Josh's Course Reflectiion

When i first came into this class I figured it would be just like any other computer class i took in high school. Also i wasn't really looking forward to showing my videos to people i didn't even know. Once we started to get moving with class it became a lot better, i was learning a lot of new things. It also became a lot better when i start to meet people in bridge and become comfortable with them. It made me feel like i could show a lot more. When working with final cut express at the beginning i figure it would just be the things i learned in high school, but it was a lot more than that. Not only did i learn new things about the program, but also things that make a story better. I learned how to really show the gift of the story to the audience so they can really capture what you are trying to show them. This class really taught me a lot on how to make a good story and have a good message. Rachel was a very good teacher that helped me and everyone else in the class a lot. Im glad i got to take this class through summer bridge because i feel like i got a lot more out of it. This class turned out to be pretty fun even though it got very stressful at times when trying to make our digital stories. They took a lot of time and commitment but they always seemed to turn out really good. I loved watching everyones video because they were all unique and everyone had a really good video. This class really helped me a lot and i'm very glad we had to take it. Thank you Rachel.

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