Binge Drinking


So when I heard about this movie we were supposed to make, I had NO idea what in the world I would make it of. Certain events though gave me a good story. A week in the hospital, and this was my silver lining. I hope whoever watches this will atleast learn from it... Enjoy and love life.


Nice video and great graphics. I think you did a really good job putting this together.

good message. i felt it was real. nice vid

because of this video im going to mke sure i stay careful. good video SEXY!!

I like how your digital story not only reflects your personal experience but also provides a very pointed messages about the perils of binge drinking. Your use of images in the story are also great, I really enjoyed how you used collages that you made by using different images and changing their meanings with the addition of your own text and manipulation in final cut. You did an amazing job!

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