Final Reflection

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During this summer class, I learned a lot about the media and some technical skills. One of the things I learned was that the media has a big influence on the society. The media can shape our thinking without us consciously knowing about it, because it is shown repetitively everywhere. The reason why we follow it unknowingly is because we see it in our everyday lives and normalized it. We also never bother to analyze the truth and just follow along with society.  The second thing I learned in the class was how to use a Mac, the program finalcut and some editing techniques. At first I had a hard time with using a Mac since I have always been a PC person, but now it is much easier since I have gained experience of using it. To be honest, I still prefer a PC. Also, I learned a lot by using finalcut. I loved the program because it had great stuff on it. Editing videos and sounds was fun and cool on finalcut too. Than lastly while learning how to use finalcut, I acquire some new editing skills like using the sound effect and zooming in and out and how I can make it seems important by adding effects on the image or video clip and etc. Overall I thought this was class was amazing. It was different from what I have ever taken and very interesting. I was also shock to hear that our media is mainly owned by one corporation named Viacom. I would have never known since I was also someone who didn't care about analyzing what I saw. Through this class, it has changed my perspective on the media and I am glad I was a part of this class. Thank you! =]

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