking Dr. Rachel Ramist's Digital Storytelling class, I was left speechless. I am speechless at the peers, the mentors, and the teacher. Speechless in a good way though, speechless as in not knowing what to say when you're in a state of being breathtaking at others work, courage, and passion. I am quite overwhelm to know this much about them, afraid that I can't serve the purpose of their effort of sharing a side of themselves that is very personal to share. These people here, in section 1, I feel like it is a gift from the heavens. These are great people.
Joe Lambert's seven elements is the set foundation of what should go into the video: point of view, emotional content, the power of soundtrack, pacing, economy, dramatic, and the gift of voice. Everyone incorporates all of these elements in order to tell their stories, their gifts. It is quite difficult to tell a story with technology. For class, we use the Finial Cut program to edit our papers. We have to think about what photo to use over the voice-over. Also sometimes, we think twice about rather our voice-over was even appropriate. Most time, we have to find the courage and the patience to do what we can in order to deliver our gift to the best of its potential, without regret and without hesitation.
After the program, it was understanding that people want to convey in their gift of their stories. To understand where we are coming from. Understanding how we perceive the world. Understanding to adapt and to understand.

Thankyou/shout out to:


Course Reflection

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This has been my best summer without a doubt! I absolutely enjoyed this class with being able to get on a more personal level with each of my classmates. The gifts I have received from you Rachel and everyone is priceless to me. I got to see another perspective, another pair of eyes and live another life for a few minutes. I am going to miss this class , learning all cool effects on Final Cut and just hanging out late nights in Ford. This class has created many bonds and I was gladly there to see it all. I cant wait to take my skills into my other classes and hopefully can share my gift with others. I am thankful for this class for letting my past off my shoulder and moving forward. From the tears and laughters shared during sharing time. To having breakfast on the go each morning. This has been an adventure and Digital Storytelling class has been a central in it. Thank you Rachel for everything you had done for us. I can see the growth and the strength in one another. Thank you from the bottom of my heart =].

Digital storytelling section review AWARE

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Sharing personal stories through the making of digital storytelling and having an input on the pacing, economy, point of view, gift of the voice, dramatic piece, power of the sound track, and emotion that completed our stories that we wanted to share was a complete moment for me. The power of the media as a product selling and also idea selling aspect of looking at the media's agenda was an experience that connected me and my group the community as we interviewed strangers on the streets on the effect of commercials/ads on their daily lives. It was an eye opener to understand that some journalists go into communities they don't belong in and use their images for other purpose, fortunately there are journalist that introduce digital storytelling to the community.

Course Reflection

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I had so much fun in this class. It also taught my so much. I learned that the media hides information and pretty much has control of society. The things happening on t.v. usually draws attention to people. I also learned that everybody has there own perspectives of ideas. It is the reason people don't understand each other. I also learn that digital stories can have a very important meaning. I didn't know how powerful they can be because in class people were crying when watching some digital stories. Over all, the class was wonderful and I'm glad i was apart of the Bridge program this year.

The experience I gained from Digital Storytelling

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First and most importantly I would like to thank Rachel, Charles, and Jessica for all the help and support they have gave me. Three things this class has taught me is awareness, creative, and going outside my comfort zone. I have learned everyone is able to relate with one another through our digital story. Digital stories is a powerful media that can help express our voices and images to show others. Once other people has seen our digital stories it enables our mind to be able to share similar stories with other and therefore creating a a bond with one another. To sum up my lesson that I learned on my own through Digital Storytelling is we all are a family. This is the gift have learned from seeing everyone's stories because we are able to share stories and connect with one another with a stronger bond.

