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Hey, I thought that your video was awesome! =] It was very emotional and cool! I loved your story and it was very touching and I loved how you used all the sense to get your audience to understand. Good job!

Angie I enjoyed your video very much. I really understood your video. I loved all your pictures even from Bridge, the ones of me and you and ones from the weekend with our new friends! It made me think of our memories too! Also I enjoyed how you incorporated both pictures and videos into your piece. Also your use of he fives senses was very unique and i felt added to your piece as well!! Very well done girl! I enjoyed it! :)


Angie, I loved your pictures. Now it makes me miss my home land! Great work.

Your video is so wonderful, I think the revision is really powerful and that you put the perfect pictures in motion to correspond with your strong narrative. I also loved that shot when you had three videos of airplanes moving at once, I thought that was a great visual convention.

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