Final Reflection

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From this digital storytelling class, I have learned so many things. I learned to be conscious of the gaze, power of media, and social conflicts engaged with the media information we observe in everyday of our lives. Also, I learned how to use FinalCutExpress program. Through the process of learning this program, I developed an editing skill I never had a chance to learn before taking this class. Now I have a skill to create my own video and display my opinion and ideas to the world. Also, I learned the importance of 7 Elements in order to create a video. The process of video requires more than just putting pictures and voices together. There is always a message behind the video, point of view, gaze, economy, and other factors displaying the main point of video
Without taking this class, I would have never noticed the power of media, racism and sexism displayed in music videos and never gained a skill to produce my own video

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