What I've Learned Over This Course

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Thanks to Rachel, Charles, and Jessica for helping me over the summer. I learned a lot from all of you as well as my bridge-mates. I learned to tell my own story and share my life with other people. I hope to get in touch with you all. I learned that I had new life like other people as well, making friends is not hard if I am the first to say "Hi", and be friendly. Thanks for all of your advice for me to be active learner and be aware of the society around me. Dr. Raimist, thanks for teaching me to know more about the "gift" of my story. I've never think before that each story has a "gift" until the day when you taught all of us about it. I've never known how to make a video myself till attending your class. I always think that if people see any sort of image then all will react the same, but I was totally wrong because after learning about all of the process of looking, I know that there isn't any correct to interpret images. Everyone comes from different background and diverse in culture, so we all interpret images differently. Overall I know how to identify the "gift" of my story and understand that there is always different meanings to images. I learned a lot from you all and I would want to continue this relationship with you. Thank you.

What I have learned In Digital Storytelling

Through six weeks I have learned many things. Special Thanks to Rachel for your valuable lesson in digital storytelling about the gifts of stories which I did not know much about it before. Making the video in this class, I'm able to find the way to contact my friends in Vietnam. You taught us how to make stories alive and learn how to handle college work. We learned, shared, laughed, thought and felt with different motions from digital stories we made. Each story is a unique and we understand more about each other. Thanks to Charles for the lesson about images. I have learned that they are many different ways to interpret images (the importance that : images are not just about visual art or a photo but about attitude to be a college student :)! I remember the first few days of this program I was shocked by those gender images and I could not understand that why they show those images to students. But, now I understood that by observing different point of views. Thanks Jessica for your help with editing paper and encouragement. Thanks to Peer mentors (Roda, Hassan, Xai) who stayed late at night waiting for us to finish the videos. To me, this Summer Bridge is amazing. I wish the program could be longer. This is a wonderful time that I will never forget. My friends, Bridge 2010-Thank you so much for your helpful and kindness! You all gave me rich and interesting gifts from your stories: never give up! , understand others cultures!, ...ect.. One again, Thank you to all of you! All bests! I will miss you all. Have a wonderful with the rest of Summer! See you all in the fall!

Course Reflection

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The long, six intense weeks that we have endured together we have finally made it! (: Through this summer program I have discovered more about myself as an individual. With the help of Charles, Jessica, Rachel and Pat I was able to push myself even further with their support and guidance through this journey.

From this course, the "gift" I received was the knowledge and ability of sharing my voice with others and producing a digital story open to the public. I came to Digital Storytelling thinking that we were just analyzing digital shorts and works of others, but instead I found out we were actually creating our OWN videos using the Mac computers in front of us. Through the help of Rachel I was able to create videos on my own that I was proud of. Being able to use the technology and programs I am lucky to have been a part of this. From this experience I can say that I have made a video for the first time.

These courses taught me the value and meaning of the images we see and how our perspectives are all different based on our cultures and experiences. Everything that I've have learned up to this point has helped me better understand my surroundings and everyone around me. I am so glad to have had this wonderful opportunity and to share this experience with everyone in Bridge and especially the students of Section 1, who have all worked so hard. I would also like to thank again, the staff, and coordinators who all made it possible. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors!

-Anna Ma

Digital Storytelling Reflection

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It has been a long journey but nothing has beat my experience in the summer bridge of 2010. The past six weeks that I have been in Digital Storytelling Section 1 class was an awesome experiences. I would like to thank all the professor and staff that has help us, the students to succeed. Thank you Rachel Raimist, Charles Helm, Jessica, Roda, and Hassun. I have learned many wonderful techniques about digital storytelling. The three main techniques i learned were the gift of my story, how to make a digital story, and the meanings of the images that are being presented in the story. The gift of stories is the message that the writer is sharing with it's audience. In my video the gift of my story that I'd shared with the world is accepting who you are and finding your true identity. To make a good digital story, you'll need the beginning, the middle, and the ending. Also, images do have meanings and people have different interpretations of images. Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the professor and all the staff members. Thank your for all you help, support, and advice.

