Ashley's Analysis for Digital Story 1

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The first slide of this video was a picture of the world. By viewing the picture of the world and hearing the tone of the music that was playing, I felt a sense of sadness however if the music was more emotional and mournful, there would be a bigger effect. The context of this video was about Brazil and the heavy amount of street children they have. The author is trying to inform the viewer that there is a serious problem in Brazil due to the lack of homes and families who don't care for their children. These children are getting into drugs, crime, and other unsafe activities and the public are not trying to help reduce this issue. This video displays faces of children that look like they are in need of help and tender loving care. I think the author is to reach out to people to let them know that although Brazil is a beautiful country, they need aid because the officials there aren't really making a difference. There isn't any effects used in this video which, I think is a good thing because the video doesn't need any and also the effects might take away from the video. I feel that this video isn't too short or too long and it gets the point across. My questions are why are these families so disorganized with their children? Why are the police and others scared of this situation? Will there ever be a resolution?

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This is a very moving digital story that portrays a true side of society that we don't see. I totally agree with the fact that people don't accept what they don't understand. It was scary to think that there are people my age living on the streets, dying. I wouldn't know what to do if I were living on my own. Alone. Hungry. Homeless.

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