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Deciding which path to take either to work over the summer or be part of the Bridge Program were my options for this summer. Today, I can say that the decision I made was life changing and it will remain one of my most influential experience in my college career. I decided to take the long, meaningful, and worthwhile path which was the Bridge to Academic Excellence Program. There were many things that this program holds that just makes it wonderful; the most important aspect that has is diversity. During this six week journey I was lead with many adventures and lessons.

The Bridge students took three classes from which I can say where incredible, and helped me open my eyes about certain issues that never have crossed my mind before. Digital Storytelling; at first I was really excited about this even if I had no idea what it was about. I am out of words when I try to describe this class, because if you do not experience it for yourself than you will not understand how amazed, and welcomed I felt in this class. We learned what digital storytelling was with the guidance of Joe Lambert's book. He provided steps to show how a story is created, and how to convey the purpose of a story to the audience. After going through this class, the teachings that I retain are the technical skills, which I already had some, but discover new ones too. These technical skills were applies when we produced our stories. Using the software of Final Cut for the first time was overwhelming, but at the end the message was clear. We are taught new skills so in the future we can make a good use of them, and Rachel has definitely fall in this part. Now I have considered minoring in this technology field. It only took practice and patience to go on this adventure. Technology holds its own magic, but sometimes its power can has negative effects toward the viewer. This was another lesson I learned in this class. It is important how a camera, the media has the power to express many ideas, emotions, and stories. Also I learned that technology can increase your ability to be creative.

Also this class has changed the way I will see the world from now on. We came across many issues that this society has not taken a deep looking in it. To guide this process the readings from "Practices of Looking" came in handy. What I took form this book was that there are many ways we can interpret an image. The interpretations depend on the knowledge you have about the subject. Interpretation was present when dealing with defining the identity of others. This was a harsh topic because we are used to the stereotypes and we do not want to expand the box that is full of misconceptions. Finally, I learned that we are here to create knowledge and not to stick the "banking system" where teachers know everything, and students are just there to follow whatever the teachers tells them what to do.

I have a lot of fun in this class as well in the rest of the Program. I am blessed and thankful to be part of the Bridge program. I want to give special thanks to Kandace Creel Falcon, for all the advice and all the help she provided during this adventure. Her teachings will be my guidance for my success. She and I bounded so well. We had many things in common, for example our similar background, and many other things. I am going to miss her, as well as Rachel Raimist, Charles Helm, Syressa Lewis, Xia lee, and Steve Cisneros. Thanks to every single person who made this experience a pleasant, lovely, and memorable journey!

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