Summer Bridge Through My Lens \o-o/

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Wow, is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about Summer Bridge 2010. It's been such an amazing and unexpected walk across this bridge to academic success. Right now I feel like the LUCKIEST person in the world to be sitting here blogging, even though I only lived off of like four hours of sleep today. I'm wowed at all the amazingly kind hearts that I have met and gotten to know this summer. It wows me to think about how the first week of classes we all barley knew how to pronounce each others names and now we leave this class with the knowledge of who each individual in Section1 is outside of the knowledge of the identity of their names. The stories behind everyone's eyes that were shared wowed me inside and out, it caused a wave of emotions, it opened a door for everyone to step out as well as for others to come in. Coming into Rachel's Digital Storytelling class, each of us were a distinctly wrapped gift of all array of colors and shapes. Each gift inside being something unique, personal, and either crazily bouncing to be opened or released, or just hiding in the bottom corner. No matter what gift each of our boxes beheld by the end of this 6 week course, all of us were able to freely let that gift be open and shared among everyone that surrounded. This concept of the "gift" has been something that I enjoyed from the very beginning, I am so glad I was able to let others unwrap my gift, as they allowed me to unwrap theirs. Thank you, all my peer scholars, professors, Ta's, and peer mentors for sharing your gifts with me. Each gift will be treasured in my heart and I hope that one day I can pass on those gift that you all have given me.

One term that I have a better grasp on now through the teachings of Dr. Rachel Raimist and Charles Helm is the term "awareness." Through everything I have learned whether it was about digital storytelling, Oscar Grant, or "Practices of Looking", the significance of being aware has always slipped it's way into my leaning. Through Rachel's class I've learned to be more aware of what is going on in the media, although incidents that are shown in the media may have happened half a world away it still has an effect on me whether I know that it's happening or not. This whole process of learning to tell my truth through a digital story has made me aware of how powerful my female, Hmong American, Chinese proficient speaking voice can be. Through digital stories I can make awareness to things that many people don't see, whether it be through my own personal experience of an issue of society. Through this awareness that I am trying to send out into the community I will give awareness back to myself through realizing things while editing and creating my digital story or through the feedback, questions and comments I receive from viewers. Awareness has not only presented itself to me through digital story telling but also through "Practices of Looking." I never knew that reading these packets would automatically cause me to ask questions of "why," "when," "how," "who," or "where." This knowledge of awareness that grew inside me has been such a wonderful contribution to my everyday life. I've learned so much about influence, judgment, and interpretation that everyday it overwhelms me of how long it took me to really realize the fact that all three of these concepts are things that ultimately have no right or wrong opinion and that's what makes this term "awareness" at the moment a godly figure to me. Thank you Rachel for sharing the importance of digital storytelling with me and allowing me to reach a level of awareness that I never saw within myself. Thank you Charles for allowing me to redefine daily terms like interpretation, influence, judgment, and of course "awareness." :) This redefining process has allowed me to rediscover who I am through these terms and how I value the attendance of each of these aspects of live every day.

One word that I feel that completes this whole experience is the word:balance. All the courses that I got to take advantage of as a Bridge student all had this different aspect of what they were as an independent course but ultimately they had this connection, one that wasn't apparent unless one looked beyond what they originally thought. This concept of balance not only was apparent in our classes but in each and everyone of us. The atmosphere that each one of us gave off every time we entered a room was a crucial element that gave this feeling of tranquility, something that helped defined us as "Summer Bridge 2010." Everything we did here, from the Friday community service events to the fun group events during the Saturdays here created this balance of life, an essence that each and every one of us contributed to as we attended each event. I feel that after completing these courses (Digital Storytelling, General Session, WRIT 1201), after meeting all these kind-hearted individuals, and after engaging myself fully and completely I have this feeling of accomplishment. I balanced out stress, social life, and schoolwork through personal choices. The value of what personal choices are has changed for me, a lot of things that I chose to do while here, might of never been the choice I would of made before being a part of Summer Bridge, and I know that after this program, a lot of things that I have done here, I might not chose to do again. Through all of this critical thinking and analyzing that has take over me through transitioning into a scholar I have this overwhelming feeling of completeness, something that I am very grateful for having attained through my six weeks here.

