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Final Reflection

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From this digital storytelling class, I have learned so many things. I learned to be conscious of the gaze, power of media, and social conflicts engaged with the media information we observe in everyday of our lives. Also, I learned how to use FinalCutExpress program. Through the process of learning this program, I developed an editing skill I never had a chance to learn before taking this class. Now I have a skill to create my own video and display my opinion and ideas to the world. Also, I learned the importance of 7 Elements in order to create a video. The process of video requires more than just putting pictures and voices together. There is always a message behind the video, point of view, gaze, economy, and other factors displaying the main point of video
Without taking this class, I would have never noticed the power of media, racism and sexism displayed in music videos and never gained a skill to produce my own video

Over the Bridge-Banquet

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Final Thought!

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I didn't really know what to expect from this course because I have never had a digital storytelling class before. I have always been an open minded pereson and I believe that made a big difference on my experience here. In these six weeks I have learned the power of media, the gift of a story. Every person has their own life story to tell and their stories are unique in its own way. I was very nervous to share my first story but through all the process we did in class I'm more confident and less nervous in voice and what I have to say. I learned how to use the FInal Cut and my knowledge about how to create an effective digital story has been enhanced by the readings and following Lambert's seven elements. I have met many wonderful people in this class and program and I enjoyed seeing everyone's story. This class had its moment of frustration with a lot of work but in the end it was fun and rewarding. I hope to use all the skills and knowledge that I have learned from this courses to my college career. I plan to continue creating digital stories.
Thank to everyone this experience was amazingg!


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We're taking all those haters and players to school. Bring your pencils and notebooks and start takin notes.

Class Reflection

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I enjoyed this class a lot, because it taught me how to use the different programs like final cut and garage band. I also learned how to use and do different things on a mac computer. I enjoyed watching the different videos by my classmates, because it changed my perspective on how I view different people. I liked having Rachel as a teacher because she made it easy for me to talk to her, so that helped me a lot through out her class. Overall, this was a good experience and it taught me a lot.

Well, this is it...Digital Storytelling! :)

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These past six weeks have gone by so fast but I would have to say they were some of the best weeks of my life and not a day goes by that I will ever look back and regret becoming a part of this program because so many memories were created, close friendships were created and most importantly so much knowledge was gained in the three classes taken (General Session, Digital Storytelling and Writing 1201) along with learning more about others and myself.
The first day of Digital Storytelling, we all sat in a circle and were given four questions to answer.
1. What is a story? 2. What is the value of a story? 3. Who are today's ("good") story tellers?4. What is your favorite story?
Then after we had all written down our responses to this question we all went around and shared an answer for each question and Rachael wrote most of our responses on the whiteboard and then after that we would discuss each question as a group which was rather unique in my eyes to see all the different answers. Stories are not just books that you have read but yet they are memories, songs, movies and so much more. As the course progressed throughout the summer, we focused on what is a story, what makes up a "good" story, and the power of a story. And we used Joe Lambert's Digital Storytelling piece as a tool for us to learn more and focus on those questions. One very important thing I learned from Joe Lambert's pieces was the seven elements of digital story telling that make a "good" story a powerful story. These seven elements include: 1.Point of View (your truth) 2. Dramatic question structure (beginning. middle. end.) 3.Emotional content- "real"-passionate 4. Gift of your voice 5.Power of soundtrack 6.Econonmy (each piece should have a purpose) 7. Pacing( rhythm). As we learned these elements we were then giving an assignment to create our own individual story.
Creating my own digital story was my favorite project we had because we got to chose our own topics. We first had to bring in pictures we wanted to create our story about which was a struggle for me because I was stuck between two topics. Next we had to work on creating a voiceover which for me was very difficult because I had never done this before. I am better at telling stories than I am actually writing it down. Once we had done that it was time to share them in class as we all sat in a circle listening to each other's stories trying to help them which was very helpful. Then to actually creating the story using final cut. Before this class I had never used final cut before in my life, the only program I had used was photoshop and even that I was not good at. So we were given about two days of learning final cut and then it was up to us. Thankfully as we were going through this process of using I began to understanding more and I made sure to ask anyone and everyone around me whenever I needed help. Creating my digital story took forever in my eyes. I seriously felt like I lived at Ford Hall most of my summer life during this process because I was there so much working on my project and sometimes I was there too long where I got so frustrated I just had to leave! Even through the challenges and emotions though I surprised myself and apparently others around me with the editing I did. I loved my story in the end because it was so powerful and meaningful in my to me and it affected others around me. I was very thankful for this project because I truly learned more about myself. Also though, I loved watching other people's videos because I got to learn so much more about my peers that I probably would have never known if it were not for this project.
Our last project consists of a group project where we got to pick our own topics but also had certain guidelines to follow. Thanks to the prior knowledge though of learning and using final cut. This project was not as difficult to create and it was so great to know what I was doing. After creating these two stories it makes me want to get final cut and work on creating more stories for everyone to see because I find them to be good ways to express yourself or important issues to yourself or to others around us.
This class truly opened my eyes to so much more and I am so thankful that I was able to take this class becaue I view things so differently. This class caused me to think more deeply and challenge myself to think more about different views and messages about certain vidoes! I am more open minded.
I would like to sincerely thank everyone a part of the bridge program for making these past six weeks some of the best weeks of my life and I will never forget the memories that have been created and all the hard work that was put into this program. Thank you Rachel Raimist and Kandace Creel Falcon for all that you put into this program in helping us receive an education and provide us with a fun and helpful environment and putting up with our class because I know at times we may have been a bit of a handful but I appreciate everything you two have done for us. Thanks again, I am so thankful to have had you both as professors (Rachael) and TA (Kandace). Also, thanks to Charles Helm and Syressa Lewis for taking time out of your busy schedules to stay at the lab and help all of us out so that we were able to get our projects done on time. And lastly, special thanks to Xia lee, and Steve Cisneros for everything you two have done and putting this program together. Thanks to all of you, I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of this program and gain so much from it. I will truly remember this forever!
-Alysha Lister

