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Jake's two video reviews

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Where the Wild Things Aren't by Daisy Chia

"Where the wild things aren't" by Daisy Chia. I like how she starts the story with a good one liner. " Are we there yet?" That right there sets the mood for the story, it catches the readers attention right away which is a good thing. This story is similar to me, I'm coming from a very small town where five different towns were combined to make our school. Coming to the cities is a huge eye opener for me. IM sure it was a huge eye opener for this moms family going to the country and farm. As far as the story goes, The music was quiet and nothing to special. I think she wanted audience to listen to her more then the music it self. I think she could have picked a different song and it would have been fine. The pictures were great, she pretty much had a picture for every sentence and little note that she made. Some of the pictures were funny and it brings her story together well. How her talking ties in with the pictures and music was also pretty good, she talked a little fast but thats how she had to with the beat of the music. All in all this story was very well said and funny to see her kids succeed with tasks that they never faced. I can relate to some of those tasks, I just recently road the city bus for the first time and it was a good experience just like what these kids had

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Reliving those Childhood Days by Jacqueline Woon

"Reliving those childhood days," by Jacqueline Woon. I find her story interesting and insightful, in the beginning she began by introducing her self and talking about her family. She said she grew up with 4 other brothers and sisters and while her parents where hard at work most of the time to support there family. They still managed to have fun with them selves and there parents but mostly on weekends with her ma and pa. When it comes to reviewing Jacqueline woons digital story, I would have to say all in all it was put together well. The background music was soothing and had a good vibe to it for what she was talking about. But on the other hand if it was me talking about my family I probably would have funny music playing to lighten the mood. The pictures were good she chose from a wide variety of pictures from her past and present. Like pictures when she was younger with all her brothers and sister, and all they way up to her getting married. That was a good variety of pictures in that short amount of time. Jacqueline's timing with talking to the sound and the pictures was pretty good, it was a good tempo and well said. I like how she was the body guard for her little sister. All in all it was pretty good, it was short and sweet and down to the point. It gave the listeners a good picture in there head about her childhood.

Dusti's top 10

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1) I live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin 2) I've been doing gymnastics since before I was 2 years old. 3) I have 2 older sisters and an older brother. 4) My whole family does parents coach. 5) I want to be a personal trainer with kids. 6) I love watching any kinds of movies. 7) I love reading all kinds of books. 8) My oldest sister attended and did gymnastics at the U of M. 9) I love doing aerobics videos. 10) I love swimming and being outside in the summer.


Josh's Ten Things

  1. I love to go camping.
  2. I liove to hunt all different animals.
  3. I love to fish, mosty ice fishing.
  4. I have three dogs.
  5. I love to hang out with my friends.
  6. I love the Minnesota Vikings.
  7. My favorite animal is the Grizzly Bear.
  8. I am 18 years old.
  9. I like to play PS3.
  10. I have one brother, who attends the University of Madison Wisconsin.

Katie's TEN facts!


Here are 10 facts about me that you most likely do not know!

  1. I got to travel throughout France, Greece and Italy a few summers ago.
  2. I started playing softball when I was a little girl and have been on a team ever since.
  3. I was the editor of our school's yearbook and it turned out very nice this year.
  4. I like to be as organized as I can, but I always fail!
  5. I can burp louder than most of my guy friends...gross I know. Haha.
  6. I HATE spending money. I try to keep every penny I get.
  7. I love photography. I take pictures of everything.
  8. I am one of four kid in my family. I am the oldest, but shortest. :(
  9. I work as a snowboard instructor every winter.
  10. I was nominated for the All-State Honorable Mention team for softball this last spring. (Big deal for me!)
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10 things about me (J.D. Pride)


1. I love movies
2. I like to chill with friends
3. I love Football
4. I dont have a favorite color
5. I love music
6. I have a dog
7. My family is from North Carolina
8. I have had a lot of driving violations
9. I went to 2 different high schools
10. I come from a big family

