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Willie's Digital Story

Dusti's Video

This video was made for the summer bridge program.

A Moment In Time

This was created during Summer Bridge, to share the "gift" of my frienship, and how it has made me the person I am today.

Jules Ellis' Final

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This video was created for summer bridge, to show the bond of friendship and how true friends stick around during the good and bad times.

My Other Half

This is my digital story for Bridge this summer.


The video was created for the Summer Bridge Program 2010. This story is a memoir of an experience that I've had during my track season that reminds that because of this experience and the experience of failure that had to come with it, I am now able to always remember that I have the strength to preserver to achieve any goal. It also gives the world a glimpse of my love for the friends and family around me. I love you all!

The One Who Doesn't Belong

This video was created to inspire people to stay close with your family. Even if the relationship was distant before, there is still time to become closer.

The Love I Have for my Grandparents

This video was created for Summer Bridge 2010 and is dedicated to my lovely grandparents. R.I.P

Time to toilet paper!

I Never Cry

This video project is dedicated to my grandmother who passed over 10 years ago. She was very important to me in the early years of my childhood. This video is in memory of her.

Dude, Just Jump...

We Did It!


               This is my digital story about my senior year. It reflex in order what i did through my year and how my senior year ended up getting me to were i am today.


                                                                             Turner Eckstrom

My Father, My Inspiration

This was created in the Summer Bridge Program and I probably never would have done this if it were not for Rachel.

Amanda Miller's Digital Story :)

Amanda's Digital Story!

A Debt That I Can Never Repay

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This video was created during the Summer Bridge program for the Digital Storytelling course. It tells a story from my family trip to Laos during 5th grade. My story centers around me and my grandmother.

Monday Funday

Spring Break in Mexico

this digital story was made by Neil McQuiston in summer bridge 2010!

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