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This class was a new and exciting experience that is going to be very helpful in the future. Making videos for future class and highlight films for wrestling will be an easy process, now that I have finished this class. Creating and watching others videos has really changed my perspective on digital storytelling.
I have really got to know the friends around me in the class, watching the other videos. The videos were an inspiration and made me change the way I look at life. Creating the story and making it a film really changes the way you tell a story. It creates a deeper meaning when adding visual images and music that help tell you r gift.
Being around the people in this class really made my experience less stressful. Kandace, Rachel, Syressa and Charles all helped me in making my digital stories. My fellow students had also made my experience easier. This whole atmosphere was perfect in finishing this six-week process.
Making my digital stories really made me think deeper about the things that mean the most in my life. The smallest details in my story were like pathways in which I could explore. I also learned about myself, such as becoming strong in finishing my assignments, instead of going out with my friends. This class was like no other class I have taken. It was a life changing experience.

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