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This has been my best summer without a doubt! I absolutely enjoyed this class with being able to get on a more personal level with each of my classmates. The gifts I have received from you Rachel and everyone is priceless to me. I got to see another perspective, another pair of eyes and live another life for a few minutes. I am going to miss this class , learning all cool effects on Final Cut and just hanging out late nights in Ford. This class has created many bonds and I was gladly there to see it all. I cant wait to take my skills into my other classes and hopefully can share my gift with others. I am thankful for this class for letting my past off my shoulder and moving forward. From the tears and laughters shared during sharing time. To having breakfast on the go each morning. This has been an adventure and Digital Storytelling class has been a central in it. Thank you Rachel for everything you had done for us. I can see the growth and the strength in one another. Thank you from the bottom of my heart =].

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