TeTori's 10 Interesting Facts


1. I live sports, especially volleyball
2. I'm realy tall
3. On August 4th I will be turning 18. Woo!
4. I have 2 little brothers and a little sister.
5. I love Chineese food
6. I have a bulldog named Zoe.
7. I love my friends and family.
8. I love hanging around and going to the beach.
9. My favorite movie is The Blind Side
10. My favorite show is Jersey Shore


Jake's Ten Things



Ten fun facts about me

  1. I have been playing hockey since i was 3 years old
  2. I love to cook 
  3. I have been living on my own for the past 3 years playing junior hockey
  4. My dad also played for the mens hockey team here way back when
  5. I cherish my friends and family
  6. I also have a sister that plays college hockey, she plays at bemidji state
  7. My dogs name is evy 
  8. I love to hunt
  9. i love to fish
  10. i went skydiving last year and it was awesome 

Ten (sort of) random things about Kiara


Here are ten things that may or may not need to know about me, I'll let you decide. Even though they are numbered they're not in any particular order.

  1. I am a performer
  2. I walk on my toes
  3. I have 5 sisters
  4. I love red nails
  5. Fave color: Purple
  6. I am very unphotogenic
  7. My prom dress was $7
  8. I love Chipotle (with a fork)
  9. I am a Christian
  10. I like Michael Jackson

Neils ten things!


1) My favorite movie is Blow.
2) If i could only eat one thing in the world it would be pizza, I love pizza!
3) I am the youngest child in my family.
4) I have 2 older sisters and no brothers.
5) I grew up in Plymouth MN, which is 15 min away from the u of m.
6) I am 6 foot 8
7) I love to play basketball volleyball and frolf
8) My favorite tv show is family guy
9) My favorite professional athlete is tiger woods
10) I am very excited for digital storytelling

10 thing about willie tatum

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1 I like football
2 I have three brothers
3 I have one sister
4 I am the oldest child
5 Im on the football team
6 My favorite food is pizza
7 Im from ohio
8 I lived with both of my parents
9 I am the first male in my family to go to college
10. I enjoy being in digital storytelling

"Top Ten" Facts About Me


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Ten Facts About Me:
  1. I cannot live with out my phone.
  2. I am the youngest of two (mom's only child.)
  3. I am a VERY random person.
  4. I like to laugh.
  5. I like to travel.
  6. I do NOT like pizza or peanut butter (eww).
  7. I love chocolate.
  8. My biggest fear in life is to not be successful.
  9. I LOVE my family and friends.. they are the reason I am the person I am today.
  10. I like to change my hair color every few months.

Kim's Top Ten



Ten things I am..

1. I love soccer and volleyball

2. I am always wanting to try new things

3. I hate mayonnaise with a passion

4. I love being outside hiking, rollerblading, camping,...anything

5. I love my friends and will do anything for them

6. I have jumped off a cliff into the ocean

7. I love sleep

8. My favorite color is purple

9. My grandma is probably the most amazing woman ever

10. I am the youngest child in my family

Rachel's Ten Things Test post



Rachel is the BEST teacher EVER!

10 Things about ME!:

  1. I am great.
  2. I am fun.
  3. I love my kids (most days)
  4. I love my students (some days)

Octavia's 10 Things Post



    (This is My dog Winston)

    Here are 10 very brief things that help you get to know me a little better enjoy!

    1.In Italian my first name means born eighth (but I wasn't).

