What I've Learned Over This Course

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Thanks to Rachel, Charles, and Jessica for helping me over the summer. I learned a lot from all of you as well as my bridge-mates. I learned to tell my own story and share my life with other people. I hope to get in touch with you all. I learned that I had new life like other people as well, making friends is not hard if I am the first to say "Hi", and be friendly. Thanks for all of your advice for me to be active learner and be aware of the society around me. Dr. Raimist, thanks for teaching me to know more about the "gift" of my story. I've never think before that each story has a "gift" until the day when you taught all of us about it. I've never known how to make a video myself till attending your class. I always think that if people see any sort of image then all will react the same, but I was totally wrong because after learning about all of the process of looking, I know that there isn't any correct to interpret images. Everyone comes from different background and diverse in culture, so we all interpret images differently. Overall I know how to identify the "gift" of my story and understand that there is always different meanings to images. I learned a lot from you all and I would want to continue this relationship with you. Thank you.

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