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I didn't really know what to expect from this course because I have never had a digital storytelling class before. I have always been an open minded pereson and I believe that made a big difference on my experience here. In these six weeks I have learned the power of media, the gift of a story. Every person has their own life story to tell and their stories are unique in its own way. I was very nervous to share my first story but through all the process we did in class I'm more confident and less nervous in voice and what I have to say. I learned how to use the FInal Cut and my knowledge about how to create an effective digital story has been enhanced by the readings and following Lambert's seven elements. I have met many wonderful people in this class and program and I enjoyed seeing everyone's story. This class had its moment of frustration with a lot of work but in the end it was fun and rewarding. I hope to use all the skills and knowledge that I have learned from this courses to my college career. I plan to continue creating digital stories.
Thank to everyone this experience was amazingg!

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