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The long, six intense weeks that we have endured together we have finally made it! (: Through this summer program I have discovered more about myself as an individual. With the help of Charles, Jessica, Rachel and Pat I was able to push myself even further with their support and guidance through this journey.

From this course, the "gift" I received was the knowledge and ability of sharing my voice with others and producing a digital story open to the public. I came to Digital Storytelling thinking that we were just analyzing digital shorts and works of others, but instead I found out we were actually creating our OWN videos using the Mac computers in front of us. Through the help of Rachel I was able to create videos on my own that I was proud of. Being able to use the technology and programs I am lucky to have been a part of this. From this experience I can say that I have made a video for the first time.

These courses taught me the value and meaning of the images we see and how our perspectives are all different based on our cultures and experiences. Everything that I've have learned up to this point has helped me better understand my surroundings and everyone around me. I am so glad to have had this wonderful opportunity and to share this experience with everyone in Bridge and especially the students of Section 1, who have all worked so hard. I would also like to thank again, the staff, and coordinators who all made it possible. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors!

-Anna Ma

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