The final HOORAH!!!

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WOW! I can't believe that I'm writing my final reflection already! I felt like just the other day I was freaking out that we had to do our final project in like 4 days! Also there was the worrying that we had to learn that computer program in 2 days and then we were on our own.
But hey, I did it. I finished both videos and turned them in on time, the last one within minutes of being due. It was awesome!!!!!
I can't describe how good of an experience this was for me! It was a great outlet for me to learn how to express myself. Not only that but I also learned how to make make sure my voice was heard.

My last words!

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Deciding which path to take either to work over the summer or be part of the Bridge Program were my options for this summer. Today, I can say that the decision I made was life changing and it will remain one of my most influential experience in my college career. I decided to take the long, meaningful, and worthwhile path which was the Bridge to Academic Excellence Program. There were many things that this program holds that just makes it wonderful; the most important aspect that has is diversity. During this six week journey I was lead with many adventures and lessons.

The Bridge students took three classes from which I can say where incredible, and helped me open my eyes about certain issues that never have crossed my mind before. Digital Storytelling; at first I was really excited about this even if I had no idea what it was about. I am out of words when I try to describe this class, because if you do not experience it for yourself than you will not understand how amazed, and welcomed I felt in this class. We learned what digital storytelling was with the guidance of Joe Lambert's book. He provided steps to show how a story is created, and how to convey the purpose of a story to the audience. After going through this class, the teachings that I retain are the technical skills, which I already had some, but discover new ones too. These technical skills were applies when we produced our stories. Using the software of Final Cut for the first time was overwhelming, but at the end the message was clear. We are taught new skills so in the future we can make a good use of them, and Rachel has definitely fall in this part. Now I have considered minoring in this technology field. It only took practice and patience to go on this adventure. Technology holds its own magic, but sometimes its power can has negative effects toward the viewer. This was another lesson I learned in this class. It is important how a camera, the media has the power to express many ideas, emotions, and stories. Also I learned that technology can increase your ability to be creative.

Also this class has changed the way I will see the world from now on. We came across many issues that this society has not taken a deep looking in it. To guide this process the readings from "Practices of Looking" came in handy. What I took form this book was that there are many ways we can interpret an image. The interpretations depend on the knowledge you have about the subject. Interpretation was present when dealing with defining the identity of others. This was a harsh topic because we are used to the stereotypes and we do not want to expand the box that is full of misconceptions. Finally, I learned that we are here to create knowledge and not to stick the "banking system" where teachers know everything, and students are just there to follow whatever the teachers tells them what to do.