Thank you everyone for all the support, love, and kindness that I have received as a Bridge student these past six weeks.This is truly an experience like no other, thank you all for sharing this experience with me.You all have made me aware of who I am as well as of who you all are, creating this memorable connection that I will always remember. Thank you all for the gifts you have given me throughout this whole journey, they are gifts that will surround me daily in remembrance of how beautiful each and everyone of you are as individuals. Thank you all for allowing me to see a different side of everything, allowing me to wear you shoes for a moment, as well as put on your cultural caps. Thank you all for being an influence in my life.

<3 Pa Shoua Bly Vang

Course Reflection

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Wow we are now Finished with Summer Bridge!
I have learned so much during this digital storytelling class, thank you Rachel, Charles and others
who have helped me throughout this course. I learned that the gift of our story is the most important aspect of our stories. I felt like while doing two of the video that i did, i learned something about me, It made me realize that i love doing it, all the editing and all the pieces that we have to find and put together to make our video was full of excitement and fun. I am grateful to have taken this course, I've also learned that every video that we made was so strong and powerful. I now realize how strong the gift of our story can be. Throughout all the struggle that i been through making these videos was a great experience and i don't regret none of it and I will miss this class very much.


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In this class, I learned that there are many different "gifts" that people are hiding deep down inside. At the same time the "gift" of a story is understood differently, but similar to the main idea that is trying to be sent. It is a way to learn about other people's "gift". How different the "gift" can be interpreted in many different ways like my story when I was talking about obstacles that brought me down, but I continue fighting it and that everyone experience's it. The "gift" can relate to many people that are within the courses and if they look online at the blog.
Another thing I learned was that digital storytelling is a way to communicate to society about the surroundings. The way that I see things, I can "change" the chain by voicing out what I have to say about a particular situation. I can fight for or against what I choose to such as ads, the community, the environment, and even the media to make an impact into the public's point of view of the situation. What I choose to do about the situations in society all lie within the power of my voice.
The other thing I learned within this course is that DIGITAL STORYTELLING is a POWERFUL way to communicate to everyone. It is a way to be voiced and heard when needed. Though I will be noticed as anonymous to the public, there are a few professors and peer scholars that will recognize me for what I do and understand my situation. Digital Storytelling is a way to relate to many others out in the world, to take advantage of it is up to one individual to grasp it within their hands and cling onto it, like they cannot live without it. The opportunity is all within ones hands to do it or not, but it is a "good" and "strong" way to "fight" back against society and what is portrayed. By good and strong, I mean where people cannot interfere with one's voice. By fighting back, it's not the physical touching throwing people down with weapons, but a way to be heard of what one has to say about society and what they do to people or even one's life behind closed doors to be heard.

Class Reflection

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I must confuse that i feel like the the smartest and the most creative person in the world after taking this clas. I LOVE DIGITAL STORYTELLING. It is one of the best classes I have taken. I wish all my classes in college should be like this, because if they are like this then I guess I would not really want to graduate from college. I wish I have another oppotunity to take this class again. When am in this class I feel very welcome and I feel like i can fit in with every one. I will want to thank Dr. Rachel Raimist, Charles Helm, and Jessica Orton because you people have given me hope that i can feel confortable every where I go to in life. I will never forget this class. I WILL MISS DIGITAL STORYTELLING.

