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These past six weeks have gone by so fast but I would have to say they were some of the best weeks of my life and not a day goes by that I will ever look back and regret becoming a part of this program because so many memories were created, close friendships were created and most importantly so much knowledge was gained in the three classes taken (General Session, Digital Storytelling and Writing 1201) along with learning more about others and myself.
The first day of Digital Storytelling, we all sat in a circle and were given four questions to answer.
1. What is a story? 2. What is the value of a story? 3. Who are today's ("good") story tellers?4. What is your favorite story?
Then after we had all written down our responses to this question we all went around and shared an answer for each question and Rachael wrote most of our responses on the whiteboard and then after that we would discuss each question as a group which was rather unique in my eyes to see all the different answers. Stories are not just books that you have read but yet they are memories, songs, movies and so much more. As the course progressed throughout the summer, we focused on what is a story, what makes up a "good" story, and the power of a story. And we used Joe Lambert's Digital Storytelling piece as a tool for us to learn more and focus on those questions. One very important thing I learned from Joe Lambert's pieces was the seven elements of digital story telling that make a "good" story a powerful story. These seven elements include: 1.Point of View (your truth) 2. Dramatic question structure (beginning. middle. end.) 3.Emotional content- "real"-passionate 4. Gift of your voice 5.Power of soundtrack 6.Econonmy (each piece should have a purpose) 7. Pacing( rhythm). As we learned these elements we were then giving an assignment to create our own individual story.
Creating my own digital story was my favorite project we had because we got to chose our own topics. We first had to bring in pictures we wanted to create our story about which was a struggle for me because I was stuck between two topics. Next we had to work on creating a voiceover which for me was very difficult because I had never done this before. I am better at telling stories than I am actually writing it down. Once we had done that it was time to share them in class as we all sat in a circle listening to each other's stories trying to help them which was very helpful. Then to actually creating the story using final cut. Before this class I had never used final cut before in my life, the only program I had used was photoshop and even that I was not good at. So we were given about two days of learning final cut and then it was up to us. Thankfully as we were going through this process of using I began to understanding more and I made sure to ask anyone and everyone around me whenever I needed help. Creating my digital story took forever in my eyes. I seriously felt like I lived at Ford Hall most of my summer life during this process because I was there so much working on my project and sometimes I was there too long where I got so frustrated I just had to leave! Even through the challenges and emotions though I surprised myself and apparently others around me with the editing I did. I loved my story in the end because it was so powerful and meaningful in my to me and it affected others around me. I was very thankful for this project because I truly learned more about myself. Also though, I loved watching other people's videos because I got to learn so much more about my peers that I probably would have never known if it were not for this project.
Our last project consists of a group project where we got to pick our own topics but also had certain guidelines to follow. Thanks to the prior knowledge though of learning and using final cut. This project was not as difficult to create and it was so great to know what I was doing. After creating these two stories it makes me want to get final cut and work on creating more stories for everyone to see because I find them to be good ways to express yourself or important issues to yourself or to others around us.
This class truly opened my eyes to so much more and I am so thankful that I was able to take this class becaue I view things so differently. This class caused me to think more deeply and challenge myself to think more about different views and messages about certain vidoes! I am more open minded.
I would like to sincerely thank everyone a part of the bridge program for making these past six weeks some of the best weeks of my life and I will never forget the memories that have been created and all the hard work that was put into this program. Thank you Rachel Raimist and Kandace Creel Falcon for all that you put into this program in helping us receive an education and provide us with a fun and helpful environment and putting up with our class because I know at times we may have been a bit of a handful but I appreciate everything you two have done for us. Thanks again, I am so thankful to have had you both as professors (Rachael) and TA (Kandace). Also, thanks to Charles Helm and Syressa Lewis for taking time out of your busy schedules to stay at the lab and help all of us out so that we were able to get our projects done on time. And lastly, special thanks to Xia lee, and Steve Cisneros for everything you two have done and putting this program together. Thanks to all of you, I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of this program and gain so much from it. I will truly remember this forever!
-Alysha Lister

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