Ahmed i love your story you sound just like naruto when he was sad too, awesome.
Keep up the good work!

AHMED - Your struggle and set of mind on challenging it is admirable. You were not limiting yourself by what your doctor said (loved the self-proclaimed name) but proved him wrong. I have yet to injure myself but when I do - I will see you as a motivation to go beyond it =] Following your equation - "Thank you for sharing"!

I really loved your video. I thought it was very well structured and you have done a great job on conveying your message. Through the video I was able to feel your determination and through the 5 weeks we have known each other I can tell how determined you are. (:

Naruto is the $#!% i love your music choice, but i think you should work on the transition of your 2 music pieces.

Oh Ahmedsadik Ali Yussuf:)
This video defines you completely.
It shows your love of soccer, and
your determination and your will
to never give up. I feel that through
this video I have been able to know
you a little bit more, although you
are still a big mystery. Your story is
so powerful. Thank you for sharing
this story, if you had not I don't think
I would of ever found out why you
always claimed to be a "retired"
soccer player. I saw your skills that
day when we played soccer and you
know this already, you're super good.
Thank you for your gift of your story.

i love the sound track of your video. it was very eciting. it made me wanna know whats going to happen next in your video and i really like that. keep up the good work

I loved your video becuse it is very well done and informative.
Great job!

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