What I have learned In Digital Storytelling

Through six weeks I have learned many things. Special Thanks to Rachel for your valuable lesson in digital storytelling about the gifts of stories which I did not know much about it before. Making the video in this class, I'm able to find the way to contact my friends in Vietnam. You taught us how to make stories alive and learn how to handle college work. We learned, shared, laughed, thought and felt with different motions from digital stories we made. Each story is a unique and we understand more about each other. Thanks to Charles for the lesson about images. I have learned that they are many different ways to interpret images (the importance that : images are not just about visual art or a photo but about attitude to be a college student :)! I remember the first few days of this program I was shocked by those gender images and I could not understand that why they show those images to students. But, now I understood that by observing different point of views. Thanks Jessica for your help with editing paper and encouragement. Thanks to Peer mentors (Roda, Hassan, Xai) who stayed late at night waiting for us to finish the videos. To me, this Summer Bridge is amazing. I wish the program could be longer. This is a wonderful time that I will never forget. My friends, Bridge 2010-Thank you so much for your helpful and kindness! You all gave me rich and interesting gifts from your stories: never give up! , understand others cultures!, ...ect.. One again, Thank you to all of you! All bests! I will miss you all. Have a wonderful with the rest of Summer! See you all in the fall!

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