I have a lot of fun in this class as well in the rest of the Program. I am blessed and thankful to be part of the Bridge program. I want to give special thanks to Kandace Creel Falcon, for all the advice and all the help she provided during this adventure. Her teachings will be my guidance for my success. She and I bounded so well. We had many things in common, for example our similar background, and many other things. I am going to miss her, as well as Rachel Raimist, Charles Helm, Syressa Lewis, Xia lee, and Steve Cisneros. Thanks to every single person who made this experience a pleasant, lovely, and memorable journey!

What a summer it has been here at the 2010 Bridge Program!
I made new friends, learned new knowledge, and went on various adventure. However, one new adventure I really enjoyed was making my video in Digital Storytelling class. Although it was hard at first with the computer work, editing using Final cut for the first time ever in my life, it was fun. Using Final Cut for the first time was very stressful because it was so new to me and everyone else. We had only two days of tutorial of Final Cut. I'm not sure how I was able to attain two-third of the information but I did. I caught most of the information and my first video wasn't so bad. Editing was a very long process, I stayed up late at Ford Hall as well as many others working on our video. (That is something I'm going to remember for a very long time!!!) It was fun watching everyone's video at the end, it helped me to understand every individual in detail of who they are and where they come from, which was very nice.
Besides learning all the technical technology things, I also learned a lot from reading the Joe Lambert book and the Practices of Looking reading from our general session. I learned a lot of new terms and a lot about the media that I never stop to think for a second. A lot of the terms related back to what we watched in General session which were pretty interesting movies and I learned a lot from them as well.
I didn't expect to enjoy myself so much in Digital Storytelling class and learn about myself and my ability as a student to go beyond and have confidence to produce a video and post it to a blog. This being my first time blogging, it was quite interesting and fun. I would like to thank Rachel Raimist for teaching this course and having the patience to stick with us throughout the summer and explain things to us when we were all confused. I would like to thank Kandace Creel Falcon, for being a great TA and helping us with our papers and videos and also for bringing us bagels in the morning for General session. That was Yummy!!! Thank you!!! I would like to thank Charles Helm and Syressa Lewis for staying with us at Ford Hall and helping us with our videos and giving feedback. It was very helpful and a lot of fun! I would like to thank Xai Lee for staying late with us, event though she was so tired from us, at Ford Hall until 2 o'clock in the morning. Thank you!!!

Final Reflection

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During this summer class, I learned a lot about the media and some technical skills. One of the things I learned was that the media has a big influence on the society. The media can shape our thinking without us consciously knowing about it, because it is shown repetitively everywhere. The reason why we follow it unknowingly is because we see it in our everyday lives and normalized it. We also never bother to analyze the truth and just follow along with society.  The second thing I learned in the class was how to use a Mac, the program finalcut and some editing techniques. At first I had a hard time with using a Mac since I have always been a PC person, but now it is much easier since I have gained experience of using it. To be honest, I still prefer a PC. Also, I learned a lot by using finalcut. I loved the program because it had great stuff on it. Editing videos and sounds was fun and cool on finalcut too. Than lastly while learning how to use finalcut, I acquire some new editing skills like using the sound effect and zooming in and out and how I can make it seems important by adding effects on the image or video clip and etc. Overall I thought this was class was amazing. It was different from what I have ever taken and very interesting. I was also shock to hear that our media is mainly owned by one corporation named Viacom. I would have never known since I was also someone who didn't care about analyzing what I saw. Through this class, it has changed my perspective on the media and I am glad I was a part of this class. Thank you! =]

Mulan Pond: Reflextion Time

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This summer in Bridge I particpated in a Digital Story-telling class. I got to further develop my creative skills in film making. Ive never really worked with this kind of media. The technical skills were out of control, I'm about 87 years old when it comes to dealing with media so this was nice. Practicing the newly found skills and creative process skills was kool. Overall I enjoyed the class and learned some fun practical skills that I can use in the future.

Advertisements in Representation of Media- E&G

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Course Reflection-Gina

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Coming into this class I wasn't expecting to become so attached to the media and tools. I couldn't figure out why I was given a Digital class, when I was no where near accustomed to technology as it was. Yet, this class has worked together in showing me a great deal of advertisements and overlooked issues in the world, something in which like any other unaware person , I would never have paid attention to. I am proud and thankful for the knowledge I received awhile taking this course. Being thankful for my teacher, Rachel Ram. Is one of the most favorable, and worthy things I will remember in taking a class during my last summer of high school. Things about having something so powerful that a lot of people wish for. I am glad to say it was worth the time and trip, and if there's anything I can do, If there's anything I want Rachel to know as my teacher, as an educator and feminist, I really do respect your beliefs, and am glad to have had you. I hope to succeed under the terms of what I gained from you. Thank You SOOOO MUCH!!! CO/10!!

