Jules' 2 digital stories

Hope Rises

This video was about a woman who is a cancer survivor. She first lost her husband, then was diagnosed with a disease, while recovering from that disease she was told that she had breast cancer. After a while of taking medicine to help her with her pain, she decided that it was more trouble than it was worth and made the decision to stop taking them and return them to her doctor. She decided to start really enjoying her life by trying new things that she had never experienced before. I believe that Helen Gallegos, the author, decided to make this video to express her innermost feelings and show people the strength that it took to survive cancer. If this video were used to ask a question, I believe that that question would be how would you deal with extreme setbacks such as what Helen had experienced? This video was filled with emotion, throughout most of the video the emotion was sadness, but at the end the tone of the video changed to uplifting and inspirational. The pace of the video was pretty slow, nut it fit the content of the video. I thought that her voice over in the video was very passive sounding, she could have made it sound more interesting, her voice was the only part of the video that I thought was boring. The elements that are present in this video are, she has a point of view, it was filled with emotional content, it had the gift of her voice in the voice over, there was much power in the music. I thought that she had an effective use of words, I thought that her voice was on point with the pace of the song.


Strength in Love


This story was about a young man who overcame many obstacles to finally find a place where he belongs. He tells of how he joined a gang in hopes of finding people that he could relate to and would defend him if ever necessary. He later figured out that joining a gang was not the answer to his loneliness, he realizes this after he is stabbed by a drug addict who owed his gang money; his near death experience gave him the strength to see that he was heading down a very dangerous path, and if he was going to make something of himself he would need to separate himself from gang affiliates and others who cold be a negative influence on his life; so to do this he became close to his basketball coach and found a place in the world for himself. I think that he made this video to show that no matter what sort of adversity you are facing you can overcome all obstacles if you try hard enough. The emotion that is present in this video is sadness and in the end happiness because he found a place to call his home. I would say that the story is a decent length, long enough to get his message across. The pace of the video was pretty slow, but it fit the tone of the story. Overall I believe that this digital story was a good one, because it was able to make me feel joyous by the end.


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