Sisters For Life (Samantha Lee Digital Story)


This is a video created in my Digital Storytelling class for the 2010 Bridge Program.
This video is about my sisters and my greatest love for each and one of them.


Samantha! I really enjoyed watching your video and I was able to understand the relationship between your sisters and how much you care about them. :)

Hey! I thought your video was sweet and awesome! It was very understandable and touching! Love the idea that family is important and that the bond are forever!

I love this video, because of the relationship with your sisters is just like the relationship with my brothers. you tell the viewers that you shouldn't take your relationship with your brothers and sisters for granted.

Your editing skills are amazing! The pacing of your story is great, I love the mix of the young pictures alongside the pictures of you and your sisters now, I love the sense of feeling like I've traveled through growing up with you and your sisters. Amazing job!

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