The Cog Hill


The Cog Hill is located outside of the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The 2009 Wrestling Olmpic Team trained on this hill to practice their toughness for the World Championships. Doug Schwab was the leader on the hill during this workout.


excellent video pete. That hill looks hard as hell and i give you mad props for getting through something like that. your video showed how hard work can really pay off and sometimes you have to do what seems like the impossible to make things happen. i liked it alot. id like to run that hill one day.

The Cog Hill....hard shit good job though man


I think your commitment really shines through on a lot of levels in your digital story. On the first level, the actual production of the story really came along, especially since I knew that you were a little frustrated at the beginning of the process! But, I really commend you on keeping with it because you really created a beautiful piece that reflected your commitment to being a great wrestler too! Great job!

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