My Digital Storytelling Class

Dear Rachel Raimist, Charles Helm, and Jessica Orton,

Thank you all for everything that you have taught me in my Digital Storytelling class and General session. One thing I will always remember is the many digital stories that we, as a class, created and the messages that everyone had behind them. Exercising the use of blogs was something I found to be very effective in communicating to everyone in the program. Through this class, I have become more conscious of the power of images and to what extent can they leave an impact on society. By reading Joe Lambert, and practicing many of his techniques of how to create a digital story, I cannot say that I would've had a better experience learning it somewhere else than where I have been in your digital storytelling class Rachel.
Many of us do not realize how much of an influence you, Rachel, actually have on the University of Minnesota, and I cannot say that I do realize the amount of contribution, but I appreciate all the knowledge that you have given me in the short amount of time period that we had. I still remember that first day of class, where you introduced yourself with Walter, and I was surprised by the way both of you presented yourself in class. Just a little information of your background made me shiver and give you respect because I can just sense that you've achieved so much in life already. I am truly grateful to have you as my professor for this summer course because you were patient enough to allow me to grow with the new technology that was presented before me. I remember hearing that learning to use final cut will be a lifelong skill I will keep, and none other than Charles Helm suggested this.
Charles, thank you for being a great teacher in my General Session class. As the power of images are discussed daily in class, I've learned to really engage myself in the "practices of looking". Marxism, social construction, dichotomy, and semiotics are just some of the words that come up when I think of your class, and I am proud of myself to have become aware of these new vocabulary words. I am intrigued by your pedagogy, and especially in it's ability to capture my attention everyday in class because you have become a role model for me in many ways. Honesty is a virtue that I see exists in our Digital Storytelling class and General Session, which is why I am truly grateful to have had you as a professor too Charles.
Wonderful Jessica, I wouldn't have had such great papers had I not gotten help from you. Your ability to write and advise is something I will always remember. Throughout the whole program, you've always opened yourself to any kind of help that you can provide for your students like myself. If there's one thing I learned in Charles's General Session, it is to be aware of my campus resources. Thank you for your tutoring Jessica.
The real world will come in many different shapes and forms, and I am glad to have had the opportunity to polish my lens before heading deeper into my future. To be able to view many different forms of truth and to create my own truth was one of the greatest things about Digital Storytelling. The ability to keep an open mind, speak in a safe environment, and dig deep into human emotions was an aspect I really enjoyed. By having gone through this class, I have understood the power of my voice, Thank You All.

Joe Vang

Three things that I learned from this class

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I learned Giving up is something unacceptable in my life throuth thi class I had to prove a lot and I spent all my time to get an education different then what I knew it was very entertaining and I have been part of the class and taking extra time to help myself to understand why I had the problem of not understanding how to possted digital storytelling. For me I had good way of thinking storey telling needs more attention than my writing class so i learned how to plan ways of learning how to do so, which was staying and putting a lot of time for this class with my groups and sometimes a long to focuse my class and what the students are doing thanks to all my teachers and my students that we were taking same section.

What I learned over the summer course

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Thank you so much Rachel for sharing your knowledge and helping us to be motivated to learn every day. Your smiles and support helped us speak out in class without being shy. In your class I felt comfortable to participate and share my thought with everyone in class. One of the best things I learned from you is the power of storytelling and how one could discover about each other in a short amount of time. I am so happy to have you as an instructor and I will miss you so much. Hope to see you this fall again.

Course Reflection

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6 weeks ago, I couldn't see myself creating such an effective video that touched my peers. Applying the knowledge I have gained from all three courses Bride had to offer, I wanted my peers to also see through my cultrual lenses all of the critical analysis I have done when it came to the media. Reading Lambert's book has helped widen my knowledge on digital storytelling. I used to see digital storytelling as a fast process, you film, you copy and past music and pictures and present the project to an audience. No. It wasn't anything like that at all. Some areas of creating our videos took a lot longer than I had planned, as well as created more frustration than I had hoped. But even with all of that, it benefited me in teaching me how to be patient and to be more aware of how all of the contents in my video was in service of the gift of my story.

I would like to thank Rachel Raimist, Charles Helm, and Jessica Orton. Thank you for the guidance and helping hand during the process of creating these digital stories. I could have not created these videos without you all.

