My Heaven [A love confession to BIG BANG]


The last few days of school, I tried to cram four years of sweat and tears I put towards Big Bang. To the guys who helped shape who I am today, I love you.

The following media are credit to the YG Entertainment and Enterprise in South Korea. Appreciation goes to staffs and peers in the Summer Bridge Program 2010. Thank-you.



I LOVE your video...huge fan of BIG BANG as well...your effects and flow of this digital story is very unique and awesome! One of my favorites out of the bunch! GOOD JOB! ^_^

BIG to the bigidy digidy didgy.. You are the most modernized fan I have ever met, evolution...or you are just smarter than other fans...

haha your story was awesome!
but 2NE1 all day over here :P

Your video didn't show the "creepy" fan status that normal people usually get! I loved your video because it held such a positive insight and humor to it. Great job on the editing and transitions!

You're the best, I love both you and your video. We'll go to Korea to see Bigbang one day together.

Oh you video was so nice because it was like i was watching a music video. I never wanted your video to end. But every thing comes to an end. great job on your editing it shows how you are smart.

your video is very entertaing! grat job

Awesome video! I enjoyed watching your video from the beginning to the end. Just watching your video I think I'm falling deep and fast in love with them too.

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