Reflection on Class by Chris Dardanes

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This class was a new and exciting experience that is going to be very helpful in the future. Making videos for future class and highlight films for wrestling will be an easy process, now that I have finished this class. Creating and watching others videos has really changed my perspective on digital storytelling.
I have really got to know the friends around me in the class, watching the other videos. The videos were an inspiration and made me change the way I look at life. Creating the story and making it a film really changes the way you tell a story. It creates a deeper meaning when adding visual images and music that help tell you r gift.
Being around the people in this class really made my experience less stressful. Kandace, Rachel, Syressa and Charles all helped me in making my digital stories. My fellow students had also made my experience easier. This whole atmosphere was perfect in finishing this six-week process.
Making my digital stories really made me think deeper about the things that mean the most in my life. The smallest details in my story were like pathways in which I could explore. I also learned about myself, such as becoming strong in finishing my assignments, instead of going out with my friends. This class was like no other class I have taken. It was a life changing experience.

Over the Bridge

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Advertisements Evelyn & Gina

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Lemme Holla at Cha

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the name says it all. enjoy and learn from this


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team swag

False Dichotomy

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Wheres the justice

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The "Real" Sport of Wrestling and The Media

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Answers the question of "Why the "fake" WWE wrestling has more media than the "real" sport of wrestling shown in the Olympics?"

One world, No boundaries

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Let's celebrate differences!

By Belinda Vue, Samantha Lee, Fanny Jimbo

Appearance Release Form

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Please have EVERYONE that you interview for your final project sign this release form.


Copies are also available from Bridge staff - Thanks!

UMN Library SMART Learning Commons:


Digital Video Camera (Sanyo HD1000- HD/720/1080 - 8GB SMART card included!)

Digital Video Camera (Sanyo CG10 HD/720 - 8GB SMART card included!)

External Disk Drive (160GB)


H2Zoom Audio Recorder



Students can checkout video cameras and tripods for academic and personal use from the College of Liberal Arts Office of Information Technology office located in 110 Anderson Hall on the west bank. This pool of equipment is made possible because of the student technology fees. Visit http://www.claoit.umn.edu/loaners/ to make a reservation.

Prosumer and professional equipment:
digital video cameras
microphones & audio mixers
location lighting kits



The Grammar of Film and Television - http://www.aber.ac.uk/media/Documents/short/gramtv.html

Final Project: Inspirational Links

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Former bridge students:



U Class: "Digital Storytelling In and With Communities of Color"

UA Class: "Digital Stories of Race, Class and Gender":

Other Videos (not my former students):

"Decolonizing Black Women's Bodies"

Oscar Grant Tribute:

"I Am Sean Bell"

I AM SEAN BELL, black boys speak from Stacey Muhammad on Vimeo.

"Barack & Curtis"

Final Project Assignment

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(1 proposal per video project)

Include the following information:
a. who's making the video (names and section #) - up to 4 members in a group
b. your topic / the gift of your story / 3 concepts key terms
c. plan for form of your video (interviews, youtube clips, screengrabs, photos, v.o., music, titles...)
d. project timeline

2. VIDEO PROJECT (1 - 4 students per video)

Rough Cuts due TUESDAY 7/27 and WEDNESDAY 7/28 (screening in class)
Final Video posted on the blog before class on THURSDAY 7/29

Individually or in a group, produce a short Video (5-6 minutes max) using 3 of the theoretical concepts and/or key terms discussed in the course material (in the reading, in films/videos viewed in class, class discussion, etc).


Write a short 5 -6 page paper analyzing your topic/issue using scholarly theory (do your research and find scholarly articles on the library website). Use your essay to articulate how the theory informs the choices you make as a media maker on this topic.