Course Reflection

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Over the course of this summer, I have learned a lot about about myself and others as well. Six weeks ago when I came to this classroom, I didn't know what to expect because of my poor technological skills. I didn't know that I would make friends and receive some help.Thanks to Rachel- the best professor, to Jessica for helping me overcome the struggles I've been having with all assignments and giving me the professional smile everyday. Thanks to Charles for motivating me to success with your smile. You made my day. To all the bridge students and mentors, thanks for being there for me anytime I need support. To Steve, the program coordinator thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Bridge to Academic Excellence. I learned a lot from you all how to be who I am and share my weaknesses and strengths. You all taught me how to be proud of who I am. Of course I felt lonely and unskilled when I first came to this class but everyone and each of you made it shine to me.This class has been like an adventure for me because of your help and support. Thanks to you everyone!


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Africa Stereotypes

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We hope people change their conceptions and stereotypes about Africa.

What is "BeAuTy"?

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Beauty is a term that is often interpreted differently among all sorts of people, whether they notice it or not. Beauty can be as broad or as narrow as you make it. Through this digital story we hope you are able to identify what beauty personally means to you and hopefully by the end of the video you can answer the question, "what is beauty?"

Music Identity

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This project is made by Adam Lee and Vicky Vue, focusing on the concept of music intertwining with personal identity. We hope you enjoy. Thanks to the Summer Bridge Program 2010, Staffs and peers.

The Inner Beauty Of Women

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This is the last video that we made as a group for digital storytelling course. Enjoy watching our video:)


The Power of Advertisements

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We're taking all those haters and players to school. Bring your pencils and notebooks and start takin notes.

We are gentleman featuring B.H.C.

Appearance Release Form

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Please have EVERYONE that you interview for your final project sign this release form.


Copies are also available from Bridge staff - Thanks!

UMN Library SMART Learning Commons:


Digital Video Camera (Sanyo HD1000- HD/720/1080 - 8GB SMART card included!)

Digital Video Camera (Sanyo CG10 HD/720 - 8GB SMART card included!) 

External Disk Drive (160GB)


H2Zoom Audio Recorder



Students can checkout video cameras and tripods for academic and personal use from the College of Liberal Arts Office of Information Technology office located in 110 Anderson Hall on the west bank. This pool of equipment is made possible because of the student technology fees. Visit http://www.claoit.umn.edu/loaners/ to make a reservation.

Prosumer and professional equipment:
digital video cameras
microphones & audio mixers
location lighting kits

Final Project: Inspirational Links

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Former bridge students:



U Class: "Digital Storytelling In and With Communities of Color"

UA Class: "Digital Stories of Race, Class and Gender":

Other Videos (not my former students):

"Decolonizing Black Women's Bodies"

Oscar Grant Tribute:

"I Am Sean Bell"

I AM SEAN BELL, black boys speak from Stacey Muhammad on Vimeo.

"Barack & Curtis"

Final Project Assignment

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(1 proposal per video project)

Include the following information:
a. who's making the video (names and section #) - up to 4 members in a group
b. your topic / the gift of your story / 3 concepts key terms
c. plan for form of your video (interviews, youtube clips, screengrabs, photos, v.o., music, titles...)
d. project timeline

2. VIDEO PROJECT (1 - 4 students per video)

Rough Cuts due TUESDAY 7/27 and WEDNESDAY 7/28 (screening in class)
Final Video posted on the blog before class on THURSDAY 7/29

Individually or in a group, produce a short Video (5-6 minutes max) using 3 of the theoretical concepts and/or key terms discussed in the course material (in the reading, in films/videos viewed in class, class discussion, etc).


Write a short 5 -6 page paper analyzing your topic/issue using scholarly theory (do your research and find scholarly articles on the library website). Use your essay to articulate how the theory informs the choices you make as a media maker on this topic.

