What I Carry

Six weeks have passed by a lot faster than I can even comprehend. It seems like just yesterday that we were all new Bridge students. Most of us had never known one another, and we all came from different backgrounds. It also seems just like yesterday that we had our first Digital Storytelling class. We learned so much about what stories are and what they can mean. Through the reading as well as discussions, I have learned about the influence that the media has on people. I have learned that we need to question what the media presents to us such as stereotypes or gender roles. For example, music videos reinforce hyper-masculinity and objectification of women. Cases like the Oscar Grant incident should also be viewed carefully in the light of police brutality and in that mainstream media initially hid the story from the public. The stories that we are told are important, but the stories that we do not know can also be just as important. I have learned a lot about how to edit videos using Final Cut. I have never edited a video before nor have I ever used Final Cut, so the course was a new experience for me. There are many ways to tell a story, but the important idea to keep in mind is to find the way that best communicates the gift of your story. The audio, videos, photos, and effects should all work together collaboratively in order to tell your story in the best possible manner. Our videos bridged the gap among all of us by helping us to better understand one another as well as to bond us through similar experiences. I would definitely recommend this course as well as Rachel to any and all students. This class was an "A" in my book no matter how difficult everything was because I survived. I survived my Digital Storytelling course with my fellow Bridge peers, and I would not have a better experience in any other way. I now carry my experiences with me to the next day, week, month, year, and for the rest of my life.

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