    2. My Mom's first name is Catrina, my sister's name is Catriyanna, and my middle name is Catrice.

    3. I have two sisters two step sisters and one step brother.

    4. I have a Dog named Winston who falls asleep anywhere.

    5. My Great Grandmother even has a park there named after her, Joanna Cheatom Park.

    6. I hold my school's record for triple jump in track.

    7. I would like to major in Kinesiology and eventually one day have a private practice for athletic rehabilitation, but I'm not for sure yet. J

    8. I've lived in 5 different cities and 4 different states before the age of 10.

    9. I've worked at Delia's in Mall of America for 2 years now.

              10. My favorite blog is, by Alexi Wasser she's hilarious!




Ten Things About Lauren


 love to be outside.
I live on a farm.
I live in Wisconsin.
I have two older brothers.
I show my horse at the fair every year.
I am a BIG daddy's girl.
I am Christian.
I am shy.
I am open to new ideas.
I love hanging out with my friends!


10 Things about Ashley Akpaka!

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Here are ten random things about me ,Ashley Akpaka

  • I was born in Memphis, TN
  • I'm the oldest sibling of 4
  • I am a dancer and a very goofy person. I love to laugh!
  • I love to play the piano
  • I'm a member of a West African Drum and Dance Company called Voice of Culture (V.O.C)
  • My dad is Nigerian which makes me half Nigerian ( Tribe: Ibibio)
  • My fave colors are red, pink, and black but I love bright colors
  • I like to eat cookie dough : )
  • I enjoy taking pictures of myself
  • Lip gloss is a NECESSITY, I can't survive without it!

If you click on my name it will take you to my dance company page. Find me on facebook if you haven't already if not, I'll try to find you!!

Van Quach

     My name is Van Quach.  I am from Minneapolis Minnesota, and I graduated from South High's liberal arts program in the summer of 2010 with highest honors.

Ten Things About me is...
  1. I have two other brothers: Dan & Tan
  2. I am the middle child
  3. I love playing the piano
  4. I am Chinese American
  5. I speak Teochew, Mandarin, and English
  6. I was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota
  7. I like solving riddles
  8. I like playing tactical or strategy games
  9. I won upset trophy in state for chess
  10. I won second place chess team at Columbus, Ohio nationals tournament

Amanda's Ten Things



1) My favorite activity is traveling.

2) I am a true christian and very liberal in thinking!

3) I'm obsessed with reading Self-help books! Have a huge collection of self-help books.

4) My favorite food is carrots (especially carrot cake).

5) The best movie in my opinion is Cinderella Man which is very inspiring.

6) My favorite singer is Britt Nicole, who is a christian singer.

7) I love photography and specialize in photographing buildings.

8) I am a pisces (aka my birthday is feb. 20th).

9) Yes, I am a poetry buff! 

10) My best friend is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whom I love with all my heart!

The Lost Get Found Music Video

10 things about Me, Brian Valley


Brian #2

My ten things
) I hate cats with a passion
2) I like to fly kites, I just enjoy flying in general
3) Koolaid is the best
4) I am Indonesian, but a citizen by birth
5) Go Twins! I love baseball.
6) Extremely laid back
7) You will rarely, if ever, find me stressed
8) Photography is a hobby
9) I am a quick learner
10) You'll usually find me outdoors

Kengkue's "Top Ten" Things



The Top Ten Things about Kengkue:

1. I am the oldest of three, so my family is fairly small.

2. I was Co-captain of the Champlin Park Boys Tennis Team my senior year, and I played in the second singles position. I played on JV my freshman year, and I played on Varsity sophomore through senior year. I have won the All-Conference Honorable Mention award two years in a row, my junior and senior year. I learned to play tennis when I was five to seven years old.

3. I've played the alto saxophone since sixth grade. I played in my high school Symphonic Band my junior and senior year.

4. I graduated with Highest Honors in a graduating class of about 740. It was nothing special, since I knew many intelligent seniors at Champlin Park. A person's GPA doesn't necessarily show how smart someone is.

5. I took Honors, AP, IB, PSEO, and CIS classes during high school to challenge myself. I regret that I didn't challenge myself more, so I guess I got the short end of the stick.

6. I love learning about Chemistry, so I may probably factor that into my college studies somehow.

7. I love to read: books, newspapers, magazines, manuals, and just about anything else; as long as I can read it, I usually enjoy it. Even if I have to read as a class assignment, I've always enjoyed reading those books no matter what.

