Crossing the Bridge...

The first day of class there were like four questions for us to answer. When we found out we had to go around in a circle to share our answers we all panicked, because we were scared to give a wrong answer. That exercise helped me throughout her class, because the object was not to focus on there being one right answer but to see that we all have different interpretations. Through creating a digital story I learned that no story has greater value than another, because we ALL have a "gift". As I move forward I know I will be successful in college, because I now know how to edit a video using final cut, and how to tell an effective story.
Thanks class for being such amazing classmates for six weeks, you kept me entertained and allowed me to see the world from many different lenses, which made discussions very interesting and I wish you all the best of luck in the future.... P.S. we were the BEST section. I would also like to thank both Rachel and Syressa for all that you both have done for the past six weeks... you two have been some of the best teachers/ mentors I had thus far in life, you helped me develop confidence when sharing personal experiences.

-Alexys Parker <3

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