Key Words, Terms , Concepts & Media Frameworks:

  • The Summer Bridge program

  • Education / pedagogy

  • Power of the media

  • Media effects / media impact

  • language & power / the power of language

  • Dichotomies (good/bad, positive/negative) / binary thinking vs. Complexities

  • Power

  • Race

  • Gender

  • Class

  • Sexuality

  • Representation

  • Stereotypes

  • Ideology

  • The gaze

  • Subjectivity

  • Positionality

  • Privilege

  • Propoganda

  • Hegemony

  • Ethnicity

  • Culture

  • White privilege

  • White supremacy

  • Capitalism

  • Patriarchy

  • Racism

  • Sexism

  • Misogyny

  • Violence

  • Homophobia

  • Feminism

  • Social constructiom

  • Aesthetics

  • Masculinity / manhood

  • Femininity / womanhood

  • Body / bodies

  • Image / images

  • Identity

  • Citizenship

  • Community

  • Culture

  • Religion

  • Oppositionality

  • Resistance

  • Appropriation

  • colonization / colonizing

  • decolonization / decolonizing

  • Difference

  • Change

  • Society

  • sports

  • faith

  • spirituality

  • Music videos

  • Television shows

  • Commercials

  • Advertisements

  • Music

  • Films

  • The radio

  • The Internet

  • Blogs / blogging

  • News reporting

  • Storytelling

  • Art

  • Creativity

  • Poetry

  • Music

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Performance

Your paper must be:
double spaced
3 - 5 pages

Due Wednesday - Hard copy turned in during class, NOT posted to the blog)!

Reflection Prompt: (These questions are just some things to think about, to help you write... don't feel like you must address them all.)

In class we started with learning about the POWER of a story, the role of storytelling, and the value of stories. We studied Lambert's method and considered Lambert's 7 Elements as a framework for what makes effective (or "good") digital stories. We did a PHOTO EXERCISE, shared our stories in our story circle, created STORYBOARDS, recorded your writing as VOICE OVER, learned how to edit on FINAL CUT, and worked with each other throughout the process giving feedback and technical support. What in this process helped you to make your own story?

What does it take to create / make / produce a digital story?

What did it take for you to make your digital story?

What was most powerful about the experience? What did you struggle with through the process? What are your strengths? What was most difficult? Did you have any fears before the process (like editing), during (like you wouldn't finish), after (while screening)?

What is the gift of your story? Did viewers get your gift? Why? Why not?

What did you feel like sharing your digital story on screen in front of the class? How do you feel that this story will remain online and accessible for others to view? Will you share the link with anyone?

What did you learn about:
digital media
final cut
each other
the gifts of stories

What do you think makes a good / powerful / relatable / awesome / compelling / interesting / emotional / moving / inspirational ... digital story ?

What is the power of digital storytelling?

This is INFORMAL writing (use first-person "I" voice) but please do spell check!

My Heaven [A love confession to BIG BANG]


The last few days of school, I tried to cram four years of sweat and tears I put towards Big Bang. To the guys who helped shape who I am today, I love you.

The following media are credit to the YG Entertainment and Enterprise in South Korea. Appreciation goes to staffs and peers in the Summer Bridge Program 2010. Thank-you.


Graduation Memory


This video is about my Graduation Memory. ENJOY IT!!

Team Shijiazhuang


This is a video I made in Digital Storytelling about my awesome friends that I met while I was abraod in China. They have embedded a memorable life experience in my heart. These friends of mine are people that I will never forget. I hope to meet them again someday in their home countries.

A Place I Will Never Forget


I will never forget the high school that influenced my old personality.



To all my friends out there, I will remember you.



Who I Am Today


True Friends





Cherishing The Moments


The is a video about a group of seniors who graduated from Upward Bound
taken out to eat dinner at a restaurant called Fogo DeChao.

The Sweetest Memory of My School Days


Between Two World


What Could I Do in the Dark?


There isn't only darkness in the world. People are everywhere and ready to help all the time.

Anna Ma's Final

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Showing the Different Life.

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High School Senior Life


Last Days of Togetherness and the Memories of happiness...

Barite Digital Story


This is the story of my friend and I that I made in digital story

Christina's Final Video


The learning experience I went through to understand the importance of not giving up

Royalty Free Music

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