My Experience!

What I learned from Digital Story-telling is the seven elements of Digital Story-telling. We as groups/individuals learned the style of a good story. Though some may not find interest in our subject, it is really the power of the voice that counts. Having learned how to find the gift of my/our story, we can take that step to a new level using the seven elements. I learned to love Final Cut Express, it is a wonder full tool. It gives the creator of the video more control of how he/she wants his/her video to express the gift of his/her story. What I took from this course is the power of story-telling, and how media has used this power to downgrade many around us unknowingly. I learned more about the media that I have never in the past, and thanks to this course, I learned that because of our free access to the world wide web, and it's free blogging sites or sites where I can share videos such as YouTube, we have the power to share our minds with the rest of the world who chooses to watch.

Thank you Professor Rachel Raimist for spending her summer with us, and teaching us the power of Digital Storytelling. =D
-Van Quach

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