Key Words, Terms , Concepts & Media Frameworks:

  • The Summer Bridge program

  • Education / pedagogy

  • Power of the media

  • Media effects / media impact

  • language & power / the power of language

  • Dichotomies (good/bad, positive/negative) / binary thinking vs. Complexities

  • Power

  • Race

  • Gender

  • Class

  • Sexuality

  • Representation

  • Stereotypes

  • Ideology

  • The gaze

  • Subjectivity

  • Positionality

  • Privilege

  • Propoganda

  • Hegemony

  • Ethnicity

  • Culture

  • White privilege

  • White supremacy

  • Capitalism

  • Patriarchy

  • Racism

  • Sexism

  • Misogyny

  • Violence

  • Homophobia

  • Feminism

  • Social constructiom

  • Aesthetics

  • Masculinity / manhood

  • Femininity / womanhood

  • Body / bodies

  • Image / images

  • Identity

  • Citizenship

  • Community

  • Culture

  • Religion

  • Oppositionality

  • Resistance

  • Appropriation

  • colonization / colonizing

  • decolonization / decolonizing

  • Difference

  • Change

  • Society

  • sports

  • faith

  • spirituality

  • Music videos

  • Television shows

  • Commercials

  • Advertisements

  • Music

  • Films

  • The radio

  • The Internet

  • Blogs / blogging

  • News reporting

  • Storytelling

  • Art

  • Creativity

  • Poetry

  • Music

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Performance

Your paper must be:
double spaced
3 - 5 pages

Due Wednesday - Hard copy turned in during class, NOT posted to the blog)!

Reflection Prompt: (These questions are just some things to think about, to help you write... don't feel like you must address them all.)

In class we started with learning about the POWER of a story, the role of storytelling, and the value of stories. We studied Lambert's method and considered Lambert's 7 Elements as a framework for what makes effective (or "good") digital stories. We did a PHOTO EXERCISE, shared our stories in our story circle, created STORYBOARDS, recorded your writing as VOICE OVER, learned how to edit on FINAL CUT, and worked with each other throughout the process giving feedback and technical support. What in this process helped you to make your own story?

What does it take to create / make / produce a digital story?

What did it take for you to make your digital story?

What was most powerful about the experience? What did you struggle with through the process? What are your strengths? What was most difficult? Did you have any fears before the process (like editing), during (like you wouldn't finish), after (while screening)?

What is the gift of your story? Did viewers get your gift? Why? Why not?

What did you feel like sharing your digital story on screen in front of the class? How do you feel that this story will remain online and accessible for others to view? Will you share the link with anyone?

What did you learn about:
digital media
final cut
each other
the gifts of stories

What do you think makes a good / powerful / relatable / awesome / compelling / interesting / emotional / moving / inspirational ... digital story ?

What is the power of digital storytelling?

This is INFORMAL writing (use first-person "I" voice) but please do spell check!

Kandace's Digital Story - "Los Falcones: Memories, Familia, Our History"


This story is for all of the mujeres of mi familia who have influenced my life, and the work that I am committed to doing as a Chicana feminist.

Losing is not an option




Angie Han Video


Seven Souls in one heart


My golden meaning of LIFE! The reasons for my smiles. The blessings from God!



The Global Experience


This is a video created in my Digital Storytelling class about my high school soccer team and its impact on me and my personal life. Hope you ENJOY IT!!

Ronaldo Final


An experience in Lawton, OK.

Sisters For Life (Samantha Lee Digital Story)


This is a video created in my Digital Storytelling class for the 2010 Bridge Program.
This video is about my sisters and my greatest love for each and one of them.

harold's final


harold's final video on signing day. watch and enjoy



This video was created for Summer Bridge program where I was able to choose a specific topic to create a story and I chose to create my story about my most memorable vacation to the East Coast!

Never Before....Never Again


I made this video because this was my way of developing with a new environment and it's settings. Especially moving away from the City of Chicago, this memory I will always hold, and YES IT HELPED. Never Before..Never Again

Never Before....Never Again

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Binge Drinking


So when I heard about this movie we were supposed to make, I had NO idea what in the world I would make it of. Certain events though gave me a good story. A week in the hospital, and this was my silver lining. I hope whoever watches this will atleast learn from it... Enjoy and love life.

Rap to Mommy


Rated PG13

james manuel The Last Stand


for summer bridge 2010

Belinda Digital StoryTelling

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This is a video about my friends & I.

The Cog Hill


The Cog Hill is located outside of the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The 2009 Wrestling Olmpic Team trained on this hill to practice their toughness for the World Championships. Doug Schwab was the leader on the hill during this workout.



i did this digital story for digital story telling

Biggest Game of My Life


Created in digital storytelling.

This is my digital story.

Royalty Free Music

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