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Coming into this class I wasn't expecting to become so attached to the media and tools. I couldn't figure out why I was given a Digital class, when I was no where near accustomed to technology as it was. Yet, this class has worked together in showing me a great deal of advertisements and overlooked issues in the world, something in which like any other unaware person , I would never have paid attention to. I am proud and thankful for the knowledge I received awhile taking this course. Being thankful for my teacher, Rachel Ram. Is one of the most favorable, and worthy things I will remember in taking a class during my last summer of high school. Things about having something so powerful that a lot of people wish for. I am glad to say it was worth the time and trip, and if there's anything I can do, If there's anything I want Rachel to know as my teacher, as an educator and feminist, I really do respect your beliefs, and am glad to have had you. I hope to succeed under the terms of what I gained from you. Thank You SOOOO MUCH!!! CO/10!!

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