8. I know three languages: Hmong, Spanish, and English. I'm still want to learn other languages such as Mandarin Chinese.

9. I've learned to look at life with a positive outlook and to believe in myself; I have just learned that my high school senior year. Look on the bright side!

10. Although I come off as shy, quiet, intense, scary, weird, or whatever it may be, I am a really nice guy. I'm still learning to socialize, so don't be afraid to talk to me. I've done a lot of that learning my senior year, but I still have a ways to go! I also appreciate people that care enough to speak to others, so don't be shy! I'll do my best to talk back.

Jules' Ten Things


10 Favorite things

1. Favorite food: fettucini alfredo
2. favorite movie: love and basketball

Gabby's Ten Things!


kas and me.jpg

                   Ten Things About Me

1) I find it interesting to watch the History channel.
2) I love spinach artichoke dip, making and eating it.
3) I would love to travel to another country.
4) I love to be active and play sports.
5) I come from a very small town.
6) I like trying new things.
7) I am a caring person.
8) I love eating. I eat all the time.
9) I love to be outdoors and in nature.
10) I enjoy math, when I understand it.

10 choses à propos Lulete...*


My name is Lulete...


1. There are two women in my life I love and look up too, my mom and my older sister. We are the definition of best friends. I get every good trait I have from them.

2.  I love my country, Ethiopia...I dream that I am there like every night just to wake up and find myself in East St. Paul... and now Minneapolis

3.I will always dress to impress. Have too much perfume on, earrings on, and lip-gloss on hand. If I don't, then there is definitely something wrong that day.

4. I am THE WORST speller yet I was the Editor in Chief of my High school Newspaper

5. I don't call myself a Feminist just yet because I don't feel like I have done enough significant things in my life to earn that title. I am however working towards that, why?  Cause Girls rule duh.

6. I am the most forgetful person you will ever meet. I also lose everything. No, I don't want to talk about it.

7. I started a women empowerment group called SHE in my High school. I plan on starting it on Campus.

8. I hate crying.

9. I cry watching every movie, even the lion King. I feel other people's emotions and respond to their emotion better then I can feel and respond to my own.

10. Love Beyonce. Love Hillary Rodham Clinton. 90s R&B. Love food...a lot.

*About to take French, hopefully that title says "10 things about Lulete" in French.

Welcome to the Course

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I am really excited about the weeks that lay ahead for us. I have many hopes for you all as students, as storytellers, and as incoming freshman here.

As you know, I graduated with a Ph.D. in Feminist Studies from the Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies and our classroom - The Rachel Raimist Feminist Media Center, is named in my honor.

I am an Assistant Professor of media production in the Department of Telecommunication and Film at the University of Alabama --- ROLL TIDE! --- but I am here just to teach this class, and spend the summer with you!

I lived in Minneapolis for graduate school for many years, so my "top 10" list is my 10 favorite things in/from Minneapolis:

1 - Minneapolis Hip Hop & Spoken Word

My favorites are: Maria Isa, Brother Ali, I Self Devine, Tish Jones and Desdamona

I'm even in Desdamona's "Too Big For My Skin" video:

2 - Non-profit Art Scene

Intermedia Arts (especially B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip Hop, an event I co-founded with amazing women, in 2005)

Juxtaposition Arts

Hope Community Center

Walker Art's Center WACTAC!

IFP Center for Media Arts

3 - Maria's Cafe

Breakfast for $4 early in the am

4 - Plum's Plus Size... big girls need gear too!

5 - Holy Land.... love me some gyros!

6 - Bryant Lake Bowl

7 - Voices Merging & Vices2Verses Conference

8 - MOA!

9 - Minnesota is the only state I've lived in to give me $$$ (grant funds) to make movies and put on shows!

Minnesota State Arts Board

Minnesota Regional Arts Grant

10 - The University of Minnesota!

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