Dusti's Reflection

When I first saw my class schedule I was relieved there was only two classes, Writing 1301 and Digital Storytelling. I was confident I could handle writing, but I had never taken a class like Digital Storytelling. I dont like to deal with technology that much, I'm usually too busy, and I was afraid I would easily fall behind. When we met the first day and talked about what a story is I wasnt too sure if I would enjoy this experiance. When we started talking about gifts of stories and making our own stories that is when I started to really enjoy it. It was a definite challenge to make a digital story. Recording the voice over, and learning how to edit, get pictures, put music on was all very challenging and I know I wouldnt have been able to accomplish it without Rachel Syressa and my classmates. Everyone was so helpful and accomodating with everyone else. Once we started sharing our stories our class grew closer. The power of some stories made us cry and I've never been that interested in a class before. I'm so glad I got the opprotunity to take this class because it has made me more confident in my ability to learn new things. I enjoyed making stories and seeing everyone elses, they were all truly different and special. Thanks so much Rachel and Syressa for teaching this class, it was an amazing experiance!

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