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Tulips-OrgStyle-FL08_lg.jpgOver the course of taking Dr. Rachel Ramist's Digital Storytelling class, I was left speechless. I am speechless at the peers, the mentors, and the teacher. Speechless in a good way though, speechless as in not knowing what to say when you're in a state of being breathtaking at others work, courage, and passion. I am quite overwhelm to know this much about them, afraid that I can't serve the purpose of their effort of sharing a side of themselves that is very personal to share. These people here, in section 1, I feel like it is a gift from the heavens. These are great people.
Joe Lambert's seven elements is the set foundation of what should go into the video: point of view, emotional content, the power of soundtrack, pacing, economy, dramatic, and the gift of voice. Everyone incorporates all of these elements in order to tell their stories, their gifts. It is quite difficult to tell a story with technology. For class, we use the Finial Cut program to edit our papers. We have to think about what photo to use over the voice-over. Also sometimes, we think twice about rather our voice-over was even appropriate. Most time, we have to find the courage and the patience to do what we can in order to deliver our gift to the best of its potential, without regret and without hesitation.
After the program, it was understanding that people want to convey in their gift of their stories. To understand where we are coming from. Understanding how we perceive the world. Understanding to adapt and to understand.

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