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Digital Story Telling is a powerful course. This summer in the course we learned how to create digital stories using the program Final Cut. I had never worked with this program before. In the beginning I thought that building and structuring a digital story would be so much tougher and time consuming than what it ended up being. It wasn't as tough as I had thought. The toughest part of the six week class was trying to make each part of the digital story flow just the way I wanted it to; to incorporate the point I wanted the viewer to see. It's now the end of the summer and the Bridge is finished. I feel comfortable with my abilities to create and flow videos now. It's crazy to say this six week program is already done. Its been fun and I have learned a great load that I will continue to use. I wish everyone luck in their future endeavors.

- Ronaldo

(my reflection is kind of late because I was having some issues with my computer)

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