Tori's 2 Digital Stories


Just Being There
This is a strong, moving, inspirational video. It is about a doctor or a social worker that hears the stories, complaints, and the cries of ordinary children every single day. I really enjoyed this digital storytelling film because it showed the true innocence of children, and how they look at the world a little differently from us teenagers and young adults. This man comes across questions every day when he is at work that it is not easy to answer, and there is no such answer to those questions either. There are questions such as: Why did mommy kill daddy? Why did my sister have to go away? Those questions are not very easy ones to answer, or even to come across. I agree with him when he says that it is amazing how children are able to find their way back into the world with such great of a loss, because most of us adults would not be able to do the same thing, even though we have had much greater experiences and knowledge in our lives compared to children. But, simply being with the children will help them get over their losses. Children like to talk about the things that are going on in their lives, because it does not only provide just a friend for the kids, but it also helps them to express themselves to get over their losses. One of the more disturbing parts in this story is when the child's parents get carried away in the body bag, and the doctor tells about the child's reaction.

Paul Thomas Clements -- Just Being There from Daniel Weinshenker on Vimeo.

Kevin's Digital Story
I did not necessarily agree with this story, nor disagree with his ways or values. I thought it was very interesting, and totally new to what I had ever seen before. His story was very different, one of the most different stories around today, I believe. Kevin was not always Kevin. He was born a female. As the years went on, he did not feel like a female. He always argued with his parents when they tried to make him wear a dress, and he always went against all social norms. He never acted female, and was always a tomboy. His parents quickly decided something was wrong with him, and set him up to see a social worker. The social worker listened and listened very hard. When she finally decided what was wrong with him, she suggested that she turn male. All the clues fit in well, according to her. He was a man stuck in a women's body. He got made fun of for being a lesbian at the time. All the other teenagers were quick to the punch by calling him a "lesbian" or "dyke". I do not necessarily think this is right, and it was very hurtful for the teenagers to be saying those kinds of mean things. It can show how if your different, society is not going to be easy on letting people off the hook for being different, and that is why I thought it was so interesting.



I thought it was very interesting to see his life. His beginning as female, who everyone thought was a tomboy. The truth of the matter was that this same person was actually a male. I never really thought about the discrimination that LGBT people can experience. They can go through a lot, and no one may take the time to listen. I was really surprised when Kevin found out that he was actually a male. I never knew what transgenders went through; if I didn't know any better, I would have thought that Kevin was a lesbian initially.

I never realized the obstacles that transgenders had to overcome. Everyone always hears about how difficult it is to be a gay or lesbian, but you never really hear about transgenders. All the people around Kevin thought that he was a lesbian when he was actually a male. No one took the time to listen or care. People made fun of him, and that made me really sad. The discrimination and mistreatment of Kevin goes to show how homophobic people can be. Not only that, but people are afraid of what is different. It's a sad reality that no one wants to fix or discuss.

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