This video was created for Summer Bridge program where I was able to choose a specific topic to create a story and I chose to create my story about my most memorable vacation to the East Coast!


Alysha! This is such a great story, and what a great experience you had! you really expressed your feelings and experiences in this video. good job

Also you used a lot of pictures and the transitions between all those pictures were so smooth and natural. great editing skills!

hey girl, it was really touching to watch your video. it gives me hope to know that your meeting your aunt was such a success. you did great, maybe show the pictures in the beginning a little slower, it's nice to give them a tad of time to soak in. i loved the feeling your story carried! great job

i loved this video, because it was a life changing experience for you. I liked the flow of the video and how you told the story.

This is an amazing story, it's beautiful how even though your story is about your dad and your aunt, your interpretation of the events and your role and feelings within their important meeting shines through. Your revisions on your story really paid off! Great job!

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